Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to crack password in Windows XP

A basic post to crack a Windows XP system. So for people who already know this .. wow.. gr8.. you can try something better than this and tell me.. :P For newbies and non-windows users(if interested) , a small hack in windows( which i knew..)
  • Go to your command prompt in windows.. i.e Start->Run->type 'cmd'

you will have your command prompt.. then . .

  • type net user/users in the command prompt.

This lists all the users in the present system

  • type net user "user name" *

Give the name of the user defined in net users list .. of course, not quotes..lolz..

  • It would move on to next line and ask for a password.

The password typed cannot be seen .

  • It'll ask for password retype .

once typed... you have successfully changed the password of a XP system.. :)

happy cracking.. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Digitally yours

Gone are those days , when a music composer composes his notes and gives it to the team of musicians and technicians . Even 50 violinists could be used in the past, all playing the same notes. Even if one of them makes a mistake in his pitch, there would be a retake from the beginning.Maestro Ilayaraja , Mozart AR Rahman, Melisai mannar MSV, kishore kumar were given high regards for their compositions and they considered music near godliness, for its divinity. That's why there were very little music composers and more percussionists.

Nowadays,anyone with a computer, with the required software can compose. what you need to know is the know-how to operate the software. So even the music which needs to be played by 50 percussionists can be now done with a single mouse click. That's why we can find the music losing its originality, we find similar tunes and beats. Thus has left the musical entertainers jobless.
ofcourse the music needs to be peppier and stylish to suit the modern trends. But not the same music and beats, like harris jeyaraj whose movies have similar background scores. Moreover people like yuvan, himesh reshammiya add some effects to their songs, some cries here n there with his voice.The same old beats,even singers. These not necessarily makes songs a hit.I presume , there can be a situation can compose songs even without the singer actually singing.He can store his voice in the computer and render it to his compositions. There are people like Deva n Harris(of course) , who just lift songs from the western bands .

Its time for the music composers to retrospect themselves and present to the audience with compositions, with originality , with live orchestration. Enough of this digital strangulation ...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anything for you, ma'am

welll.... so soon..within few days(jus three..lolz.. ) after my kite runner, here comes Anything for you, ma'am by tushar raheja . I,myself could finish this book of in a couple of days.

About the book, Its a nice little romantic entertainer. The story keeps you glued to the book. That's one reason that you finish this book so fast. We can find a tushar raheja in ever single teenage lover on earth.Why it needs to be a IITian's story?may be because tushar is an IITian. Also by the fact that people could buy this book as it is on the lines of 5 point someone.. marketing strategy. The book seems to be an desi version of euro trip. The script has undergone few changes to maintain its originality, but the screenplay is gr8. Tushar's dialogue's fabulous especially his oneliners . This guy can become someone like Prasoon Joshi( of RDB fame) adfilm maker,lyricist.

why should you read this book??
-> The simplicity in the story line. Also a teenage lovestory,every teenager will love this book.
->tushar's narration about her majesty,his senorita.. is amazing. for sure he's enjoyed in narrating these incidents.
-> for those who liked 5 point someone, a similar book on its lines.
->for all those lovers, do care to read the struggles of a fellow lover. comeon man just 100 rupess man.
-> The dialogues were really fabuluous,especially with shreya,about Mr.fate.

why should you not read this book.
-> For all who believe that tushar's trying to ape chetan bhagat,, but noway stands near him.
->Though the screenplay is taut, the flow sucks big time. Tushar has tried time travel in his narration. This makes the simple book a little complicated for the readers. This was unnecessary.
->The cover page sucks big time, something like a cartoon. even if it was plain, it would have been better.
->Too many coincidence may make the reader think that this cannot happen in real life.Its just a story man, accept them as it is.

Rating : 3/5

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Kite Runner

Atlast i've finished this book , been reading this one for a long time.
Back to business, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a great book. Initially people(i meant.. myself ) would feel a bit dry. The flow of the book is fabulous. The buildup to the second part is amazing. Khaled hosseini is an Afghan, but in America on a political asylum.

