Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Template

Gandhiji once told me that "Change is the only thing in this universe that doesn't change". Hence i followed his words and changed the old template of my blog. And Here its the Frankly Speaking With Vinod- version 3.0 alpha

Why new template?? Something new always gives novelty and freshness to the ideas. I like to be a Deer in the forest and let this enthusiasm bring new dimension to my life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A R Rahman-Journey of a lifetime

Wishing A R Rahman, a happy bday and keep mesmerizing us wit his music. Me and My fellow Rahmaniac Vaidyanath have come up wit a poem(in a mix of tamil,english,hindi) on Rahman for his bday. We have used just some movies that rahman sir had composed music .

once Kizhakku Cheemayile, Roja came
and u were a Pudhiya Mugam of music.
Jodi,Iruvar,Duet was a new Sangamam,
Patriotism rose with Vande Mataram,
and left us Between Earth and Heaven.

Bombay Dreams of Dilli and TajMahal,
Rangeela made a soft humble Ratchagan.
Rhythm,Fire,Water Blue
Azhagiya Tamil Magan make audience glue.

While Yuva danced to Taal and Sakkarakati,
your music melted people even in patti thotti.
En Swasakaatre, engalai Kangalal Kaithuseithai.
Sillunu oru Kaadhal in a hot May Maadham,
Kandukondaen Kandukondaen kaettalae paravasam.

When Padayappa was Mr.Romeo,
he was Pavithra's Gentleman,
and became her kaadhalan.
They became Love Birds on Kaadhalar Dhinam,
and said to each other,"Anbe Aaruyire" ,
Dil se story went on to be an Alaipayuthe.

Let Almighty Khawaja mere Khawaja bless,
u'll continue to be The Lord of the Rings.
Ada to Zubeida, Boys to Baba,
say Rahman Tujhe Salaam.
GodFather, we Love you Hamesha.

PS: sentence and writings need not be logically correct.. Excuse me if ur a literary critic. This is chumma for my satisfaction.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cause and Effect of Andhra Mess

Once when i was brunching at an Andhra Mess, i wondered why all these eatouts are named Mess. That too after some state region names like Chettinaad Mess, Andhra Mess. Now i find it very relevant, given that Andhra is in a Mess. The owner had foreseen this situation and named his eat-out as an indication to outside world. The argument draws an analogy wit some Nostradamus' predictions, as something happens and people relate it to some archaic text of Nostradamus. 9/11 happens and afterward people say Nostradamus had predicted this.Coming back to our Telegana-Andhra problem. Where did it all start?? Why small States??

It all started with Lalit Modi, IPL Chairman who made use of the shorter version of cricket, T20 to good extent to boost his Cricket Admin Career. It was a marriage of cricket wit Entertainment , as always marriage appears successful in the initial few years. Next comes in to-todo-do-to-todo-do-Docomo-Docomomo. Tata Docomo entered the mobile operator market wit a catchy tune and more importantly attractive ads. Their message of "Life can change in secs" reached far and wide. Hence per min rates became to small version of secs. Again small is doin the trick.

Next,come in the film heroines of current age. They believe that their span in the industry is inversely proportional to their costumes. They believe they are child at heart and wear childhood dresses,saving producer's money. Small dresses are successful. Finally, the India's best selling author, Chetan Bhagat had come up with his new book, 2 states. Now if at all new states are formed , he can claim royalty from the politicians for publicizing explicitly their cause.

Given all these factors, no wonder KCR decided to give a new dimension using all his external disturbances caused by Modi, Docomo,heroines(:P) and Chetan. Moreover presence of more states could enable the politicians resurrect their sagging careers and buy one IPL team each. They can say they have brought development in the state after having a team :P