Sunday, December 20, 2009

Instant Fame

5 months into Corporate Life, you feel that u've learnt a lot than your 12+4 years of education. you also get a feeling that you kinda do same monotonous work again and again. There are people who are content with the kinda work they do. Others look into different options to make money. For others who wanna succeed in life,what happens next???

Slowly Disappointment creeps in, develops into frustration,desperation, leads to depression. Whole life looks as if its in a chaos,sometimes u say to yourself,"I am a total failure, i've not done anything in life :( " . It is always in your hands to save your life, or to ruin it.But one does consider himself unlucky only in these testing times of your life ,"Why me GOD". No one realises they are lucky after they are provided wit an opportunity.

Once critical observation, i'd come across in my chitchat wit so many of my friends is that , Everyone has a dream of being successful,want themselves to earn a lotta money. But there is a belief that fame and success to be instant. Everyone reads stories about steve jobs , warren buffet, Narayana murthy and watch movies like Guru,Pursuit of Happiness. Every who writes or blogs cannot be a best seller like Chetan Bhagat. Belief that one single idea or spark in your brain can't make you attain success.

I feel like asking them one question. Having watched The Pursuit of Happiness movie, How Chris Gardner focussed, dedicated, goal oriented, hardworking was. Despite all odds in his failure, his postive attitude and optimistic approach had made him successful. Steve Jobs, the CEO of the century , wit so much fame now, was even thrown outta his own company. He'd almost met death due to his cancer. But still every product from stuns the world. Fellow mates seem to miss the key factor of hard work in achieving fame. When you believe,after giving 100%,u have met failure, then give 200% percent next time. Understanding success is significant. Fame is just a byproduct of success, with hardwork in input.

No more seromonising, Dont think of fame now, put in 200% efforts in achieving ur goal, may be u'll achieve it in 5 months or even 20 years. That doesnt mean u have failed. Failure is just an experience, use in future problems. Till then, believe in ur work, believe in yourself. Stay hungry,stay foolish. Hope :)

Few speeches that inspired me,
Steve Job's Stan speech, Chetan Bhagat's Symbiosis speech

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Review : 2 States by Chetan Bhagat

It’s hard to treat a book like 2states as fiction, given that book is inspired from some of his own experiences. The book is all about an IIMA couple’s love and their struggle to get married, keeping their parents smiling on the wedding. Krish is north Indian Punjabi boy . Krish in love with Tamilian Brahmin girl Ananya. Despite their North/south divide, relatives pressure, cajoling parents, parent’s priorities different from theirs, they still manage to be in love and get married,”they lived happily ever after”.

Its not hard to write like Chetan Bhagat. With young and Modern protagonists, a successful love story (which cud be turned into a film), urban language (with F words) and sex, you are into make a novel. But what connects chetan wit his urban audience is his style of writing. Simple language, wit lotta emotions, inspirational leads. His stories cud happen to ur boy/girl next door, may be even to u. I cud relate his books, to 3 real life stories already. Chetan is able to connect with his audience and pass on his works. A trendsetter in his easy going style of writing, no wonder he’s a best seller.

Personally IIM MBA love story from Chetan Bhagat made me restless and anxious. This shows how the real Indian Middle class reacts to a love affair. How culturally apart they, but still can come to an understanding. How mature the leads handle their parents, not elope and add further trouble to them and their families. Chennai descriptions, local Chennai Tamil F words , carnatic music, Punjabi pop music, Hindu reading, Rajni worship, Dowry acceptance, ECR ride, Banking sector, Relatives interference, egoistic parents, distant love story, just friends tag, frustration, anger, money. These connected wit strings of humour all round his dialogues. Ananya’s nerdy brother Manju, bank employee Father Swaminathan, Carnatic singing mother Radha, Typical Punjabi Soap Mother Kavita, Army officer dad, Boss Bala, Blissful Guruji, Dr.Neha.. All come in their lovable journey to marriage.
After reading this book, People who are single will love to fall in love wit a pretty gal/guy, for people in love,I can’t comment on that(a perfect gift for ur loved ones), Parents, rethink abt the social importance for narrow minded castes as compared global Love.

As global warming increases, Warmth of love shud all increase on this earth. Love and be loved :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

From India to the World Outside

I'd just watched Shashi Tharoor's TED talk abt soft power, clearly a responsible and articulated talk. India as a Pluralistic Nation is wat we are known to the outside world. Contrastingly, minutes ago every news channel discussing Liberhan-Babri never ending debate. Politicians accusing the opposite party for some leaders' role. That too leaders who have died or on the verge of dying. Spokespersons managed to move from channel to another and continue to talk the something, like an old tape recorder. Dont they feel a prick in their heart for continuously lying against their conscience, just because some sotta grandpa wished to construct a Ram temple. 17 years after babri, today's India doesnt give a damn if Temple existed there or not.

News Channels have become news makers rather than news seekers. Parliament is an old age home, where MPs need to be given money to ask questions. Or staging walk out for some reason or the other, as Vadivel says "Room pottu yosikuraanga", (thinking by booking a room). Opposition talks as if they r kins of harichandra, ruling party is just Gandhian in its name. All those 50C and 15% commission(bribe,mamool) for every file that comes to the table, sleeps in cold Swiss banks. The tweeting ,Facebooking indian youth just wants the politicians to spend their money for them. Wake up call is not just Sid, To the politicians too.

Is this wat the outside world see in India?? Corrupt, religious violence, anarchy, devoid of any unity,super poor slum dogs,loot,nepotistic nation. For Outside world, India is a known by its culture , pluralism, tradition, ethics, diversity, films, music, arts, cuisines, tourism, knowledge. we are super poor, we need to improve to become super power.

