Monday, October 12, 2009

A R Rahman Jai Ho Chennai Concert

My time spent for the concert was 2:30 pm on 11th Oct and ended at 3:30 am the next day. The venue, Marg SwarnaBhoomi was more closer to Pondicherry and could have been a Marakannam concert instead of being Called a Chennai concert. Thanks to Organizers for plying 300 MTC buses and providing free transportation to the fans. You reach the venue and realise, it was not organized inside the city. More than 70,000 people before and after the concert would have resulted in massive security and traffic problems. I wore My trademark ARR Jai Ho Tshirt, felt proud on others' envy :P

1. Fusion by sivamani- started with a small bit of drumming similar to start in LA 2000 concert.
2. Rahman's Words on Music- This was a surprise, ARR's signature words for World Space Radio about music.
3. Jaage Hain from Guru - There appeared a man in black Tshirt for whom these maniacs where waiting for hours. Audiences went really crazy, i'd shouted so much that my voice had already cracked.
4. Kalbali from Rang De Basanti- ARR with Chorus, benny,blaaze, Rehanna, Tanvi,Aslam.
5. Athiradee from Sivaji- ARR went offstage and came back with stylish coolers. Superstar song and wat do u expect the audience to do.. Even ARR went crazy, his gun shoot act like the one Rajni does in the song.
6. Kaadhal Rojave from Roja - Enter to ARR's classics, rendered by Sadhana Sargam and Hariharan. song started in Tamil,went into Telugu,hindi, stunned with their sangadis.
7. Dilli Theme from Delhi6 : Time for peepy music. Enter B-l-a-a-z-e, Benny Dayal, Tanvi for Delhi hai mera Yaar. Ultimate voicing and mixing.
8. Jiya se Jiya from Connections : Great Sync with video, Sivamani drumming with ARR like in the video, ARR performed a stanze in the song on a crane.
9. Style from Sivaji : blaaze asked chennai, "Chennai,Give me one time style" and after 3 times, Oru koodai Sunlight with Tanvi. The spl chennai RAP followed and end with "..chennai, u got style"
10. Liquid Dance from SDM- with Lead Choreographer and Rapper Lush(new upcoming artist) performing the dance.
11. Konjam Nilavu form Thiruda Thiruda- sung by Shweta Pandit and Luch with additional RAP lyrics, Lighting and effects were splendid, in timing with beats.
12. Ring Ringa from SDM - started with a fusion with Taal Theme and gradually went into Ringa. Performed by Neeti Mohan and Shweta.
13. Fiqrana from Blue - Latest entry in Jai Ho series. The voice mode was in techno mode and ARR testing with "Hello Chennai"
14. Dilse re from Dilse - blissful classic, audience harmonious with ARR in singing.
15. Jashne Bahara from Jodhaa Akbar - clean,soothing Javed Ali's rendition.
16. Snegithane from Alaipayuthey - Sadhana sargam sung but in telugu and Hindi, to audience's disappointment. Audience by this time wanted more tamil songs.
By this time ppl were disppointed as less number of tamil songs were sung.
ARR said,"Now time for Some unplugged sessions and love songs"

17. Mausam and Escape from SDM- unplugged with ARR on piano and continuum(yes he played live). ARR's unplugged version of Mausam ,then Azad on sitar, Keith peters and others on guitar.
18. Kahin to from Jaane Tu - Rashid Ali intro singing.
19. Tamizha Tamizha from Roja - Hariharan's evergreen cult song in Indian Music, with Sangadhis from hari. Rightfully fans wit Indian flags waved proudly.
20. Vaishnava Jana To - Tamizha unplugged was mixed with dis song, with few words of Gandhi in backgound.
21. Uyire Uyire from Bombay - The classic Love song with feelings with godlevel sangadhis of hariharan.
22. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi from Jaane Tu - Rashid Ali's love Anthem , for all the Aditis in the audience.

23. Rehna Tu from Dilli6 - ARR explaining the purpose behind the song, "its dedicated to state of mind of accepting people, unconditionally" a few words in tamil. ARR hummed the continuum part also.
24. Chayya Chayya From Dilse : rendered by Rehenna and Chorus, male lead Aslam. The low point in the concert, as if the song was wantedly inserted.
25.Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakati- Every one on their chairs to "Make a way.. Make some sound" . High energy Benny,Blaaze,vivianne Poche.
26. Mayya Mayya from Guru- Neeti Mohan (as gorgeous as ever), Her hip shapes were as though they wer goin to Pondicherry and coming back. Sivamani joined her at the stage centre with navin's flute.

