Monday, December 7, 2009

From India to the World Outside

I'd just watched Shashi Tharoor's TED talk abt soft power, clearly a responsible and articulated talk. India as a Pluralistic Nation is wat we are known to the outside world. Contrastingly, minutes ago every news channel discussing Liberhan-Babri never ending debate. Politicians accusing the opposite party for some leaders' role. That too leaders who have died or on the verge of dying. Spokespersons managed to move from channel to another and continue to talk the something, like an old tape recorder. Dont they feel a prick in their heart for continuously lying against their conscience, just because some sotta grandpa wished to construct a Ram temple. 17 years after babri, today's India doesnt give a damn if Temple existed there or not.

News Channels have become news makers rather than news seekers. Parliament is an old age home, where MPs need to be given money to ask questions. Or staging walk out for some reason or the other, as Vadivel says "Room pottu yosikuraanga", (thinking by booking a room). Opposition talks as if they r kins of harichandra, ruling party is just Gandhian in its name. All those 50C and 15% commission(bribe,mamool) for every file that comes to the table, sleeps in cold Swiss banks. The tweeting ,Facebooking indian youth just wants the politicians to spend their money for them. Wake up call is not just Sid, To the politicians too.

Is this wat the outside world see in India?? Corrupt, religious violence, anarchy, devoid of any unity,super poor slum dogs,loot,nepotistic nation. For Outside world, India is a known by its culture , pluralism, tradition, ethics, diversity, films, music, arts, cuisines, tourism, knowledge. we are super poor, we need to improve to become super power.

But after all without these politicians, whom its easy to blame, we can't live.Without them the system isn't complete. Its always fun to let them talk on things irrelevant to today's world and u do all the watching. Its like Mansur Ali Khan challenging Superstar Rajni for a movie release clash.


Alagappan said...

haha! nice one!

Antimony said...

good article da...i especially liked the way u used Wake Up Sid in the's hoping that change comes swiftly! :-)

Vinod said...

@venu: sooner the better.. already a lot has changed in the internal security and intelligence system post 26/11..