But after all without these politicians, whom its easy to blame, we can't live.Without them the system isn't complete. Its always fun to let them talk on things irrelevant to today's world and u do all the watching. Its like Mansur Ali Khan challenging Superstar Rajni for a movie release clash.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A R Rahman Jai Ho Chennai Concert

My time spent for the concert was 2:30 pm on 11th Oct and ended at 3:30 am the next day. The venue, Marg SwarnaBhoomi was more closer to Pondicherry and could have been a Marakannam concert instead of being Called a Chennai concert. Thanks to Organizers for plying 300 MTC buses and providing free transportation to the fans. You reach the venue and realise, it was not organized inside the city. More than 70,000 people before and after the concert would have resulted in massive security and traffic problems. I wore My trademark ARR Jai Ho Tshirt, felt proud on others' envy :P

1. Fusion by sivamani- started with a small bit of drumming similar to start in LA 2000 concert.
2. Rahman's Words on Music- This was a surprise, ARR's signature words for World Space Radio about music.
3. Jaage Hain from Guru - There appeared a man in black Tshirt for whom these maniacs where waiting for hours. Audiences went really crazy, i'd shouted so much that my voice had already cracked.
4. Kalbali from Rang De Basanti- ARR with Chorus, benny,blaaze, Rehanna, Tanvi,Aslam.
5. Athiradee from Sivaji- ARR went offstage and came back with stylish coolers. Superstar song and wat do u expect the audience to do.. Even ARR went crazy, his gun shoot act like the one Rajni does in the song.
6. Kaadhal Rojave from Roja - Enter to ARR's classics, rendered by Sadhana Sargam and Hariharan. song started in Tamil,went into Telugu,hindi, stunned with their sangadis.
7. Dilli Theme from Delhi6 : Time for peepy music. Enter B-l-a-a-z-e, Benny Dayal, Tanvi for Delhi hai mera Yaar. Ultimate voicing and mixing.
8. Jiya se Jiya from Connections : Great Sync with video, Sivamani drumming with ARR like in the video, ARR performed a stanze in the song on a crane.
9. Style from Sivaji : blaaze asked chennai, "Chennai,Give me one time style" and after 3 times, Oru koodai Sunlight with Tanvi. The spl chennai RAP followed and end with "..chennai, u got style"
10. Liquid Dance from SDM- with Lead Choreographer and Rapper Lush(new upcoming artist) performing the dance.
11. Konjam Nilavu form Thiruda Thiruda- sung by Shweta Pandit and Luch with additional RAP lyrics, Lighting and effects were splendid, in timing with beats.
12. Ring Ringa from SDM - started with a fusion with Taal Theme and gradually went into Ringa. Performed by Neeti Mohan and Shweta.
13. Fiqrana from Blue - Latest entry in Jai Ho series. The voice mode was in techno mode and ARR testing with "Hello Chennai"
14. Dilse re from Dilse - blissful classic, audience harmonious with ARR in singing.
15. Jashne Bahara from Jodhaa Akbar - clean,soothing Javed Ali's rendition.
16. Snegithane from Alaipayuthey - Sadhana sargam sung but in telugu and Hindi, to audience's disappointment. Audience by this time wanted more tamil songs.
By this time ppl were disppointed as less number of tamil songs were sung.
ARR said,"Now time for Some unplugged sessions and love songs"

17. Mausam and Escape from SDM- unplugged with ARR on piano and continuum(yes he played live). ARR's unplugged version of Mausam ,then Azad on sitar, Keith peters and others on guitar.
18. Kahin to from Jaane Tu - Rashid Ali intro singing.
19. Tamizha Tamizha from Roja - Hariharan's evergreen cult song in Indian Music, with Sangadhis from hari. Rightfully fans wit Indian flags waved proudly.
20. Vaishnava Jana To - Tamizha unplugged was mixed with dis song, with few words of Gandhi in backgound.
21. Uyire Uyire from Bombay - The classic Love song with feelings with godlevel sangadhis of hariharan.
22. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi from Jaane Tu - Rashid Ali's love Anthem , for all the Aditis in the audience.

23. Rehna Tu from Dilli6 - ARR explaining the purpose behind the song, "its dedicated to state of mind of accepting people, unconditionally" a few words in tamil. ARR hummed the continuum part also.
24. Chayya Chayya From Dilse : rendered by Rehenna and Chorus, male lead Aslam. The low point in the concert, as if the song was wantedly inserted.
25.Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakati- Every one on their chairs to "Make a way.. Make some sound" . High energy Benny,Blaaze,vivianne Poche.
26. Mayya Mayya from Guru- Neeti Mohan (as gorgeous as ever), Her hip shapes were as though they wer goin to Pondicherry and coming back. Sivamani joined her at the stage centre with navin's flute.

A break, which the audience detested. Organizers speech, ARR presented with holy waters of Jerusalem, Ganges, Mecca by the Religious heads of Three Religions. Audience were, " kellambunga pa.. kaathu varattum", "start Music".

27. Medley mix of Azeem o shaan , 28.Rukkumani, 29.Veerapaandi Kottayilae- The beats , vocals,lighting effects were in full flow.

30. Drums bit bit Sivamani, starting from classic to Kuthu.
31. Kwaja mera Kwaja from Jodha Akbar and 32. Arziyan from Dilli6 - sufi styled songs, dat comes and touches ur hearts, soulful. with Aslam's and Javed Ali's improvisations.
33. Kannalane from Bombay-late vandhalum correct ah vanthaga evergreen Chitra ma'm. Entire audience gave her standing ovation with "once more" cries.
34. Jiya Jale from Dilse- chitra's rendition, over gethu with Lighting and dancers dancing with fire.

Hari and ARR enter. Hari,"Wat shall we make them do". ARR said," Atleast not trouble them".
35. Ay hairathe from Guru: with hari's starting aalaps , supported in the song by Sadhana Sargam. Totally into feeling and time for Pop
36. Aye Bachoo from Ghajini : Suzzane's amazing vocals, mind blowing and lights to the beats. Awesomeness.
37. Mustafa Mustafa from Kadhal Desam: Amazing guitar by Keith,Sanjeev, Rashid in the start. Audience totally experiencing the lyrics and waving both hands L->R and viceversa. Lamp ballons were raised.
38. Humma Humma from Bombay : with Blaaze's RAP "Take it from the Bottom me to the take it to the top" and semma rendition by ARR.
39. Jai Ho from SDM : The lead song of the concert,Jai ho. Pyrometric rockets were lighting the skies, every color cud be spotted.
40. Vande Mataram - Classic closing with Everyone joining and Indian flags flew high.

I strongly blame organisers for poor screens. The perverted camera man, without musical knowledge couldn't pan and cover everyone.He covered as if he was covering a cricket match. Everyone felt , "Has Rahman Become Jade-ish" with less tamil songs for tamil audience??" That's justified bye the fact that last year only one tamil movie and more hindi movies, no wonder more hindi songs. After all, music doesnt need language.

