Friday, August 14, 2009

Chak de India..Sakka podu India !!!

chak de India..sakka podu India..
chak de India...sakka podu India

forget the resentful past
rejoice the presently present,
rinse ourselves wit tolerance
be the change we want.

chak de chak de India,
sakka podu sakka podu India..

Hand n hand we stand in,
Voice n harmony we speak up,
thrash n trash we fight out
blinded world if eye for eye.

chak de India..sakka podu India..
let Vande mataram be with a maatram
Jai Hind or Jai ho..
let be Joy hind and Joy Ho!!!

PS: India is just 62 years old.. There are so many problems, tensions.. Youthu na appadi than irrukum.. Happy Independence day!!!


Navin Ck said...

nice one.. i liked it

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

u continue to be an ass as always

Alagappan said...

engeyo poyita... :)

Vinod said...

@navin and algates : thank u :)

@ anonymous: well then I'm proud to carry load for others.. :P