Thursday, March 6, 2008


According to me, the most awaited moment of the year was Pragyan so far(not even Sensors, though I’m VC for it).So far I’ve seen three Pragyans, but this one was very special b'cos of the trust imposed on us by the Jk(jai kishen, the Overall coordinator, Pragyan).Me n ppl have always stuck to jk's words . The respect he has earned amongst us, his commitment towards his work makes him an inspiration to his juniors. The entire framework was drafted & committees were put up, with me in Venue Management, Organization. Though my team had three coords. Hari was busy with stalls & printing, Visshnu maams taking up photography manager post, I was the lone coordinator under Arun ,the manager of the team.

Speaking of Pragyan’08, there was array of events including astavigyan, Nitro, Foxhunt, Contraption, micro mouse, biz quiz ,circuitry, Anvesham, Ventura, byte code, Sanrachana, Dexter’s lab, many more. 10 new events were introduced in this year’s edition. The guest lectures by eminent personalities like GK, Subramanian Swami, Noam Chomsky, Trilochan Sastry n others illuminated us. The infotainment by Tony nash(I guess.. I’m rite..) Took us to a world of virtual reality n 3D. Though I was in organization, I participated in circuitry biz quiz.. Both flopped. The GL by Dr. Swami was the best, giving us the economical perspective. Unfortunately I didn’t even have an opportunity to attend Pengufest workshop, conducted by our pengu man, ‘silver prince’ suren. :P

My organizational skills has grew along with the pragyan. I headed a bunch of enthusiastic, understanding, energetic, comical juniors. Frankly speaking, I’m skeptical whether I would find such a team in the future. On my single SMS , they would be at my service. This Pragyan was a big mountain built using pack of cards meticulously, I’m happy that I was the footsteps of that event being a card at its basement. May the next team learn the shortcomings of this event, overcome it successfully.

As the logo of Pragyan says, “ Lets Celebrate Technology” , I celebrated this pragyan thoroughly and learnt new things. :-) pragyan go.. :-)