Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too much of Forget n Forgive

This post is not going to bring justice to all those people who are suffering. Not all wrong doers are goin to read this article and renounce. The main issue with we Indians is that, we don't prioritize the goals.

Comparing what happened in Bhopal and Gulf of Mexico, USA is already in the fast forward mode in penalizing the British Petroleum and getting proportionate compensation. While in India, the Group of Ministers GOM has been formed, which will take ages to complete their report, Remember what happened to Liberhan Commission. Human Rights activists and Media want the extradition of octogenarian Warren Anderson and also want withering Arjun Singh to come out in open and brief the nation. Late Pick!!!(As Kounder Mani calls it, "Sangoothura Vayasula") What's the use in getting out people who gonna die in the next few years to India, are we gonna get back those lives. At least we can attempt to get compensation and the main work will be the distribution of these funds and rehabilitation of the victims.

We can just blame, the then government for all the atrocities. Since the judgment had come now, the media is taking up this issue, Special discussions with panelists, every editorial and Blogs wants justice. Now that Football world cup has began, Media will forget abt Bhopal and concentrate on Football for the next few days. Then come other issue will pop up, that will be under spotlight. No one will care about bhopal. Also our news thirsty citizens will forget what had happened in the previous generation. Just weeks before an Aircraft crashed, 150 people died, no one talks about fixing the responsibilities,or rehab for the families of the deceased.

Just because we are Indians, we tend to Forget n Forgive. There's been too much of forgetting than forgiving.An Unknown quote says, "If there one thing that's even more crucifying than death is that being forgotten!!" I can't help those victims. At least i can "Pray for u brother, Pray for u sister!!!"