Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kutti Kavidhai

The start time and end time for coming up with this kavidhai was the time i took to drink a Morning Filter Kaapi.

Pona Vaaram Quarter,intha vaaram varuthu Harry Potter.
Ava la Tshirt la paartha Hotter, Day by day she's becoming cuter.
Both of us had the same Alma Mater,
but still, innum ava kitta sollala en matter.

PS: Ladies/Gentlemen are requested to throw rotten eggs,tomatoes, big peddles in person. No damage to public property or suicide will be encouraged.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A.R. Rahman's Layering and Experimentation

What will be your first reaction after listening to a Rahman sir song ?? You feel a major let down, You feel like why Rahman is doing all these kinds of stuff. You feel like, why is he not composing music like Roja, Dilse, Lagaan. ( The matter of fact is, There are already classic hits like Roja, Laagan, There's no point in giving us something similar to those albums.)

The second time you listen to a song, u slowly start humming the tune. Next time, few lyrics to it. Allow the music to run in loop, non stop. Now each and every time you find at least something new, minutest layer or an instrument playing in the background. You start wondering how many layers are added to lead. Now his music starts growing on you, exponentially. You start feeling that, how come this man keeps us flabbergasted with his music. Every single time.

One striking feature that differentiates a Rahman song or any other song is layering. Layering is a concept where different instruments play at different times. Take for example, songs like Anbae sugama of Parthalae paravasam. How brilliantly he uses violin and keyboard. Blissful. or take Chitti Dance Sequence in Endhiran. Every layer in the track sounds different. Each time you listen, there would be a small instrument in background along with the vocals. Also contributing to the fact is the quality of speakers or headphones you use. Not to say, the original cd music is always top class as compared to the downloaded pirated ones.(Be a music lover, not a music pirate)

Much of these credit should definitely be given to Late shri H.Sridhar, who has been a pillar of strength for Rahman sir. It's very difficult for anyone to fill in the shoes of Sridhar, which is evident from the sound quality of recent albums(with due credit to the albums). Post Oscar , thalaivar seems to be on an experimentation mode, with getting new genres, new voices, new instruments. If it was Blues in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, funky African instruments in Raavan, Mass in Komram Puli, Major techno mode for Endhiran.(Per Se, treating each film on its own merit.)

I think the fans, as a whole will keep supporting his nouvelle experimentations in music, allow Rahman sir to explore new kinds of music and collaborate with new artists. For sure, we will like his experiments.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too much of Forget n Forgive

This post is not going to bring justice to all those people who are suffering. Not all wrong doers are goin to read this article and renounce. The main issue with we Indians is that, we don't prioritize the goals.

Comparing what happened in Bhopal and Gulf of Mexico, USA is already in the fast forward mode in penalizing the British Petroleum and getting proportionate compensation. While in India, the Group of Ministers GOM has been formed, which will take ages to complete their report, Remember what happened to Liberhan Commission. Human Rights activists and Media want the extradition of octogenarian Warren Anderson and also want withering Arjun Singh to come out in open and brief the nation. Late Pick!!!(As Kounder Mani calls it, "Sangoothura Vayasula") What's the use in getting out people who gonna die in the next few years to India, are we gonna get back those lives. At least we can attempt to get compensation and the main work will be the distribution of these funds and rehabilitation of the victims.

We can just blame, the then government for all the atrocities. Since the judgment had come now, the media is taking up this issue, Special discussions with panelists, every editorial and Blogs wants justice. Now that Football world cup has began, Media will forget abt Bhopal and concentrate on Football for the next few days. Then come other issue will pop up, that will be under spotlight. No one will care about bhopal. Also our news thirsty citizens will forget what had happened in the previous generation. Just weeks before an Aircraft crashed, 150 people died, no one talks about fixing the responsibilities,or rehab for the families of the deceased.