As if walked back from concert, i saw a huge banner on a the floodlights post,which said, " Thank You , A R Rahman!!!"

PS: My mobile camera pics quality were poor, the offical photos of Hindu are available in dis slideshow

Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st Corporate Bday

Thanks a lot to all the beloved ones who wished me on my bday. This being my first bday after my entry into the corporate world as a professional, executive, officer (Whatever we name the designation, ultimate work is to timepass n get salary :P )

As a part of my team culture to distribute sweets(Mysore Pak) to my entire team. Even before i could reach to them,everyone were waiting.. Thnx to vaidyanath for the best gift on my bday. How better can it be Rahmaniac to a Rahmaniac. Gift was the unofficial biography of A.R.Rahman, A R Rahman - Musical Storm by Kamini Mathai. Followed by Greeting cards with close pals message and wishes :D . I Loved my new nick VISU(VInod SUndaram). I can confuse ppl like tamil Director Visu. Finally the cake cutting. Wow the chocolate flavored one was really yummmy!!! Gud that my shirts n pants weren't affected by the caking of the cakes on me.

It was indeed a very very memorable, cherishing, long lasting Bday of my life

1. I miss my college bday celebrations. Bday bums,egg,shoe polish, shower,cake cutting, birthday bukkar, dhaabha treat. Miss my college friends n lapis :)

2. I'm awaiting the A R Rahman's Jai ho Concert, His first in Chennai after Oscars. Rahmaniacs consider this as the Baap of all concerts.

No Rahman, No Music.. Know Rahman, Know Music :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Madras Day

Post comes a part of my delayed Madras Day Celebrations!!!! Damn my convocation..
Basically writing down arbitrary things abt Chennai that comes to my mind..

Singara Chennai..Chennai local Tamil..Filter Kaapi..Gully Cricket..Marina,Bessie beaches..Hot weather, Rains.. Satyam, Spencers,CityCenter.. MadrasEye.. Koovam,Adayar.. A R Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar.. Anna Salai,ECR,Pudhupettai bike Area, Gemini Flyover..Tidel Park..Idly, Dosa, Chutney, Sambhar, Rice, Pizzas, Pubs, TASMAC quarter..Kollywood, SuperStar Rajnikanth, KamalHaasan.. Chennai SuperKings, MS Dhoni..Shirts, suits, Vaeshtti, lungi, Sarees..Petty platform shops and Police Maama.. Carnatic Music, Dance, Bharathanatyam, December Season, Kalakshetra, Chennai Sangamam, Theatres, First Day First Show, Music Bands.. IITM, AnnaUniv, Kilpauk Mental Hospital..The Hindu,Suntv, Star Vijay, Non Stop FM RJs, Music Lovers..Autos, share autos, MTC buses, MRTS.. Sub-Urb Trains..Cosmo culture( sowcarpet Junoon Settu, Mylapore Maamas, Royapuram Machaans, Alwarpet Executives) and many more..

Happy Madras Day to all Chennaites!!!
This city still carries its gr8 culture and tradition along with new consmo changes it has undergone..No wonder it has not lost its identity like other Metros of India.
For me, Chennai is heaven on earth..GodSpeed!!! :D

An intercept from a tamil saying, "Even people from other places prosper on Chennai's soil"

PS: no intention to hurt other city lovers.we celebrate our city :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chak de India..Sakka podu India !!!

chak de India..sakka podu India..
chak de India...sakka podu India

forget the resentful past
rejoice the presently present,
rinse ourselves wit tolerance
be the change we want.

chak de chak de India,
sakka podu sakka podu India..

Hand n hand we stand in,
Voice n harmony we speak up,
thrash n trash we fight out
blinded world if eye for eye.

chak de India..sakka podu India..
let Vande mataram be with a maatram
Jai Hind or Jai ho..
let be Joy hind and Joy Ho!!!

PS: India is just 62 years old.. There are so many problems, tensions.. Youthu na appadi than irrukum.. Happy Independence day!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Came across these lines and found them really inspiring..

"When people throw stones at us, we need to convert them into milestones" - Sachin Tendulkar

"The reason why people talk behind your back is because you are ahead of them" - Unknown

These lines were simple but powerful!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timepass Person(TPP). Made in India

Lets see how the society and people around us influence a normal person to become the timepass person(TPP). One small kutti story..

Born to a well settled family, what do u expect the timepass baby does. He feels super lazy to ambulate from one place to another. Finally his parents forcefully give him a cart to walk, and he walks. During the night, he has to go all the way to bathroom to pee, Aaram se he prefers his bed and huggies to bathroom. During school days, while all his friends prefer outdoor games and physical exertion, he prefers POGO TV, Chutti TV, Animax, Pokeman etc. Now a graduation time in his life, he doesn't know which stream he has to follow... 2 Missed calls to his friends and he follows them to college and selects the same bench as them. His creativity and imagination blossoms during those lullaby sessions of his professor. His chalta hai approach has gets him a job through his Training and placement department, while most of his buddies queue before US embassies.

Now to the most important part of choosing his life partner. He doesn't timepass with this part of his life. He know how to take his life forward.

choice 1:
His wife would have been a lawyer or a very social person, who cares for the welfare of the people. In future she could well become the President of the country. TPP gets his chance to accompany in her morning walks at Mughal gardens, go on world tours when she's on offical trips, meet other TPP First gentlemen( similar to First ladies).

Next option,love affair with his college girl who has entrepreneurial ideas and good at management. They could still start a company or get placed together in a company. She could one day become a CEO some company and get awards for powerful businesswoman of the year. He could still be happy to do work from home and be the man behind the great woman( like a Tamil verse.. behind every male's success, there's female).If he had studied English, he could write a book about his life/love story and make it become a best seller. He can give inspirational talks in IIMs and other best colleges like Lovely Professional University.

If his father is either in Cinema, politics, Music , then he's bound to have a future in that field. In cinema, his father should turn producer and launch him as a hero, then start fan clubs and sow the foot steps for politics. Politics leaves him as the legal heir of the party of his father. He becomes a gr8 leader and goes to parliament to either shout n walk out or sleep undisturbed by the proceedings. Music gives him chances to explore the old works of his father, remix them, loot tunes from foreign artists and give a Desi touch to it. If his wife is in his field and has a good market even after doing heroine's sister, heroine, sister, aunt, mother, grandma roles, then he can take up a role as her manager and counter all the gossips that go rounds in media. If a he's a celebrity he can update his status in Facebook and twitter through Aircel pocket internet like Dhoni.

