Monday, January 14, 2008

the colloquial chennai senthamizh. :)

Travel by any auto in chennai,u'll find them use "Vootle solltiya? Saavugraaki!". Or the common lingo of college people, " Figura paathu frienda cut panradhu ". From Laadu labbaku dhas' petr to saroja saaman nikalo ,the lingo is quite unique .

Madras baashai is a mixture of tamil,telugu(gu-lu-te), english(peterr) , malayalam( figures). Its quite difficult to understand for the strangers, but its really close to oneself when it comes to speaking. Not surprisingly it had its say in Kollywood movies, especially with double meanings.

For high range peter guys, the chennai tamil speakers might seem to be a locals( porikkis) but these people are really kind hearted, i'm sure u don't need to be in suit n coat to be kind hearted. But in a problem, Daar than..Dharma adi.. No Jagaa vaangaradhu. U learn quite a lot of these during ur gully cricket childhood days, especially area matches. Not to forget the local kaalachifying & lollu of the natives. With modernisation, even girls 4m Aminjikarai speak as though they are from America. Pull anyone's socks in chennai, u'll find a dictionary of bad words as in other languages.

If ur those people who have stayed in chennai for more than three years and still not got an opportunity to have a grip over this lingo, u can checkup,

Moral of the story.. Bazarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga . hehe .. :P
Chennai is never complete without its madras tamil..A small tribute to chennai tamil.. :D

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 beckons me ..

A really crucial year for me , especially from my career perspective...most decisive moments.Where am i headed next after college.
1.Is it gonna MBA thru CAT??
2.IS it MS thru GRE?? if so which area of specialisation...
3.Then the placement opporunities?? Tech or softy job..
Three unanswered questions of my life... i hope to answer them by next year.

->My cpc exams starting next week make me devoid of my time. I need to squeeze time for my CAT and GRE preparation.
->Also my wish to play topcoder regularly and get out of this grey color.
->Study well , to improve my CGPA to boost my career interests. :(
->The Sensors Symposium should not give me any problems. I guess it should help me in understanding people better and give the real picture about myself to others.
->More importantly to get a good summer project to aide my MS chances.
->Apart from these , my usuals like hockey,volleyball,movies,writing,cricket,counter strike,FIFA'08,read more books.
->My mess food should be eatable.

I pray to god to give me good health(depsite my injury woes..), in achieving my desires.finally

Be good , do good , keep others happy.. :-)
Happy New year :-)