Just because we are Indians, we tend to Forget n Forgive. There's been too much of forgetting than forgiving.An Unknown quote says, "If there one thing that's even more crucifying than death is that being forgotten!!" I can't help those victims. At least i can "Pray for u brother, Pray for u sister!!!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every Day has its day

Any management guru proclaims, “Each day is different from the other, start every day afresh!!!” Now there’s a trend to celebrate each day in a year for some reason or the other. I seriously don’t know who ratifies the celebration of each and every day. Earlier, I just knew three important days- republic day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi. First two days will have Leader’s message on Doordarshan (Hardly anyone watches it), flag hoisting, armed forces parades and closure of TASMAC (still u can bribe and get a quarter).

Then comes all these regional festivals and government, by default, declares holidays for every festival. India has festivals, equal to the total number of gods each religion has. We don’t realize the benefit of being in India, where countries like USA are majorly single religion. With the MNC into the Indian System, it’s always TGIF. Thanks to Bengalorean/South Delhi culture, Friday nights are reserved for Pubs and Discotheques and Saturday mornings for Hangover. By the time, we plan for the weekend, it’s almost over. The worst thing that can demoralize you is when your national holidays come on weekends.

Of late, every day is some special day. New Year, Valentine’s Day, children’s day (10 months after Valentine’s), Earth day, Green Day, Anti tobacco day, AIDS day. At least for these days, we can forgive people for celebrating, for there’s some purpose behind all the celebrations. Next comes the Father’s day, Mother’s day, Sister’s day, uncles’ day, and aunties’ day. Thank God, there’s no Maamiyar(mother in law) and MaatuPonnu(daughter in law) day, for sure there’s gonna be a fight on who comes first in the year.

There’s always a marketing brain to celebrate these days, the pocket of the common man gets plucked. Best wishes to the near and dear ones, hence Greeting Cards sales gets boosted. Telecom operators take away their share of money as SMS and phone calls (special rates for these special days). For Valentine’s Day, sales of roses pick up. There’s always Diwali season, Pongal season, New Year special sales.
The worst of all seasons is the Aadi(Mid June) month discount sales, where substandard products are sold along with quality goods at 50%-60% of the original base price. These shopowners definitely are here to hoodwink the buyers. If Aadi Sales were for clothes, Akshaya Thrithi is for Gold and Jewellery, even more expensive than clothes. Whether Lakshmi will grace your homes on purchasing gold or not, you are definitely helping the jewelers to fill their treasury. At the end of the day, everyone has a marketing strategy and every stakeholder knocks off Aam Aadmi’s purse.

Whatever it is, Live each day like you were born today and die tomorrow, and make it cherishable and memorable.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing changes for me

I had failed to get any calls from IIMs in the CAT exam. But I was not dejected at all like my previous attempts. Already 3 years into her IT career, my professional life was stagnated. I was looking for a change, may be a MBA admit or a change of job (with a heavy remuneration). On the contrary, personal life was just blissful. Being a girl, parents and old retired uncles, aunties start their work of finding alliance for you. My match had already been finalized and engagement was over just a few weeks back. My Fiancé was a typical Mylapore boy peterring in ManHattan, Working for a MNC. First look at his photo, I knew there was an instant connect. Not sure if Bells rang , bulb glow, wind blew to signify this was the man.

One morning I got a Change. Things happen when you don’t expect them to happen. That morning, I was to attend an important team meeting. Everyone including all the senior heads were called for this town hall meeting. As usual I had got up late, skipped gym, got lengthy advices from mom about how a family girl should be. I thought,”What a bad start to the day!!!”. Rushing through the busy roads of Chennai on my bike (moped), “WTF... Every signal turns red”. Suddenly a small school girl had tried to cross and was stranded in the middle of the road. I tried a Zig zag to adjacent lane in order to avoid her. Unfortunately I’d failed to check the rear-view mirror. A MTC bus was traveling in the adjacent lane. Bus kissed moped’s back, I was thrown out of balance. I was lying on the road with my back resting, and the speeding bus had run over my leg already. Driver had manager to stop the bus. I was now under the bus.