Hence being a TPP is very serious business. Choosing his/her better half comes after a lotta thought. Being a TPP, you are entitled to think freely, liberally and hence mind becomes devils workshop. Often things get tapered at these workshops. Being a TPP has become a Social Status, especially during holidays, a normal person is bantered if people have you are not in timepass tag. The increase in timepassing people with facebook quizzes and gtalk. No wonder if some people from All India Timepass Association go on air in CNN-IBN and ask Finance minister for tax concession for those doing timepass.(As politicians do more timepass than us, they can understand our feelings better.)

PS: Head of Nofeelings Youth Association ( Varuthapadatha Vaaliba Sanga Thalivar) Kaipulla has put forth the claim for induction of "timepass" in english dictionary. This year,It is the most frequently used word, even beating JAI HO!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New chapter begins

After a long hibernation, here comes my first post after my vacation. My life at NITT has come to an end. Now I'm a provisional Engineering graduate. I'm joining Verizon Data services India Pvt Limited at Chennai(The best and only option I'd).Atleast i'm happy to get this job after weeks of frustration and tension, i've get a joining date.

There were so many times where i'd asked this question during all these days of distress, " Why me always..GOD". Now when i'm able to see some light at the end of tunnel and many of friends still in darkness, i think, "GOD has chosen me for some reason".
Like A.R.Rahman sir said," There are two genius( M.S.Viswanathan and Ilayaraaja ) sitting with me on the stage, I think GOD has chosen me to get the award on their behalf." How true it is. We dont ask that question when we are happy and chose to ask it during distress.

@ my juniors
The worst of recession cloud has passed. you can follow the Obama mantra-HOPEYou will pass these testing times where uncertain future beckons your instincts. I'll miss your presence, those nakkals,nayyandi during Pragyans,NITTfest,Sensors. I'll miss ur comments on my facebook quizzes and status updates.

@fellow fresh corporate workers
End of an ordeal at NITT and new corporate world calling us with both hands. We still don't know if we are worth of the Fat compensation packages given to us. Morally we need to some professional ethics and be true to conscience. Like Dr.ManMohan's team, have a 100 day agenda and accountability criteria.

@US/UK/GERMAN/Swiss univ studs
Dont get overboard with your Indian image and get thrashed by natives for racial abuse. Get educated and come back to India and serve these Indian people. I know people who hate(hate max) India and dont wanna return to the so called stupid,unhealthy,unorganised place. You(ppl who hate) are cowards and hypocrites who wanna run away from the problems rather than facing them.

@successful people
Best thing abt successful people is they share their success. Helping a friend in need is the pinnacle of success. After all a friend's friend is our friend too.. (from Nadodigal)

Stay hungry..Stay foolish..god speed!!! :D :D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P Thriller Jackson

Whether its controversies or his new album or any tidbits abt MJ, it would leave have an huge impact with his fans. I remember, when i was spellbound by Prabhu Dheva in Mukkala Muquabula song from Kadhalan, the respect and admiration for Michael Jackson grew further. An idol for the next generation POP singers and choreographers, He's truely the King of POP. Was looking forward to Rahman meeting MJ in his comeback concert. Things go otherwise...
GOD speed !!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iruvar : The Duo

Just watched(not first time) this movie on Star Vijay and couldn't stop myself from blogging.

The movie is the fictional account of two big stalwarts of TamilNadu, M.G.Ramachandran aka MGR and M.Karunanidhi aka kalaignar. This is the only movie which showcases these two superstars characters and its a masterpiece for the Genext, to know about their lifes and how tamil cinema and Dravidian Politics amalgamated. This is one of my favourite scenes. Portrayal of even the minutest details from the leaders extramarital affairs to their respect for each other in their final years.

The casting cannot be so perfect in any movie, but Mani sir does it again. Prakash Raj, Mohanlal play the lead supported by Revathi,Tabu, Gouthami, Aiswarya Rai(JJ's role), Naaser( Annadurai's role), the movie comes with a power packed performance. Prakash Won his National Award for His role of a writer/politician.

Music by Rahman sir was Outstanding. Its not easy to compose music of a period film with reality. Those Background Bgm enhances each scene and carries the viewers into that period.

Santhosh Sivan's cinematography is a class act. The apt lighting and filming requires a head bow to this technical superstar.

I would fail in my duty if i miss Vairamuthu, in a movie which has lead characters as a tamil writer/politician. His Rebellious "kannai katti kollathae" and "Aayirathil Naan Oruvan" , Romantic "Narumagiyae". His kavidhaigal also stands out in this movie, especially " Udal Mannukku.. Uyir Tamilzhukku.. Idhu Urakka solvom Ullagirkku".

I thank mani sir for taking this gr8 fictional biopic, to show movies and politics got intertwined and give us an idea of the life of two great human beings.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


He is a composer, singer, lyricist and the first Asian Composer to score a Symphony. He is a gold medalist from Trinity College of Music, London has composed over 4,500 songsand scored for more than 900 Indian films in various languages in a career spanning more than 30 years. He has composed Indian film songs that amalgamated elements of genres such as pop, acoustic guitar-propelled Western folk, jazz,rock and roll, dance music, psychedelia,funk, doo-wop, march,bossa nova,flamenco,pathos,Indian folk/traditional, Afro-tribal and Indian classical. He's a seasoned guitarist, pianist, keyboardist. He's the king of dramatic and evocative melody and background score. His vocals left people spell bound. He's the best music organist in India and produces one of the best orchestrations in the world. His movies have got maximum nominations for India's official entries to Oscars. His composition Rakkamma from Thalapathi was amongst the songs listed in a BBC World Top Ten music poll. His non film albums, How to name it (is dedicated to the Carnatic master Tyāgarāja and to J. S. Bach) and Nothing but Wind (with flautist Hariprasad chaurasia) stunned the western audiences. He was aptly named as Isaignani by Kalignar for his music which speaks for him.

