Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

May the lord shower the blessings on this wonderful day. Christmas is an ideal time to express love and good wishes for those we care!! More importantly,people speak truth on christmas . God speed!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Did anyone catch me on TV???

10th Dec 2008
Me, Kutty, Nags, VuiVui and bunk decided to meet up at Spencers after days of slumber during the holidays. Movie buffs were in majority and the meet up ended with Jason Stathom's Transporter-3 at Sathyam Cinemas. While We were waiting for the 4pm show, a group of Neo Sports journalists approached us for their promos about chennai test .

Q1: About the situation , security concerns and spirit of cricket after 26/11 Mumbai attacks??
A cliched response with passion for cricket , best spirits, to show solidarity for Indians

Q2: Yuvraj in for vacant ganguly spot?? with Badri, vijay in squad???
Yuvraj is the man in form with plethora of talent to replace ganguly's spot in test team. Vui vui exaggerating " he'll be chucked out of the team if he's not performing. He's got enough opportunities."

Q3: who's gonna win the chennai test ??
Obvious India given a quality test team and recent success against Aussies, with 5-0 England ODI series clean sweep.

Note : Q3 didn't happen ( ohh.. my god). yes. Satyam officials interrupted our interview stating it shudn't be carried out inside their premises. As our show time was nearing we cudn't complete our interview, which would have been edited :P

14th Dec 2008
England were comfortably placed to win the match. I Gifted my tickets as a compliment to a friend. But Sehwag scripted the match's proceedings.

15th Dec 2008
Best ever test match is taking place in my city, why am i at home. .suit up!! Got the tickets to watch thalaivar bat. Wat an innings , his humble, experienced, responsible Sachin ( GOD) Tendulkar. Whether its guiding Yuvi( provoked by Flintoff), or dedicating to victims of Mumbai blasts.

No wonder he's the best sportsman of the country !!! A gr8 Human :-)

Probably people would have seen me on this day, with aquafina bottles as drums and handkerchiefs as headbands. wow, electrifying atmosphere.. :-)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Responsible leaders !

When the citizens have lost hope on politicians, the CM and the Union Home Minsiter resign. The state remained leaderless for 48 hours when it was most needed. Politicians preferred the play the T-20 blame game of seniority, caste over security n safety.

After P.Chidambaram(P.C) took over Home ministry, immediately started working. On the first day itself , there was a peace deal between the estranged Karunanidhi - Maran families. Guess PC adds another dimension to Home Ministry. who's next Ambanis, Birlas get ready!!!

PS: even after new CM Chavan is elected , Rane won't be a silent spectator..