My body felt numb, they pain was excruciating. Slowly everything went blank. I laid there unconscious, not knowing anything that happened for the new few days. Later my parents had explained all the events that had unfolded. My lower limb was totally crushed, blood circulation was hampered. Doctors gave an option of amputating my leg; otherwise it could be a serious risk to my life. Life took a new turn in just a matter of days. He had flown back to Chennai on hearing about the accident. I was discombobulated on how my life’s going to be with a single leg. How will my fiancĂ© react to this? How are my in-laws going to react to this? Can I ask him to marry someone else, rather than marrying a crippled. Distressful questions haunted me; Sedatives gave rest to my body, but mind was definitely in a lot of unrest.

Next Morning he was there to see me. The first few words that he spoke, “Marriage date finalized,honeymoon place on ur call“.

I was flabbergasted.”But I’m like… “, even before I could complete my talk, his hands closed my mouth. “Nothing changes for me... You are the same to me.” As firm as a mountain, I felt like I’d not lost anything in life.

30 years ago, I started loving him. They say u can't measure love. Till date, my love has definitely multiplied manifolds. He had got an artificial leg for me, allowed me to pursue my passion, help me setup my dance school. I’m crippled, we are not… :)

(courtesy: Subroto Bagchi )

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death of criticism

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have opinions and think that they are right. Then there are people who seek other's opinion before to evaluate the right and wrong. Of all junta in the world, our people who always believe that, "The hare that i caught had 3 legs".

Thanks to web 2.0 and news channels, everyone's gotta opinion and they air their opinions on these issues. Even those people who don't even have the slightest knowledge on the subject give their opinion. Its like T.Rajendar or Cab10 Vijaykanth expressing their opinion on six packs and fitness. Every movie that is being watched, and blogs and twitter are filled with each one's ratings on the movie. Even certain reviews are influenced by external factors leading to biased ratings.(Like the Age old Sun TV Top 10 movies.. Which is actually Sun pictures top 10 now).

With High speed internet and broadband, any movie or music can be downloaded free of cost, people are even watching Chinese,french and Italian movies as compared to conventional English movies. Hence even a slightest of plagiarisms are easily noticeable and publicized in blogs and websites. Even JK Rowling was on the similar lines of an inspiration another work. But after its successful stint at the box office, no one talked about it. "Let it be,wats wrong!!" was the attitude of the people.

Being a writer, there are just 8-9 genres where you can base your stories on. So, when you repeat a movie in the same genre, i can be cliched and boring. Just because VTV is a love story similar to a 500 days of summer(with central park bench scene), the plot and characterization have always been different. No writer ever likes to thrive other people's work. There is a lot of difference between a rip-off and an inspiration. Harris Jayaraj, Honey Musical wind Deva or copy cat Pritam have all been people who prefer having a xerox machine and duplicating it exactly. They are Kumbakonam Degree Copy Followers and truly live up to their membership.

Accusing Gautham Menon for ripping off from English movies would be too harsh on GM. Also off beat comments on GM being a Pseudo Mani Rathnam seems to venomous. Mani and Kamal's films are called Inspiration, while GM is being Rip-off. Wat Bullshit. Just because you have seen the original movie via the internet downloaded dvdrip, you can't go on making false comments. You like something new and refreshing, you should also like something on similar lines. Your criticism doesn't seem constructive and leading no where.

PS: Like it or hate it, personal choice. Don't comment(make irrelevant comments) unless you are an expert in that field. Don't try to convince others, that their favorite celebrity is vethu vaettu.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This was an instant Kavithai for a team mate, while wishing her a fabulous married life. I wanted something different on the greeting card, hence out of nowhere this came up.

Intha Thirumanam, ungal iru Manamgalin orumanam.

Translation: This marriage(kalyanam) is an unification(Orumanam) of your two hearts(iru Manam)

PS: team was stunned after the on the spot kavithai.. :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Most Pitiable - MP

It’s tough to be at the top job of this country, Paid on par with an IIM graduate, and even getting more Kimbalam(also called Mamool ..Rhyme with Samblam) .When people come into limelight in politics, they are 55+ and still head the Party’s Youth Wing. By the time they become MPs, they r in 60s and 70s. So at their age, doctors advice them to go for walking to keep themselves fit. As soon as they parliament begins some issue is discussed, they are reminded of what their doctors had advised them, hence walk out.

