Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 1 - Veegaland

Day1 :
We reached Veegaland around 9pm. After our breakfast and photo sessions we entered the park. Starting with all thrill rides followed by water rides. The first ride itself created nausea , vomiting for many. Slowly after each ride strength decreased for thrill rides, then enter water rides!!!

There were deadly rides like free fall, super jumper, waves, vertical fall,etc. I lost balance during the mystic river(went 3 times) , fell into water,hurt my head and made a big comedy for others to laugh. :)

Not a pose to give from a toilet. A different lighting experience. The punjumittai(a candy) always waters my mouth.

A quick coffee and outta veegaland. We started for Udumalpet(karthi's home). The route was trichur, palakkad, pollachi, udumalpet. Dinner at a sappa place on the outskirts of palakad. No eatable item was left in that hotel . Pengu and Dr.Vinoth(karthi's bro)joined us from college. All 23 slept at their home. we succumbed to our tiredness and had a gr8 sleep.

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