Saturday, May 23, 2009

From lasts to firsts

When everyone expected a Hung parliament, ManMohan & Co stunned everyone with Clean sweep. When Rajasthan Royals were considered favourites for IPL season II, again, you are in for a surprise. Look who has got into the IPL finals, Deccan (gulti) Chargers and Royal Challengers(Kingfisher) Bangalore. The last two teams of season one.

Both teams have almost same set of players who played last year also. Wat had changed things for them??

Captains: With new captains Gilly and Jumbo, the teams have scaled new heights.
Venue: may be south africa is a new place.. everything starts fresh again..

Dhoni supporters shud realize that all that Dhoni touches cannot become gold. His birth stars have changed their positions and things wont be same for Dhoni. Anti Dhoni is always on the rise. Its a custom in India that " if ur liked.. u'll have a temple, get all awards Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna(in future), have maximum ADs" :P. "If ur performance dips.. Stones will be hurled, ur photos will be burnt, slipper garlands, applying tar" wat not..

CSK shud realize that L.Balaji is a lokka bowler( lacks pace). The team owner shud say to M. Gony, " Go neee..". CSK can make hay when the sun(Hayden) shines. CSK can join the elite Vada poche community. Either Raina or Rain cAn save matches for CSK. Only player who plays consistently in the CSK camp is Drums Sivamani

PS: someone pls tell Dr.Mallaya that too much for Partying and too much hugs and kisses from Katrina Kaif to the players(like preity zinta) could have a glaring effect on tomo's match. He could indirectly help Deccan.

PPS: with Karunaaadhi's effort for Cabinet post, i can say onething.. "intha pozhappuku urine kudikallam" :P

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