Like How Ultimate Star Ajithkumar keeps walking in all his movies to reduce his six sagging pack. With BP, sugar, Bypass surgeries already done, you are bound to expect them got for walking. All these Dharna, Hartals and Protests are a mere eyewash, to fool the citizens that they r really concerned about the people. At least these people attend sessions and come out. So of the celebrity actor turned politicians like Govinda needs to be reminded that he’s an MP and needs to attend Parliament. He should stop acting in Navarathna Oil Ads with Rambha and work for people.

Actually we should not blame politicians for all these issues. While the front benchers in parliament squawk and squeal, there are some MPs who prefer back benches. Before they attend 11:00AM session, they have a sumptuous brunch to fill their appetite. Also the mellifluous and soothing voice of the speaker and sometimes the sweet and soothing lullabies of the President Prathiba Paati make them lethargic and hence they sleep in.

I particularly feel for the politicians who make film stars as MPs. They ratify this move, on the pretext that they can have some Ghilphansi, Gilma and do Jalsa at parliament. They expected to see Artificial implants of Sakhi Rawant and Slender legs Peepika Dadukone( like in phir mile sur mera tumhara). But to their disappointment they end up seeing Attu Piece Aaya figures in MemaHalini and Paya Jradha.

They also find it difficult with to cope up with increasing no. of criminals, rowdies in the countries. Every kutti rowdy (they a part of ‘Nannum rowdy... Naanum Rowdy’ Family) just find their way up into Parliament by hitting Jalra(ching Chak) for their Party heads. Even after giving lot of VIP suitcases to become VIPs, their places cannot be taken for granted. Hence it’s highly difficult to be a MP and politician. Hence we, citizens of this country need to question them less. On the contrary, give them more sympathy,empathy,allopathy, homeopathy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will you cross the skies for me??

Two reasons for me to watch this movie, Gautam Menon and A.R Rahman. With Simbu as lead,i was skeptical about it. Gautam proves that Simbu is a very different person from what people think we are. This is not a post to recommend people to watch this movie, but an opinion. I liked the movie bcos, i realized that may be in 2 years, i would be karthik (simbhu). There was so much into that character i could associate to.

5 minutes into the movie, you dont talk of Simbu and Trisha, Its just karthik and Jessie all the way. The last time i like simbu performance was in Thotti Jaya. And Trisha as Jessie, stunning, gorgeous,ravishing. Mark my words, guys after watching the movie, will think about the style associated with each girl he meets. Trisha's character is a confused, perplexed, instinctive and how things have changed. Costumes and colours associated with the Protagonists were picture Perfect. I guess this a season of Self Kallai and Kindal . Simbu says "When people go to America for their love, i can go for the nearb Kerala". Ganesh who plays the simbu's cinematographer friend and his kallai dialogues were comical.

Every one who's in love should definitely ask, why should they love her of all the girls?? U can never find answer to that. Trisha makes us chant "Jessie,Jessie.."

Music from the Mozart of Madras, Rahman Sir. All 7 songs have a video in the movie and movie is a musical by all means. The BGMs and Soundtracks were Fitting, a long time( ATM,SOK,Sakkarakati) Rahman scores with his BGMs. I really liked the Hard Rock music that comes up in the Gaandu scenes. Movie has got a Gautam Menon stamp all over. Handling a simple story with too much of pheeelings, that transforms to the audience at the end of the movie. Gautam efficiently uses His Telugu Lead Naga Chaitanya and Samantha as actors in simbu film. The end of the movie was neat, not very emotional and leaves the audience to feel for the emotion. To handle an emotional story with too much of feelings, with maturity and deftness, and to make audience believe that his end is the right thing to do. and to move on. Simbu, Trisha,Gautam and Rahman definitely score with VTV. for once i'm a Simbu's fan in the movie.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is definitely a 500 days of Summer in chennai.

