Sunday, May 5, 2013

Targets for 2013

New year resolutions and targets needn't be posted in January. I kick started the year with a few actionable items and hope to follow them in the rest of my life.

1. 15 mins exercise
Being a sportsman, fitness and exercise was never a issue. But I did reasonably well in 2013, so far. Auroville Marathon ensured i prepare myself and remain injury free.

2. Be on time; Punctual
Be it office meetings or meeting friends, i desperately want to be on time and avoid those stern looks. Also the fact that i'm using someone else's time.

3. Stop Watching Tv
Too much noise and glitz, nothing informative, thought provoking or inspiring comes on Tv. And most of the interesting interviews or news items are online in Youtube channels. A 3 hr film is played for 4.5 hrs with news and ads. Highlights of a cricket match or ESPN Sportscenter is a good way to keep myself updated.

4. Write a Small note at the EOD
I wanted to log certain actions i do this year, milestones achieved and interesting characters i met. I've never had the habit of writing diaries. Just wanted to keep track of where i was at the year beginning, and how much I've changed by year end.

5. More Thank You and Congrats; Less Sorry.
What is there in saying Sorry and Thank you, you don't lose anything. (Frankly i don't have anything; that's a different issue). It takes some courage to ask sorry or even to appreciate people.

6. Read Books
As a matter of fact, i've read more books in these 5 months of 2013 than in my entire life span. I'm finding it interesting. Nevertheless good.

7. Meet Deadlines; Not fall in my own eyes
This year I plan to set realistic deadlines and improve my productivity. Not meeting a deadline or your commitment is like falling in your own eyes and i hate it.

List is exhaustive. I'll keep adding as and when i follow something. What's wrong in writing about good things :)