Sunday, December 20, 2009

Instant Fame

5 months into Corporate Life, you feel that u've learnt a lot than your 12+4 years of education. you also get a feeling that you kinda do same monotonous work again and again. There are people who are content with the kinda work they do. Others look into different options to make money. For others who wanna succeed in life,what happens next???

Slowly Disappointment creeps in, develops into frustration,desperation, leads to depression. Whole life looks as if its in a chaos,sometimes u say to yourself,"I am a total failure, i've not done anything in life :( " . It is always in your hands to save your life, or to ruin it.But one does consider himself unlucky only in these testing times of your life ,"Why me GOD". No one realises they are lucky after they are provided wit an opportunity.

Once critical observation, i'd come across in my chitchat wit so many of my friends is that , Everyone has a dream of being successful,want themselves to earn a lotta money. But there is a belief that fame and success to be instant. Everyone reads stories about steve jobs , warren buffet, Narayana murthy and watch movies like Guru,Pursuit of Happiness. Every who writes or blogs cannot be a best seller like Chetan Bhagat. Belief that one single idea or spark in your brain can't make you attain success.

I feel like asking them one question. Having watched The Pursuit of Happiness movie, How Chris Gardner focussed, dedicated, goal oriented, hardworking was. Despite all odds in his failure, his postive attitude and optimistic approach had made him successful. Steve Jobs, the CEO of the century , wit so much fame now, was even thrown outta his own company. He'd almost met death due to his cancer. But still every product from stuns the world. Fellow mates seem to miss the key factor of hard work in achieving fame. When you believe,after giving 100%,u have met failure, then give 200% percent next time. Understanding success is significant. Fame is just a byproduct of success, with hardwork in input.

No more seromonising, Dont think of fame now, put in 200% efforts in achieving ur goal, may be u'll achieve it in 5 months or even 20 years. That doesnt mean u have failed. Failure is just an experience, use in future problems. Till then, believe in ur work, believe in yourself. Stay hungry,stay foolish. Hope :)

Few speeches that inspired me,
Steve Job's Stan speech, Chetan Bhagat's Symbiosis speech


jaikishen said...
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jaikishen said...

Seriously you have made sense to many others out there ;-)
nice one though

suren said...

Dei I am going into a phase now, where Success does not mean anything. I mean why does one have to be successful to be happy ? I mean isnt it enough if you earn enough to make a living and at the same time be joyful ? Wouldnt that be enough ? I think the pursuit of happiness movie, He was just pursuing financial stability more than anything. In a way that was his happiness. What I am trying to say that, everybody has their own happiness requirements and that success is not the only measure of it :)

Vinod said...

@jk : thnx jk man :)
@suren: yep.. happiness differs across individuals.. its important to understand where ur happiness lies :)