PS: If u hate this movie, Hate it.. your stand i can never question that. Never can u question my stance that i like the movie.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'd completed My first onscreen film appearance for a Friend's project at Film Institute. 
For long, I've preferred to stay behind camera and contribute in Direction and cinematography. No introduction scenes, no punch dialogues, no female stars :(

Writer had briefed me about the story on some forest expedition and i play the role of a wildlife photographer, who's on a 4th day shoot for a tiger safari. I'd written dialogues for the movie. We used live sound recording and delivering my dialogues took multiple takes. You can be a jabber or an orator, once they say, "action!", Its tough. Your mind searches for dialogues, Expressions, Modulations,tone, Posture, etc etc. Imagine me taking 13 takes for a dialogue which I'd written(I'd counted the no. of takes while I'd failed in delivering my dialogue).

Already earned a nickname of Joey Tribbiani of friends, from my office colleagues. No wonder these actors have buildup names like cab10, PuratchiThalapathi, Ilayathalapathi, Young Superstar. One thing i know, I'm pathetic at acting. Learn where all i need to work on to be an actor. At memory skills,Voice Tone and Modulation, Expression, try Single take of Lengthy dialogues, Body language. I'm Bad at it, Will grow with age and with the character i do.

PS: Not yet seen the final outcome, Will upload if the video comes out well.
Bloopers is even more comical than the actual video.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Next for Sena

Disclaimer:All characters in this story are fictious, no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

Sena had called SRK and Aamir as 2Idiots.But According to their mouth piece, their Next Idiot, the third idiot is Lalit Modi,who else..

The Whole Issue is not Sena Vs SRK, It Should be Sena Vs IPL(which will happen in future). Moreover Sena has an issue with every country who are allowing their players to play. This is wat Sena had replied to different countries.

Aus --> When fellow Indians are racially abused, how can cricketing ties be continued. They Dont Agree to build Ram temples in Australia. Temple is a foremost issue and its an attack on our national pride.

Pak --> Anything and everything can be related to Pakistani Hand. This is were all started

SA --> They had insulted Indians in Pre-independence days, had practiced apartheid.

Eng --> They ruled India for 100 years, plundered Maharashtra of its wealth.

Ban --> Step Brothers of Pak. How come ur cricket board is not in any trouble like Pak, Pls chaos yourself asap.

WI --> Thakrey doesn't support North India/Indies or West Indies, only Maharashtrians allowed

NZ --> U insult Indians for not wearing clean socks and detain them. Cricketing ties should be cut, bcos we cant clean our socks and get insulted everytime.

SL --> ohh.. No LTTE, so no issues. No Wait. Only those players who know marathi will be allowed to play.


All players shud have lived in Maharashtra for 15 years, learnt Marathi, ate Vada Pav and Voted for Shiv Sena.

Actual Reason
1.Balasaheb was not allowed by Modi to Hug Preity Zinta(who incidently broke up with her boyfriend after Modi hugged her) and Shilpa shetty( who had married Tyagi Raj Kundra)
2. Thakrey was not allowed to buy a team named Marathi Manoos , even though he had Ball in his name and hits them hard "Thakrey"

He had even scouted few players and rejected them on some reason.

1.Ajit Agarkar --> old Person, was asked to join mainstream politics wit Siva Sena as KoPaSe ( Kolgai Parapu Seyalalar - Party's Principle Secretary)
2.Romesh Powar --> Accused of eating all the food meant for marathi manoos. He was also accused for not wearing his "3 glasses for Rs.10" coolers which he had brought from some thiruvizha(fair).
3. Abhishek Nayar --> a player in prime form shudn't play in the team. Hence was offered a Vada Pav and Nair Tea shop at Party headquarters instead.

1. while Sena is doin all this, other sena,SriRam Sena is preparing itself for Valentine's day. Every desperate person who wants to get married can go out and talk to his sweetheart and SriRam Sena will help u in getting married.