The characterization of each character is really gr8. No man is perfect, thats the base.The protagonist carries his guilt for all the wrong doings. The characters of Amir , Hassan,baba,Sohrab stand out. The right dosage of the sufferings in Afghan by the taliban , these could visualized. If you think of the story as real one, you can do only one thing... Just feel sorry for the sufferings of the Afghans. There are a lot of moral values attached to the doings of the character especially hassan.

overall, a commendable effort from the author. There's a movie adaptation of the book is on the cards(i'm not sure if it has released).For all those movie buffs who don't find time to read a book, have a look at the movie whenever it releases. :)

Rating : 4/5

Monday, December 17, 2007

we followed them @ midnight

It was almost 12:30 am(past midnight.. for all those who don't know abt time..). we were back from manas'residence around 5:30 pm. we planned to sleep till dinner and have a NiteOut and finish the project work, as we had very little time to complete our work. Suren ,a workaholic(#define suren workaholic.. every one knows dis..)he got up around 8:30 pm and left for the lab.As yazhini didn't turn up for the lab,myself n hari had dinner and left for lab around 10:00pm . As usual i continued my work installation procedure , my home directory in linux got screwed and i had to reinstall. We, people got bored and couldn't proceed in our work. So we thought we could leave to hostel and do something there..

We started our way back...i asked,"wen shall we book the return tkts??". "we'll book it by 2morrow da" , replied suren.Then suren started about the proj,"i'll try to reason out why our sphere didn't fall.. why we had black OGRE screen" We were discussing these as we were walking. We could feel the chilllness even when we were at the stairs.We moved out of our block, we found two girls walking towards the block. As both of us were walking under the shadow of the tree, we couldn't even look at them properly.

"where are they goin at this time of the day",i asked.
"how the hell do i know??? shall i go and ask them",replied suren.
"yes, why not.. lets go....", i said instantly.
Myself n suren walked back to the block and followed the girls, leaving behind hari.
We followed them as we reached the 1st floor and they saw us. We were prepared for all these.
"where u goin at dis point of time??",i asked. Its was really strange to question a girl.
"we are going to satyam lab",said a tall,decent looking girl.
"usually girls don't do niteouts, unlike us",i replied. Both of them gave a nasty look.i readily accepted it and walked back.

They went ahead to their lab and we returned back to find hari. he was there behind a tree under the shadow. we couldn't recognise him under the dark.
Suren and me decided to damage the girls and become porrikki in college. I know its difficult to attain that status, but surely work hard..get some more bulbs and become a porikki( lol.. )

Saturday, December 8, 2007

my taekwondo pics.. :)

the BLACK DAN belt team.. on nov 2002..
from left to right..
elangovan,lenin,bhavani,prema,sudharshan(master),dilip raj,partiban, vinod( )

wen i was awarded my Master D.G.John
Alexander(4th Dan)..

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Discriminated deccan

Most of the national English news channels' viewers are from southern states. At least that's what you can find out from the audience response to the polls and debates. But news channels which cover news for these states position themselves at Delhi or Mumbai, to cover their news. If I could recollect, the only time news channels covered remote places of TamilNadu in full extent, was when the devastating Tsunami struck the southern states.

Is the distance the main reason? Media covers news article on a case hearing in a supreme court or in a Delhi high court, rather than a thiruvananthapuram high court. This has turned the southies to turn to local language new channels for news on local issues. Just because your headquarters is in Delhi, you need not cover the local news of Delhi to the fullest extent. You have water logging problems, power shutdowns, political turmoil not only in Mumbai or Delhi alone, but in southern states too. The news channels cover the news of big B visiting a temple or SRK smoking or even promoting his new movie, but don’t give a damn about the news emanating from other cities.

What we are talking is not a rural-urban divide, but a disparity between north-south. Just because this is less acute than rural-urban, we cannot ignore these issues. Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore are becoming more cosmopolitan than they used to be. Despite the news channels allotting special slots and special segments for the southern state news, the coverage should well get beyond the metropolitan cities. There needs a delocalization of news channels if they want to call themselves a national news channel.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

VC-with a purpose

How long will I be a team member?? When will I lead a team?? These questions keep haunting me over a long time for now… having gained apprenticeship under seniors for Sensors’ 07; I decided to contest for vice chairman for ICEA, Instrumentation control engineering students association. The seniors completely satisfied with my work for sensors & instantly approved. With meesai (vinayakk) getting unanimously elected for CICREP (placement rep), I surely thought there would be an election for VC post. I thought if someone like dev is contesting, then no use in me contesting. Obviously he would win due to the female votes. Just because I don’t get an opportunity, rather the need, I don’t talk to gals. May be to a few whom I know well… :( :(

When naveen (shamsu) briefed about the election, I won the confidence of shamsu & ab (balaji). All the class decisions involve them. So I moved onto the centre stage next to shamsu. An applause that I received from frenz…. That was heavenly…. I wouldn’t forget in my life…. Then came bharat (goyal)…this didn’t surprise me, as bharat worked equally for sensors. Every time I was the one who gave him the work… but no one contested against me other than him…hmmm... This heaved a sigh of relief…
I was confident to win …

The election began. People began to write ‘V’ 4 vinod, ‘B’ 4 bharat in a paper & expressed their franchise. The counting began… I took a lead from the initial stage. Many people casted bogus votes as they didn’t write their roll nos. bharat was the worsted affected with his. So I asked to count those bogus votes tooo…. Final tally 38 – 24... I won …. Yippee…

But general view about sensors…. Its chaat... an excuse to get an off from college. Nothing innovative…. For those people who gave me such a feedback, please be the changes which u wanna make… don’t jus keep repeating these age-old lines again.