Happy bday Raja sir :D
Raja... Rajathi Rajan intha Raja!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

How to make/bake tamil commercial cinema

A conversation between Mamooty(deva) and Rajnikant (surya) from ManiRatnam's Thalapathi(A smart adaptation of Karna)

Deva(D): En surya En.. Tamila en intha madiri mokkai commercial padama eddukuraanga..En da..
Surya(s): A small silence..(actually controlling emotions..fingers folded)
D: Neeeyum intha categoryla iruukuranala..
s: naan nadiganaanu santhegapaduriya deva.. Yedhuthuko.. Intha Uyir irrukura varaikkum naan hero va than da hero na ennanu theriyumma.. Fan support na ennanu theriyumma..

D: stunned by surya's outburst..
s: Evalo vissiyam irruku oru commercial cinema le...

I hereby explain u how to make/take/bake tamil commercial cinema :)
lets take the required ingredients for the movie..

6 songs

a)intro song with message and with youth, old people dancing, flowers flying, everyone liking hero

b)before love acceptance by heroine(in some foreign location, dancing in foreign streets..with foreigners kaevallamma look vutting)

c)after love (again some another foreign location, pink shirts, green pants, yellow shoes, heroine dress..poduraangala)

d)one unnecssary song to inserted somewhere..(1. mostly item number by any actress whose market is almost negligible or (2) a rags to riches songs where hero becomes rich in 1 song)

e)Kuthu climax song (in a suuubber nad colourful sets (yellow,blue, red) paced, danndanakka style)

f)Theme song(background song for hero build up)

At the end of the day, film music proportional to Cigaratte, popcorn, ice cream business in theatre.

Casting and Acting

Mother,sister,father,aunty ,uncle sentiments

Innocent and Sexy Heroine (salary is inversely proportional to their costumes)..

Ordinary heroes with extraordinary powers

Stunts scenes defying gravity( thanks to ropes n graphics)

Punch dialogues(with fire.. " Nee adicha Peesu.. Naan adicha Maasssu " style)

Really ruthless and terrorizing villains (on their eyesight government will change)

Hero is always a kind-hearted, mother fearing, people caring person who does
different innovative, stylish things in different movies( tie handkerchief in left hand in 1 right hand in another)

When hero takes revenge on villain, his eyes shud become red..

Pakistan terrorist and gr8 international smugglers will speak tamil only..

The jurisdiction of the hero is limited to making changes in script, write lyrics, sing song, edit with editor.

Now that we have got all the ingredients for the movie.. Mix everything in such a way to give "comedy->song->action..comedy(iteratively)" sequence to give a commercial panchamirtham.

A perfect commercial movie is ready to be watched..

1. The post comes as a result of me watching Thoranai in theatre, Villu and Silambattam in laptop and Veerasaamy in KTv (Switched off after a while.. cudnt take it)

2. Dare someone watch all add to this sequence u need to watch Daas.. Lovable rascal movie also..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

From lasts to firsts

When everyone expected a Hung parliament, ManMohan & Co stunned everyone with Clean sweep. When Rajasthan Royals were considered favourites for IPL season II, again, you are in for a surprise. Look who has got into the IPL finals, Deccan (gulti) Chargers and Royal Challengers(Kingfisher) Bangalore. The last two teams of season one.

Both teams have almost same set of players who played last year also. Wat had changed things for them??

Captains: With new captains Gilly and Jumbo, the teams have scaled new heights.
Venue: may be south africa is a new place.. everything starts fresh again..

Dhoni supporters shud realize that all that Dhoni touches cannot become gold. His birth stars have changed their positions and things wont be same for Dhoni. Anti Dhoni is always on the rise. Its a custom in India that " if ur liked.. u'll have a temple, get all awards Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna(in future), have maximum ADs" :P. "If ur performance dips.. Stones will be hurled, ur photos will be burnt, slipper garlands, applying tar" wat not..

CSK shud realize that L.Balaji is a lokka bowler( lacks pace). The team owner shud say to M. Gony, " Go neee..". CSK can make hay when the sun(Hayden) shines. CSK can join the elite Vada poche community. Either Raina or Rain cAn save matches for CSK. Only player who plays consistently in the CSK camp is Drums Sivamani

PS: someone pls tell Dr.Mallaya that too much for Partying and too much hugs and kisses from Katrina Kaif to the players(like preity zinta) could have a glaring effect on tomo's match. He could indirectly help Deccan.

PPS: with Karunaaadhi's effort for Cabinet post, i can say onething.. "intha pozhappuku urine kudikallam" :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jai HO A R Rahman Kozhikode concert

There’s nothing more in life than goin for a Rahman concert in life for us(me, ripper bala, Gmah, Vui, mallu, baby).The Rahmaniacs. After a lotta plannin, cajoling my parents, finally we got the 2000 tkts.

Before the concert:
I was feeling really excited and happy that i'd finished by last semester exams before the concert. We reached kozhikode thru a train from Erode. We wore a A R Rahman T-shirt, with Jai HO oscAR Rahman"in the front and "Music is my religion" at the back. For the 7:30 concert, we were there by 11:30 and roamed the streets of kozhikode. We were asked by few locals if we were performing with Rahman (seriously.. :D). We gotta know a lotta other like minded Rahmaniacs. There was a particular group which had spent 5000 bugs for air ticket, to watch the concert from Rs.500 stands.

From L to R: P.Karthikeyan(baby),Arvind(vui vui),Vinod Sundaram(me..kadha),Arunkumar(mallu), G Mahesh( gmah), Balakrishnan(ripper).

At the Concert:
Corporation football stadium was completely filled. All chairs were occupied. No space even to stand and watch. All set for thalaivar to let loose. The song list:

1. Opening Act (DJ Medley) – Sayonara

2. Mausam and Escape – Asad on Sitar; Sanjeev, Raashid and Keith Peters on Guitars ( Asad was tooo gud )

3. O Saya – A R Rahman ( thalaivar rockkeeddd.. new improvisations )

4. Athiradi – A R Rahman, Sayonara( Superstar song.. ARR sang with a cooling glass.. Stylish)

5. Padagali Chandi – George Peter, Benny Dayal ( Ultimate singing by both..dynamics were really gud)

6. Tu Muskura – Sadhana Sargam (Bit)

7. Roja Janeman – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan( both sang in a single mike.. Hari sir's improvisations were mind blowing)

8. Masakali – Raja Hassan ( was near original ..ulti)

9. Jiya se Jiya – A R Rahman ( with video in the backdrop.. proepr sync with video)

10. Style – Blaaze ( blaaze was super fabulous with new RAP lyrics with kozhikode in it)

11. Liquid Dance – Tracked

12. Guzarish – Javed Ali

13. Netru Illatha – Chitra ( evergreen song and wat a voice )

14. Malargale – Chitra, Hariharan ( hari sir's dynamics took us outta the world, chitra was ever perfect)

15. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Raashid ( for all the aditis)

16. Rehna Tu – ARR, Chorus ( for all the tolerance lovers.. God level continuum humming by Rahman sir)

17. Taal Se Taal ( western ) – Tracked

18. Ringa Ringa – Neeti Mohan, Sayonara( a big time Neeti Mohan fan ever since her Mayya mayya in Delhi concert..she rocked!!!)

