Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jai HO A R Rahman Kozhikode concert

There’s nothing more in life than goin for a Rahman concert in life for us(me, ripper bala, Gmah, Vui, mallu, baby).The Rahmaniacs. After a lotta plannin, cajoling my parents, finally we got the 2000 tkts.

Before the concert:
I was feeling really excited and happy that i'd finished by last semester exams before the concert. We reached kozhikode thru a train from Erode. We wore a A R Rahman T-shirt, with Jai HO oscAR Rahman"in the front and "Music is my religion" at the back. For the 7:30 concert, we were there by 11:30 and roamed the streets of kozhikode. We were asked by few locals if we were performing with Rahman (seriously.. :D). We gotta know a lotta other like minded Rahmaniacs. There was a particular group which had spent 5000 bugs for air ticket, to watch the concert from Rs.500 stands.

From L to R: P.Karthikeyan(baby),Arvind(vui vui),Vinod Sundaram(me..kadha),Arunkumar(mallu), G Mahesh( gmah), Balakrishnan(ripper).

At the Concert:
Corporation football stadium was completely filled. All chairs were occupied. No space even to stand and watch. All set for thalaivar to let loose. The song list:

1. Opening Act (DJ Medley) – Sayonara

2. Mausam and Escape – Asad on Sitar; Sanjeev, Raashid and Keith Peters on Guitars ( Asad was tooo gud )

3. O Saya – A R Rahman ( thalaivar rockkeeddd.. new improvisations )

4. Athiradi – A R Rahman, Sayonara( Superstar song.. ARR sang with a cooling glass.. Stylish)

5. Padagali Chandi – George Peter, Benny Dayal ( Ultimate singing by both..dynamics were really gud)

6. Tu Muskura – Sadhana Sargam (Bit)

7. Roja Janeman – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan( both sang in a single mike.. Hari sir's improvisations were mind blowing)

8. Masakali – Raja Hassan ( was near original ..ulti)

9. Jiya se Jiya – A R Rahman ( with video in the backdrop.. proepr sync with video)

10. Style – Blaaze ( blaaze was super fabulous with new RAP lyrics with kozhikode in it)

11. Liquid Dance – Tracked

12. Guzarish – Javed Ali

13. Netru Illatha – Chitra ( evergreen song and wat a voice )

14. Malargale – Chitra, Hariharan ( hari sir's dynamics took us outta the world, chitra was ever perfect)

15. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Raashid ( for all the aditis)

16. Rehna Tu – ARR, Chorus ( for all the tolerance lovers.. God level continuum humming by Rahman sir)

17. Taal Se Taal ( western ) – Tracked

18. Ringa Ringa – Neeti Mohan, Sayonara( a big time Neeti Mohan fan ever since her Mayya mayya in Delhi concert..she rocked!!!)

19. Kala bandar – Benny, Blaaze (Medley) ( two best HIP-HOP specialists at work)

20. Gangsta Blues – Blaaze, Tanvi (Medley)( Tanvi..wat a voice she has got.. gives all those small effect in a song by herself)

21. New – Blaaze, Benny, Chorus (Medley) ( surprise inclusion for us)

22. Azeem O Shaan – A R Rahman (Medley) ( missed Sivamani's ultiamte beats)

23. Rukumani – Chorus (Medley)

24. Veera Pandi – A R Rahman, Chorus (Medley) ( the deadly Medley like in Delhi concert)

25. Latika’s theme/Dreams on Fire – Suzanne (wonder wat scale she sings.. such a high pitch without cracks )

26. Khwaja mere Khwaja – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan

27. Arziyan – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan ( both these songs were like a sufi concert.. It brought tears to my eyes.. The song touched my soul)

28. Manasu Manasinte – Chitra composed by RK Shekar( very nostalgic song for Rahman sir)

29. Kannalane – Chitra ( evergreen chitra spl..with those high pitches)

30. Jiya Jale – Chitra

31. Aye hairate – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan ( with Hari sir's prelude asking us to sing the intro bit)

32. Vaaji Vaaji – Hari, Sadhana( hari sir with full enthu)

33. Mustafa – A R Rahman( Surprise element the intro guitarwas amazing.. Rahman's Oh Oh... OOh OOh.. my god.. A fitting farewell for our NITT rahmaniacs)

34. Dhaka laga bukka – A R Rahman (Bit)

35. Pappu Cant Dance – Benny, Chorus ( benny was outstanding in his dance moves)

36. Aye Bachu – Suzanne

37. Urvasi – AR Rahman ( thalaivar rocked again..again a surprise)

38. Taxi Taxi – Benny, Blaaze, Chorus( every one on their feet)

39. Humma – A R Rahman( hari sir said,"we have been singing some energetic songs till now, shall we do a song that makes them sleep? - ARR !"..then Hariharan lets out a swirl of swaras ..and then gives a nice swara cycle...thats just perfect for the beat to pick up..and bang ! pa pa pa pa pa padaparappan !!)

40. Jai Ho – A R Rahman, Tanvi, Chorus

41. Vandemataram – A R Rahman, All artistes

After the concert:
we'd a nice chat with benny dayal and Aslam bhai. Benny was as usual super cool.
We came outta the stadium 30 mins after the concert and we were in for a surprise. The 50k ppl had disappeared. We could find an auto or a spl bus. Karthare(christ). Then we started our return journey to the hotel. We stopped an auto and asked him for a ride at 12:30 in the nite, he said" 5 ppl.. 30 rupees" ( 30 rupees otherwise get lost.. dat was his attitude.. Adapaavi pozhaika theriyathavan pola). Overall a fitting farewell for us. Had real fun :D :D


Praveen said...

that was a great concert except for the sound system :)

RonaK said...

i want this medly pls