The Indian Reliance

The sensex touching 20,000 mark. Only second market after Hong Kong’s in South Asia. The market is booming....the FDIs pouring in... But the brand leading the Indian business contingent Reliance. Be it mukesh or anil... I heard that soon there would be an ad with this concept. “From the time a person gets up from his bed, till he gets back home in the night, all the products which he uses would in daily life is made by reliance…”well.. It symbolizes the reality.

The remarkable growth of reliance empire is triggered the Indian economical development. A man who didn’t even know to speak English, who just had his trading acquaintance in an oil company, started his business. Yes … Late Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder Reliance group. His dream has been fulfilled. Infact more than what he expected.
The bifurcation of his assets had further intensified its growth, with mukesh holding the big powered industries. There on …. The growth has been unprecedented. Mukesh at around $42billion closely catching up the toppers Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Lakshmi Mittal. With his ratings increasing, there is an increase in share value, further increasing his worth. Be it mobiles, reliance product is there. Be it consumer goods, reliance product is topping the list. So when it’s good for the nation, why bother… he’s developing his industries… not only that, he’s taking the country economic growth with him.

Definitely its on a positive note. lets Look at this growth from a different perspective.
You have reliance products in all fields. It makes life difficult for the retail investors. Then for budding entrepreneurs, each move should profitable and innovative to fight the reliance empire. The market is getting dominated by reliance industries. Sooner it could be reliance who would be calling the national budget. The finance minister should chart out ways to allow reliance to grow, as economy is growing with it. If reliance succumbs to pressure, then the markets would tumble.

Whether their business strategy is right or wrong, the development of the country should be main issue. They should allow other entrepreneurs to grow and do not affect the common retail investors. What Indians are expecting is … India shining campaign to become a reality…

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

be GOD..

A man went to a barber shop to get his hair cut & his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work . they began a good conversation.The conversation touched upon various subjects and finally reached.. "about the existence of god".
The barber didn't believe in the existence of god. "why do u say that" asked the customer. "well..if u step outside the shop..onto the street..there are so many abandoned children.. so many sick people wouldn't die.."the customer taught momentarily , and decided
not to get into an argument.. "let him finish his work.otherwise the barber would try his new skills on my head..alert.. "
after the work was over, the customer paid and left the shop.As he walked down the street,he saw a man with long robes,stringy n dirty hair,his untrimmed beard reached his chest. suddenly a ray of light seemed to have strike the customer. he turned back and went to the barber again..
he said," u know what??barbers don't exist.. ."surprised by this statement,barber replied.."I'm a barber.I just worked on you..""then there should be no man with long hair and untrimmed beard like this one.",exclaimed the customer.
"This happens only if people don't approach me"replied barber. the customer reaffirmed that:" people don't go to him and look to him for help.that's why this pain and suffering on earth."
well ll.. thats the whole point..
anyone who helps the needy is a god to them. A kind hearted,benevolent person who serves the poor is a god. Just in case if the TAJ MAHAL,the symbol of love is no more .. will the people stop loving each other???God is in people who do good to be god...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

migration from diamond to lapis...

Dis time a bit of personal xperience rather than passion...

i decided to pen my days during 4th sem hols..

The wait was over..Goin home for hols is the best thing ever after semester xams.But definitely missing the fun @ coll.. friends,octa,sports,gym..everything i missed. After the hectic xams, i had an IPT @ the Epi chloro hydrin(ECH) plant,TamilNadu PetroProducts(TPL) ,manali,chennai. Well initially i'd asked for a proj, but due to lack of technical knowledge,they weren't in a position to give me a proj. So jus shifted it into an ipt. Great experience working with ppl there. Climbing all columns,tanks,checking up all faults, fire alarms,safety days. Lot of inputs from engineers who ask me not to come for a tech job like dis one..
But the rest of the days were a bit tough,atleast mentally. All my close pals were doin a proj. The very fact dat i'm vetti(idle) kept killing me. cos every third person is doin a proj. But still kept me occupied with driving,window shopping ,playing,sighting(<=>u know wat..)..

then the fun part..