19. Kala bandar – Benny, Blaaze (Medley) ( two best HIP-HOP specialists at work)

20. Gangsta Blues – Blaaze, Tanvi (Medley)( Tanvi..wat a voice she has got.. gives all those small effect in a song by herself)

21. New – Blaaze, Benny, Chorus (Medley) ( surprise inclusion for us)

22. Azeem O Shaan – A R Rahman (Medley) ( missed Sivamani's ultiamte beats)

23. Rukumani – Chorus (Medley)

24. Veera Pandi – A R Rahman, Chorus (Medley) ( the deadly Medley like in Delhi concert)

25. Latika’s theme/Dreams on Fire – Suzanne (wonder wat scale she sings.. such a high pitch without cracks )

26. Khwaja mere Khwaja – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan

27. Arziyan – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan ( both these songs were like a sufi concert.. It brought tears to my eyes.. The song touched my soul)

28. Manasu Manasinte – Chitra composed by RK Shekar( very nostalgic song for Rahman sir)

29. Kannalane – Chitra ( evergreen chitra spl..with those high pitches)

30. Jiya Jale – Chitra

31. Aye hairate – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan ( with Hari sir's prelude asking us to sing the intro bit)

32. Vaaji Vaaji – Hari, Sadhana( hari sir with full enthu)

33. Mustafa – A R Rahman( Surprise element the intro guitarwas amazing.. Rahman's Oh Oh... OOh OOh.. my god.. A fitting farewell for our NITT rahmaniacs)

34. Dhaka laga bukka – A R Rahman (Bit)

35. Pappu Cant Dance – Benny, Chorus ( benny was outstanding in his dance moves)

36. Aye Bachu – Suzanne

37. Urvasi – AR Rahman ( thalaivar rocked again..again a surprise)

38. Taxi Taxi – Benny, Blaaze, Chorus( every one on their feet)

39. Humma – A R Rahman( hari sir said,"we have been singing some energetic songs till now, shall we do a song that makes them sleep? - ARR !"..then Hariharan lets out a swirl of swaras ..and then gives a nice swara cycle...thats just perfect for the beat to pick up..and bang ! pa pa pa pa pa padaparappan !!)

40. Jai Ho – A R Rahman, Tanvi, Chorus

41. Vandemataram – A R Rahman, All artistes

After the concert:
we'd a nice chat with benny dayal and Aslam bhai. Benny was as usual super cool.
We came outta the stadium 30 mins after the concert and we were in for a surprise. The 50k ppl had disappeared. We could find an auto or a spl bus. Karthare(christ). Then we started our return journey to the hotel. We stopped an auto and asked him for a ride at 12:30 in the nite, he said" 5 ppl.. 30 rupees" ( 30 rupees otherwise get lost.. dat was his attitude.. Adapaavi pozhaika theriyathavan pola). Overall a fitting farewell for us. Had real fun :D :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A R Rahman's Jai Ho concert

I counting my time to reach Kozhikode from NITT. Exactly 24 hrs to go for the Oscar Awardee, Mozart of Madras A.R .Rahman's Jai ho Concert. Its is Rahman sir's first concert after the Oscars and the world expects so much from rahman after the oscars. The Concert is organised by a Kerala based NGO for AIDS awareness programme. A team of 23 Singers with Rahman are participating with Rahman sir.

After long planning and constant updates thru net, we were able to buy the tickets. It took us a lotta time to convince my parents for the tkts(Rs.2000). With my new Rahman t-shirt to be worn on the concert, i'm all excited abt the concert :)

Its also a fitting farewell for all the Rahmaniacs at NITT, to have a concert on the very next day after their final semester exams end :) :D

All set for the concert.. Jai Ho !!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New age Aathichudi!!!

The new age Aathichudi is not the one from TN07 L4777 movie. These were the lines written by me(kadha) , manoj (slow motion) , adith ravindran(aditi) for Tamil Mandram's Adrasakka (mokka podura) event in NITTFEST'09. The aathichudi is supposed to be in tamil but its in tanglish on my blog :)

Intha Paattu kaettu Aavaiyar azhuthuvaanga..

Aram seiya Asin
Aarudhallukku Namitha
Inji iduppu azhagi Shriya
Ee ooturathu unga aaya
Yethiudurathu(hype) use pannurom vayya
Yaethi vekkanum nenjilae theeya
Ice cream pola vuthadu(lips) Tamanna
Othukkamun ellarum onna
Overa irrukku intha paatu
Avvaiyarukku vechirukkom aapu
Akku veru aani vera pirichittom paaru !!!

We, ourselves, didnt realise that we'd so much talent of being a lyricist in us. When Perarasu can write those cheap lyrics for film numbers why cant we.

I went on to write two songs and compose music for Tamil Street play event (Koothupattarai). The topic that we chose was Arivuchelvam( Knowledge is wealth)

Arivu endru selvam onnu irrukku
nammai azhivilirundhu kaapadarkku..
(try RAPping them)

We went on to win 3rd prize in that event. We couldnt believe it. (Engallukka intha prize.. comedy pannatheenga judge sir). NITTFEST'09 was special for ICE dept, given that we crossed 30 points for the first time and moved away from bottom 4 postions. ICE securing 60 points overall, with 21 points in tamil litz alone(last year zero). I was vital in scoring 15 points in tamil litz.. Kudos to the team.. Hats off to NITTFEST'09 .. Go Green!!! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

ICE class trip travelogue

Finally after a lotta planning and discussion, the ICE department class'09 trip happened. The places being Veegaland, cochin, Munnar. It was really exciting to go for class trip in last semester of college life. So much memories to cherish for a life time :)

We took a bus for the entire journey. The common boarding point being Bhel, Trichy. It started around 9:30 pm and then a small halt at sangeetas at CBS trichy. The route was along the Dindugal, chalakudy route.We stayed at the YMCA, kochi. Thanks to Shamsu, AB, Pant, Privin for organizing(or helping the organizers).

