Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will you cross the skies for me??

Two reasons for me to watch this movie, Gautam Menon and A.R Rahman. With Simbu as lead,i was skeptical about it. Gautam proves that Simbu is a very different person from what people think we are. This is not a post to recommend people to watch this movie, but an opinion. I liked the movie bcos, i realized that may be in 2 years, i would be karthik (simbhu). There was so much into that character i could associate to.

5 minutes into the movie, you dont talk of Simbu and Trisha, Its just karthik and Jessie all the way. The last time i like simbu performance was in Thotti Jaya. And Trisha as Jessie, stunning, gorgeous,ravishing. Mark my words, guys after watching the movie, will think about the style associated with each girl he meets. Trisha's character is a confused, perplexed, instinctive and how things have changed. Costumes and colours associated with the Protagonists were picture Perfect. I guess this a season of Self Kallai and Kindal . Simbu says "When people go to America for their love, i can go for the nearb Kerala". Ganesh who plays the simbu's cinematographer friend and his kallai dialogues were comical.

Every one who's in love should definitely ask, why should they love her of all the girls?? U can never find answer to that. Trisha makes us chant "Jessie,Jessie.."

Music from the Mozart of Madras, Rahman Sir. All 7 songs have a video in the movie and movie is a musical by all means. The BGMs and Soundtracks were Fitting, a long time( ATM,SOK,Sakkarakati) Rahman scores with his BGMs. I really liked the Hard Rock music that comes up in the Gaandu scenes. Movie has got a Gautam Menon stamp all over. Handling a simple story with too much of pheeelings, that transforms to the audience at the end of the movie. Gautam efficiently uses His Telugu Lead Naga Chaitanya and Samantha as actors in simbu film. The end of the movie was neat, not very emotional and leaves the audience to feel for the emotion. To handle an emotional story with too much of feelings, with maturity and deftness, and to make audience believe that his end is the right thing to do. and to move on. Simbu, Trisha,Gautam and Rahman definitely score with VTV. for once i'm a Simbu's fan in the movie.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is definitely a 500 days of Summer in chennai.

PS: If u hate this movie, Hate it.. your stand i can never question that. Never can u question my stance that i like the movie.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'd completed My first onscreen film appearance for a Friend's project at Film Institute. 
For long, I've preferred to stay behind camera and contribute in Direction and cinematography. No introduction scenes, no punch dialogues, no female stars :(

Writer had briefed me about the story on some forest expedition and i play the role of a wildlife photographer, who's on a 4th day shoot for a tiger safari. I'd written dialogues for the movie. We used live sound recording and delivering my dialogues took multiple takes. You can be a jabber or an orator, once they say, "action!", Its tough. Your mind searches for dialogues, Expressions, Modulations,tone, Posture, etc etc. Imagine me taking 13 takes for a dialogue which I'd written(I'd counted the no. of takes while I'd failed in delivering my dialogue).

Already earned a nickname of Joey Tribbiani of friends, from my office colleagues. No wonder these actors have buildup names like cab10, PuratchiThalapathi, Ilayathalapathi, Young Superstar. One thing i know, I'm pathetic at acting. Learn where all i need to work on to be an actor. At memory skills,Voice Tone and Modulation, Expression, try Single take of Lengthy dialogues, Body language. I'm Bad at it, Will grow with age and with the character i do.

PS: Not yet seen the final outcome, Will upload if the video comes out well.
Bloopers is even more comical than the actual video.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Next for Sena

Disclaimer:All characters in this story are fictious, no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

Sena had called SRK and Aamir as 2Idiots.But According to their mouth piece, their Next Idiot, the third idiot is Lalit Modi,who else..

The Whole Issue is not Sena Vs SRK, It Should be Sena Vs IPL(which will happen in future). Moreover Sena has an issue with every country who are allowing their players to play. This is wat Sena had replied to different countries.

Aus --> When fellow Indians are racially abused, how can cricketing ties be continued. They Dont Agree to build Ram temples in Australia. Temple is a foremost issue and its an attack on our national pride.

Pak --> Anything and everything can be related to Pakistani Hand. This is were all started

SA --> They had insulted Indians in Pre-independence days, had practiced apartheid.

Eng --> They ruled India for 100 years, plundered Maharashtra of its wealth.

Ban --> Step Brothers of Pak. How come ur cricket board is not in any trouble like Pak, Pls chaos yourself asap.

WI --> Thakrey doesn't support North India/Indies or West Indies, only Maharashtrians allowed

NZ --> U insult Indians for not wearing clean socks and detain them. Cricketing ties should be cut, bcos we cant clean our socks and get insulted everytime.

SL --> ohh.. No LTTE, so no issues. No Wait. Only those players who know marathi will be allowed to play.


All players shud have lived in Maharashtra for 15 years, learnt Marathi, ate Vada Pav and Voted for Shiv Sena.

Actual Reason
1.Balasaheb was not allowed by Modi to Hug Preity Zinta(who incidently broke up with her boyfriend after Modi hugged her) and Shilpa shetty( who had married Tyagi Raj Kundra)
2. Thakrey was not allowed to buy a team named Marathi Manoos , even though he had Ball in his name and hits them hard "Thakrey"

He had even scouted few players and rejected them on some reason.

1.Ajit Agarkar --> old Person, was asked to join mainstream politics wit Siva Sena as KoPaSe ( Kolgai Parapu Seyalalar - Party's Principle Secretary)
2.Romesh Powar --> Accused of eating all the food meant for marathi manoos. He was also accused for not wearing his "3 glasses for Rs.10" coolers which he had brought from some thiruvizha(fair).
3. Abhishek Nayar --> a player in prime form shudn't play in the team. Hence was offered a Vada Pav and Nair Tea shop at Party headquarters instead.

1. while Sena is doin all this, other sena,SriRam Sena is preparing itself for Valentine's day. Every desperate person who wants to get married can go out and talk to his sweetheart and SriRam Sena will help u in getting married.

2.Tamil Kollywood Vice Captain RJ Shiva(Chennai28, TamilPadam fame) has accused Shiv Sena for using his name in the party and it had hurt his fans. He also claims it to be a Vellinaatu Sadhi(international plot) to prevent him from entering politics.