2.Tamil Kollywood Vice Captain RJ Shiva(Chennai28, TamilPadam fame) has accused Shiv Sena for using his name in the party and it had hurt his fans. He also claims it to be a Vellinaatu Sadhi(international plot) to prevent him from entering politics.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Template

Gandhiji once told me that "Change is the only thing in this universe that doesn't change". Hence i followed his words and changed the old template of my blog. And Here its the Frankly Speaking With Vinod- version 3.0 alpha

Why new template?? Something new always gives novelty and freshness to the ideas. I like to be a Deer in the forest and let this enthusiasm bring new dimension to my life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A R Rahman-Journey of a lifetime

Wishing A R Rahman, a happy bday and keep mesmerizing us wit his music. Me and My fellow Rahmaniac Vaidyanath have come up wit a poem(in a mix of tamil,english,hindi) on Rahman for his bday. We have used just some movies that rahman sir had composed music .

once Kizhakku Cheemayile, Roja came
and u were a Pudhiya Mugam of music.
Jodi,Iruvar,Duet was a new Sangamam,
Patriotism rose with Vande Mataram,
and left us Between Earth and Heaven.

Bombay Dreams of Dilli and TajMahal,
Rangeela made a soft humble Ratchagan.
Rhythm,Fire,Water Blue
Azhagiya Tamil Magan make audience glue.

While Yuva danced to Taal and Sakkarakati,
your music melted people even in patti thotti.
En Swasakaatre, engalai Kangalal Kaithuseithai.
Sillunu oru Kaadhal in a hot May Maadham,
Kandukondaen Kandukondaen kaettalae paravasam.

When Padayappa was Mr.Romeo,
he was Pavithra's Gentleman,
and became her kaadhalan.
They became Love Birds on Kaadhalar Dhinam,
and said to each other,"Anbe Aaruyire" ,
Dil se story went on to be an Alaipayuthe.

Let Almighty Khawaja mere Khawaja bless,
u'll continue to be The Lord of the Rings.
Ada to Zubeida, Boys to Baba,
say Rahman Tujhe Salaam.
GodFather, we Love you Hamesha.

PS: sentence and writings need not be logically correct.. Excuse me if ur a literary critic. This is chumma for my satisfaction.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cause and Effect of Andhra Mess

Once when i was brunching at an Andhra Mess, i wondered why all these eatouts are named Mess. That too after some state region names like Chettinaad Mess, Andhra Mess. Now i find it very relevant, given that Andhra is in a Mess. The owner had foreseen this situation and named his eat-out as an indication to outside world. The argument draws an analogy wit some Nostradamus' predictions, as something happens and people relate it to some archaic text of Nostradamus. 9/11 happens and afterward people say Nostradamus had predicted this.Coming back to our Telegana-Andhra problem. Where did it all start?? Why small States??

It all started with Lalit Modi, IPL Chairman who made use of the shorter version of cricket, T20 to good extent to boost his Cricket Admin Career. It was a marriage of cricket wit Entertainment , as always marriage appears successful in the initial few years. Next comes in to-todo-do-to-todo-do-Docomo-Docomomo. Tata Docomo entered the mobile operator market wit a catchy tune and more importantly attractive ads. Their message of "Life can change in secs" reached far and wide. Hence per min rates became to small version of secs. Again small is doin the trick.

Next,come in the film heroines of current age. They believe that their span in the industry is inversely proportional to their costumes. They believe they are child at heart and wear childhood dresses,saving producer's money. Small dresses are successful. Finally, the India's best selling author, Chetan Bhagat had come up with his new book, 2 states. Now if at all new states are formed , he can claim royalty from the politicians for publicizing explicitly their cause.

Given all these factors, no wonder KCR decided to give a new dimension using all his external disturbances caused by Modi, Docomo,heroines(:P) and Chetan. Moreover presence of more states could enable the politicians resurrect their sagging careers and buy one IPL team each. They can say they have brought development in the state after having a team :P