Sunday, September 2, 2007

migration from diamond to lapis...

Dis time a bit of personal xperience rather than passion...

i decided to pen my days during 4th sem hols..

The wait was over..Goin home for hols is the best thing ever after semester xams.But definitely missing the fun @ coll.. friends,octa,sports,gym..everything i missed. After the hectic xams, i had an IPT @ the Epi chloro hydrin(ECH) plant,TamilNadu PetroProducts(TPL) ,manali,chennai. Well initially i'd asked for a proj, but due to lack of technical knowledge,they weren't in a position to give me a proj. So jus shifted it into an ipt. Great experience working with ppl there. Climbing all columns,tanks,checking up all faults, fire alarms,safety days. Lot of inputs from engineers who ask me not to come for a tech job like dis one..
But the rest of the days were a bit tough,atleast mentally. All my close pals were doin a proj. The very fact dat i'm vetti(idle) kept killing me. cos every third person is doin a proj. But still kept me occupied with driving,window shopping ,playing,sighting(<=>u know wat..)..

then the fun part..

the trip with our set guys to coortallam n kodaikanal. Never had so much fun in my life ever before like dis..ultimate trip from chennai to sivakasi hari's home. Shit wat fud man. I was surprised to see a lean,thin hari wen his family provided a royal food.. gully cricket , one pitch one hand ,near his house.. by nite we started to courtallam n reached by mid nite..we were spell bound by the scenic beauty.the water was froze us..then stayed in a home ther..i had a night out there tooo.. playing cards the whole nite.. we caught up with all other small falls n petty restaurants.we took bath in manimutharu falls,agathiyar falls..then @ bullet bala's grandma's place..i suspected the previous nite abt the possibilty of a film shooting in nearby locality..i saw the Anand cine creations van(caravan)..well it was true..we saw suriya, shooting for "vel"..thick moustache,gr8 built.. waving at us..then wat usual police mama asked us to clear..
then the trip to kodaikanal began.. we stayed in Govt's Traveller's Bungalow, vathalagundu, footstep of kodai hills.. near visshnu ram's farm house..we took bath in pump to the farm house poet kaviperarasu vairamuthu's kavignar illam..kutty was mocking at his lines from few a tea shop we met a man talking with visshnu's father..he introduced the man as vairamuthu's father to us.. oh shit.. wat simplicity.. an elderly man whose gandhian principle n advice..then up the hill to kodai..there we covered almost all places..kutty was puking every now n then.. deserved the title vanthivayan(person who keeps vomiting in tamil, gr8 one from bala). Every stop there ramji used to get something to eat, everyone making fun of him. Ulags posing with a tiger in a photo(we had fun in his childish attitude.) The weather was amazing. The visibilty was reduced to few metres.

We had some adventure tooo..we got down from end of pine forests & palnned to get to other end. Believe only we guys were there. in lonely forest with wild animals. it was shooting shot where rape scenes of heroines were picturised. Dat video which we took we won't forget in our life. We had a brief visit at kodai FM office ..checkout the entire process..simple man..nothing complicated.There also we went for Sivaji , night show. After kodaikanal to visshnu's periyakulam home for snacks.His family's attitude towards society is amazing. Yes, in politics .. DMDK..aka captain vijaykanth's party.then straight to college by mid night..

All these in a mini van for trip of 600 kms travel with food n accommadation for around 1100 bugs..isn't it cheap..
So now at the wing dat my seniors ruled for 2 yrs ..Now baton passed on to us..lets hope the tradition continues.....