A break, which the audience detested. Organizers speech, ARR presented with holy waters of Jerusalem, Ganges, Mecca by the Religious heads of Three Religions. Audience were, " kellambunga pa.. kaathu varattum", "start Music".

27. Medley mix of Azeem o shaan , 28.Rukkumani, 29.Veerapaandi Kottayilae- The beats , vocals,lighting effects were in full flow.

30. Drums bit bit Sivamani, starting from classic to Kuthu.
31. Kwaja mera Kwaja from Jodha Akbar and 32. Arziyan from Dilli6 - sufi styled songs, dat comes and touches ur hearts, soulful. with Aslam's and Javed Ali's improvisations.
33. Kannalane from Bombay-late vandhalum correct ah vanthaga evergreen Chitra ma'm. Entire audience gave her standing ovation with "once more" cries.
34. Jiya Jale from Dilse- chitra's rendition, over gethu with Lighting and dancers dancing with fire.

Hari and ARR enter. Hari,"Wat shall we make them do". ARR said," Atleast not trouble them".
35. Ay hairathe from Guru: with hari's starting aalaps , supported in the song by Sadhana Sargam. Totally into feeling and time for Pop
36. Aye Bachoo from Ghajini : Suzzane's amazing vocals, mind blowing and lights to the beats. Awesomeness.
37. Mustafa Mustafa from Kadhal Desam: Amazing guitar by Keith,Sanjeev, Rashid in the start. Audience totally experiencing the lyrics and waving both hands L->R and viceversa. Lamp ballons were raised.
38. Humma Humma from Bombay : with Blaaze's RAP "Take it from the Bottom me to the take it to the top" and semma rendition by ARR.
39. Jai Ho from SDM : The lead song of the concert,Jai ho. Pyrometric rockets were lighting the skies, every color cud be spotted.
40. Vande Mataram - Classic closing with Everyone joining and Indian flags flew high.

I strongly blame organisers for poor screens. The perverted camera man, without musical knowledge couldn't pan and cover everyone.He covered as if he was covering a cricket match. Everyone felt , "Has Rahman Become Jade-ish" with less tamil songs for tamil audience??" That's justified bye the fact that last year only one tamil movie and more hindi movies, no wonder more hindi songs. After all, music doesnt need language.

As if walked back from concert, i saw a huge banner on a the floodlights post,which said, " Thank You , A R Rahman!!!"

PS: My mobile camera pics quality were poor, the offical photos of Hindu are available in dis slideshow


Alagappan said...

High Level entertainment I guess... :) Sad that I missed it.. :(

Vinod said...

over range da.. machaan.. :)

Bob said...

the concert sounds more like what happened in calicut.i'm not sure how the seating arrangement was but it was bad in calicut and so was sound quality.anyways i'm headed for hydbd concert tomorrow.thanks for the wonderful update from chennai.rgds.jiss bobby.bangalore

Bob said...

I was there for the hyderabad concert in the airport campus just behind the Novotel hotel( thats where AR and gang stayed too).Good view from the hotel.Gates opened at 330pm.for hotel guests it was a 5mt walk and those who came from city had to park their cars over a km away and walk except for those with 25k and 12500 tickets.unlike the calicut concert where in the stadium was full by 4pm here people came late and filled in 6pm.concert started by 715pm and went on till 1030pm ending with jai ho and vande.hariharan was missing.chitra came in late for 2 songs only.AR was there on stage most of the time.devassy on keyboards,siva on drums,naveen on flute.other regulars tanvi shah,niti mohan,rashi,javed,vivianne.vijay prakash got a lot to sing.he tries to sound like SP and hariharan.Lush( not sure if name is right)is the new item on stage..all rap and jackson moves(good show).Blaaze is fun as usual particularly with humma.Sanjeev thomas is also prominent these days.crowd was mostly from andhra.there was tribute song for YSR.Rahman's Rehna Tu,mustafa,humma,jaage,jai ho were all awesome.people really liked the background digital screen.overall good show.desired better sound and view.i'm sure excpet for those in front row rest all were struggling.screens were better this is calcutta i guess.until then...

Anonymous said...
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Vinod said...

@bob: gud to hear tat u had a gr8 time @hyd :)
"Know Rahman, Know Music.. No Rahman,No music!!!"

vishal said...

hey how can i get the videos of this concert

Vinod said...

hi vishal.. there are a lotta online fan forums .. it'll be out on rahmanism and rahmaniac sites..