the trip with our set guys to coortallam n kodaikanal. Never had so much fun in my life ever before like dis..ultimate trip from chennai to sivakasi hari's home. Shit wat fud man. I was surprised to see a lean,thin hari wen his family provided a royal food.. gully cricket , one pitch one hand ,near his house.. by nite we started to courtallam n reached by mid nite..we were spell bound by the scenic beauty.the water was froze us..then stayed in a home ther..i had a night out there tooo.. playing cards the whole nite.. we caught up with all other small falls n petty restaurants.we took bath in manimutharu falls,agathiyar falls..then @ bullet bala's grandma's place..i suspected the previous nite abt the possibilty of a film shooting in nearby locality..i saw the Anand cine creations van(caravan)..well it was true..we saw suriya, shooting for "vel"..thick moustache,gr8 built.. waving at us..then wat usual police mama asked us to clear..
then the trip to kodaikanal began.. we stayed in Govt's Traveller's Bungalow, vathalagundu, footstep of kodai hills.. near visshnu ram's farm house..we took bath in pump to the farm house poet kaviperarasu vairamuthu's kavignar illam..kutty was mocking at his lines from few a tea shop we met a man talking with visshnu's father..he introduced the man as vairamuthu's father to us.. oh shit.. wat simplicity.. an elderly man whose gandhian principle n advice..then up the hill to kodai..there we covered almost all places..kutty was puking every now n then.. deserved the title vanthivayan(person who keeps vomiting in tamil, gr8 one from bala). Every stop there ramji used to get something to eat, everyone making fun of him. Ulags posing with a tiger in a photo(we had fun in his childish attitude.) The weather was amazing. The visibilty was reduced to few metres.

We had some adventure tooo..we got down from end of pine forests & palnned to get to other end. Believe only we guys were there. in lonely forest with wild animals. it was shooting shot where rape scenes of heroines were picturised. Dat video which we took we won't forget in our life. We had a brief visit at kodai FM office ..checkout the entire process..simple man..nothing complicated.There also we went for Sivaji , night show. After kodaikanal to visshnu's periyakulam home for snacks.His family's attitude towards society is amazing. Yes, in politics .. DMDK..aka captain vijaykanth's party.then straight to college by mid night..

All these in a mini van for trip of 600 kms travel with food n accommadation for around 1100 bugs..isn't it cheap..
So now at the wing dat my seniors ruled for 2 yrs ..Now baton passed on to us..lets hope the tradition continues.....

Friday, June 22, 2007


to begin with my fav topic....tae kwon do..
well .. ppl wud have seen the likes of Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan. I got my interest in them after seeing movies. I guess i was in 3rd standard , still in primary level .. their stunts,their ability to protect themselves. This attracted me more than anything else,but at the beginning didn't know dat i wud reach a level as on nov 2001..

for ppl who dunno abt Tae-Kwon-Do
Tae -> means foot or the art of kicking..
Kwon-> means wrist or the art of punching ..
do -> means the art or way..
so here it is..
TaeKwonDo is the art of using ur foot and fist ..

It started of with the white belt,by ex officio the first one . Since started at an early age, it was easy to get on with exercises and the body flexibility was there. One reaps wat he sows. Hard Work my first lesson. Soon my stature as a martial art student began rise.. White ,yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,brown II ,brown I, Black DAN I.. As the level increased the complexity also increased gradually with the introduction of kicks, kattas. Every belt exam was tested on four parts namely:exercises,kattas(poomse),sparring(kyorugi),demonstrations.

Exercises really bring ur heart out.Ur physical fitness is tested.15rounds of jogging(15*400 mts) ,then all exercises forfor almost 100-150 counts!!! My god after my black belt xam, i didn't turn up to school for 2 days due to ligament
Kattas are series of movements performed against imaginary opponents with or without weapons,in perfect textbook style.An air exhalation at a wrong count wud be wrong.
Spaaring,the fun part of taekwondo. U can take all the revenge for all things other opponents have done...fighting with opponent(s)...the best part wud be tournaments .. as u see in movies... amazing..
Demonstrations ..for all the xtras stuffs dat u get recognised for. Hand,chin,elbow,head,kick reaking bricks or tiles, using weapons like Nunchakus,sticks(aka silambu in tamil ) ,swords...U hit against the nonvital points of ur body. Otherwise , it cud prove even to be fatal...(aaall out ..).

well..wats spl on nov 2001...after 6 yrs of dedicated effort, i was elevated to the level of MASTER awarding me a BLACK DAN I Belt....Also to become a qualified national level referee. Wat influence has taekwondo got on me as a person????TAEKWONDO helps me to differentiate between good n evil , and live in harmony with develops phsical n mental strength,flexibility,balance,stamina,lateral thinking,concentration, moulds u to adapt to difficult situations and see things with different perspective(vision)...

proud to be MARTIAL ARTISTE...