Day1 started with a Nair kadai chaaya, from tea shop outside YMCA. A filling breakfast and photosessions were already in the pipeline.( gals took boys by surprise.. appearing in their uniform black tshirts for veegaland). After a small stop at Naveen's grandma's place, we proceeded to veegaland. Absolute fun at the theme park. Being my second time, i went for all the dry n wet rides totally and enjoyed my best at veegaland. RB was kind enough to teach me swimming. Veegaland was followed by a small stop at marine drive, for some ppl to booze, while the gals proceeded for shopping. I'd an awesome,filling Mango Milk shake. The dinner was at a 3 star hotel. The veegaland swimming was so tiring and we felt completely exhausted at the end of the day.

Day2 was to Athirampalli falls, 2 hrs from cochin. Remember Aishwarya Rai dancing for Barso re from Guru, Oru theivam song from Kannathil Muthamittal, Namitha's Arjuna song from Aei or the famous Punnagai Mannan. All have been shot at this beautiful place. simply outta this world. No wonder its a favourite shooting spot. The journey to the downstream of the fall was steep and strenuous. The return trip was even more fun, wit ppl pole dancing in the bus. I'd some house building(voodu katturathu..chennai slang) and saroja step. I'd to leave midway to airport to chennai to attend cousin's engagement. The trip continued,minus me, to munnar. A campfire was organised that nite. I really(totally) missed that one. I was awaiting such opportunties to show my dance skills. Chey.. Opportunity missed. :( :(

On the whole, an amazing, evergreen trip to the God's Own country.

PS: The photos that i was posing were big time flops. Either someone shapes the camera, less focus, too much flash, trims the frame. Very difficult for a photographer to get himself photographed. while most(i think) photos that i photograph are much better.

some photos are posted on my facebook album, ICE class trip

Monday, March 2, 2009

too many events in a short timeframe

This is my first post after Rahman sir won the Oscars.. I woke up at 4 in the morning.. very unusual for my schedule, before my mom and grandpa.. Watch all CNN-IBN, NDTV, Star Movies, Live stream on the net.. Finally watch slumdog sweep the academy awards.. And there he walked with two oscars.. Rahman sir.. As simple and humble as ever.. " Ella Pugazhum iraivannukae.." in tamil.. Couldnt believe it... Prayers of a B(z)illions of Indians was answered !!! :)

then back to business at college..
Rushing up with REM forms for the book.. the Ruby cup.. Volleyball matches.. India-NZ t-20 debacle..

A Unique Sensors'09 wit guest lecture from Dr. Radhakrishnan on Recent trends in Bio-med and ephilepsy.. Workshops by Prof. Sadagopan Rajesh ( sadagopan ramesh's bro) on fun mathematics and Agilent technologies workshop on DSOs... A lotta photgraphs.. final yr informals..

Ohh.. shit.. proj review.. OMG.. god save me..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where's the party tonite ???

F (Female) : where's the party??
M (Male): in the middle of the road ( in tamil .. Naddu rottulae !!!)

These were the excerpts from the song where's the party from the super hit movie Silambattam, starring Little Super star(so called) Simbu. The lyrics didn't mean anything until Shri Ram Sena activists got it. How simbu movie with Ram Sena.. puzzled ???

Last week, the physical power used by Sri Ram Sena activists against women and their boy friends in Mangalore pubs relates the activists to the song. Literally these girls were pushed down, harassed, tortured..(if u write gre, find better words to fill in..) . Thanks to cnn-ibn, ndtv, HT, for broadcasting these videos repeatedy, to increase their TRPs. These activists claim to be protecting our culture. Do they?? Even gods like Karthikeya , Krishna, etc.. had 2 wives and played with womenfolk.. All these activists show check up history before preserving our culture :P

All those ppl who don't wanna spend money lavishly for their wedding can approach Shri Ram Sena, for a cheap wedding. check up the cartoon on monday,9th february 2009 (ROTFL!!)

At this moment, wish every one a happy valentine day :) :)
Give free hugs to everyone in the world, with jiya se jiya :)
keep loving!!!
god speed :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The recent death of a person for the sake of innocent killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka. I believe, all those losers who dont have the guts to face the situation, commit suicide. The poor guy would get some 5lakhs from tamilnadu govt and a huge amount from those who provoked him for his death. Obviously Thol. Thirumavalavan, Dr. Ramadoss, Vaiko(vai..go) will capitalize on this issue to boost their image in people's minds. With Stalin and Azhagiri taking the DMK mantle, these people have no future in tamil nadu's politics. They use these suicide gimmicks and politicise the issue... just as Raj thackery and MNS did..

Finally karuna will be discharged from hospital and give a lumpsome to all these ppl and say " I'm back!!!". Obviously there are LTTE supporters in tamilnadu. Watta country India is.. Indian PM's images are burnt.. LTTE Prabhakaran's( accussed in India) bday is celebrated.. Its ironical that the man who masterminded the assaination of Indian PM is hailed...

1.condolences to the family and prabhakaran.. as all these ppl will join together after they get an amount from kalaigner

2. A good way to get holidays for colleges in TN. Just a week before they reopend :P ofcourse, NITT functions as usual..

3. Arasiyalla idhu ellam sadharanam!! (in politics, all these are ordinary.. translation sucks!!!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 - Valparai

For day 2 , Udumalpet, Thirumurthy

Valparai is not a proper tourist destination like ooty or kodaikanal. It is a quiet,calm place to relax and enjoy... full of tea estates and dams. The road to valparai downhills had 40 hairpin bends, which are really steep than u expect. Valparai trip was coordinated and guided by M.S.karthi and his dad.

we stayed at solayar dam inspection bunglow,20 kms from valparai. As his dad was a govt employee, we could get access to reserve forests and waterfalls, which are inaccessible to public. Once in a lifetime opportunity for us. Thanks to uncle for this trip :)

I will never forget this trip. I slipped and fell down on all three days. First in veegaland, second in reserve forest(twice there :P).We could walk in places where crocodiles rest in night( we saw their sand trails).. saw deers, orangutans, cat(at mudis club)

Thanks to Lakshmi mess( 4times) and Mudis club for the tasty food. We covered Nirar Dam, Reserve forest, solayar dam, balaji temple, Chinnakallar( literally froze to death while taking bath there), Seeeen god view point( A fraud samiyar lives there claiming,"i've seen god". We couldn't find him when we were there.. ) . Chinnakallar is a small falls where elephants come to quench their thirst. We couldn't spot them, but we found their dungs(big..compared to cow's) all throughout the path leading to falls.

The return journey in government bus from valparai to palani( 5 hours), palani to trichy(4hours). Finally reached NITT on Monday morning 3.30 am.

Day 2 - Udumalpet,Thirumurthy falls

for day1, Veegaland.

Day 2 :
Udumalpet, an amazing place to live in. The morning walk around the karthi's house was fabulous. The truckers and Petro Companies played havoc in our trip. No diesel for the van. We'd to settle the van and use govt transport for all places. Day 1 was predominantly Thirumurthy falls and Thirumurthy dam.

Thirumurthy falls has been the favorite spot for Tamil Cinema industry. Remember Mettukudi(where Karthik convinces Gemini Ganesan by singing in a temple), Jeyam ( Ravi in the climax ),etc , all have been shot here. In fact there was a set build for a captain vijayakanth.

After a wonderful time, we returned to karthi's home.. had a sumptuous lunch, a short nap. We began our night journey to Valparai(5 hrs).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 1 - Veegaland

Day1 :
We reached Veegaland around 9pm. After our breakfast and photo sessions we entered the park. Starting with all thrill rides followed by water rides. The first ride itself created nausea , vomiting for many. Slowly after each ride strength decreased for thrill rides, then enter water rides!!!

There were deadly rides like free fall, super jumper, waves, vertical fall,etc. I lost balance during the mystic river(went 3 times) , fell into water,hurt my head and made a big comedy for others to laugh. :)

Not a pose to give from a toilet. A different lighting experience. The punjumittai(a candy) always waters my mouth.

A quick coffee and outta veegaland. We started for Udumalpet(karthi's home). The route was trichur, palakkad, pollachi, udumalpet. Dinner at a sappa place on the outskirts of palakad. No eatable item was left in that hotel . Pengu and Dr.Vinoth(karthi's bro)joined us from college. All 23 slept at their home. we succumbed to our tiredness and had a gr8 sleep.

Day 0 - to sivakasi

Back after a really fabulous,tiring trip. :) The trip to Veegaland, Valparai were really amazing!!! It was a trip which we planned for a really long time (after our Courtalam,Kodaikanal trip). We finally decided the dates, transportation, routes. It started on 7th afternoon at 1:30pm from NITT. We(21.. a big number) were on our route to sivakasi(hari's home). Caught a 128 vestibule bus to Central Bus Stand, Trichy. From CBS, a bus to madurai, then a connecting bus to Sivakasi. Wow!! wat food we had at his residence. people need to learn hospitality from them. I went with usual parotta and Salna(kurma). The private van from NKP travels( similar to mkp ) was arranged.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Satyam Fiasco

"You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.", Warren Buffett.

A simple, but a powerful quote to reveal the situation.
These leaders lose their morality, professional ethics after reaching top post. Money, money,Money !!!
Learn from an innocent 5 year old. They don't run for money.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eulogy of my friend :(

This post is dedicated to a close friend of mine, who had been with me for the past 3 years. Each day, i would talked to him, play with him. He was a part of all the happiness, agony, anger, well trieds. I still remember the first day my dad introduced me to him. He was a tech geek. He was called Nokia 6610i.

The moment Siddharth's phone rings in Rang De basanti, i whistled in theatre. He owns the same model of Nokia as mine. This was my first personal device for me, only myself. It has been a great phone. After all the free falls from the 1st floor of my hostel, From my bed, after my rollover while sleeping, after i played football with it(i played thrice!!!) , it had lasted for 3 long years, before he broke down into pieces(as shown). Thank you for bearing with me.

The cell panel broke, the display had a huge pink speck( like a design..i couldn't even read my sms). Finally i found a replacement in Nokia 5320 Express Music. I initially thought of using Exchange offer, but the mobile shop owner would have chucked me out of the shop for asking for an exchange in this condition.

Thank you, My friend!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank you-2008!! The year it was!!!

2008 was one of the most crucial years of my life. I'm no more a teenager. I'm more a mature man with loads of gyaan that 2008 had thought me.. happiness, anger, vengeance, acceptance, knowledge. As actor sivakumar says, Idhuvum kadanthu pogum. ( whatever happens life has to go on.. )

The CPCs, the terrible confusion over career, projects , higher studies( MS vs MBA), those uncertain days of sitting for companies. Finally things will happen. All those pieces fell in place, to get placed in verizon, on 28th october 2008. The extraordinary Pragyan-08(as Organization Manager), festember with friends, birthday bums, terrible semester as usual( lucky!! zero in one cycle test).

Supported by Madras Mozart AR Rahman's Jodha Akbar, Ada, Sakkarakatti, Yuvaraaj, Ghajni, SlumDog Millionaire, Jiya Se jiya( free Hugs!!!) . Harris, Gautham, suriya was lovely with their Vaaranam Aiyiram. Subramaniyapuram, Saroja, Anjathey that stood out of the lot. Thanks to Kamal sir for Dasavatharam, beyond indian movie standards.Cinema has proved the script is superior to stars with Kuselan, Rab de Bana.., Drona, Kuruvi, Aegan flopping.

Getting a job wasn't easy with Economic recession. The Tall Lehmann brothers, Meriyll lynch needed bail outs. Most of Western Countries under recession, Thanks to Chidambaram and his team, we were bailed out earlier. Bush got what he deserved.. A shoe. Obama made the world believe that "yes..we can".

Whatever M.S Dhoni tried worked in his favour, chennai Super kings, Test, ODI, T-20. Good period in his life, guess that's wat astrology is predicting. A well deserved send off to Dada(Ganguly) and jumbo(kumble). Abhinav Bindra fetching India's first Individual gold, made every Indian proud!!!!

Finally, 26/11 made the country unite against terrorism, showed us the lapses in our national security. Souls that lost their lives in the battle. Karkares, Salaskars, Sandeeps. We salute your bravery, You definitely inspired us!!!

bye bye 2008.. we had it all .. Ups and Downs.
Happy Birthday 2009!!!! God Speed!!!