Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 - Valparai

For day 2 , Udumalpet, Thirumurthy

Valparai is not a proper tourist destination like ooty or kodaikanal. It is a quiet,calm place to relax and enjoy... full of tea estates and dams. The road to valparai downhills had 40 hairpin bends, which are really steep than u expect. Valparai trip was coordinated and guided by M.S.karthi and his dad.

we stayed at solayar dam inspection bunglow,20 kms from valparai. As his dad was a govt employee, we could get access to reserve forests and waterfalls, which are inaccessible to public. Once in a lifetime opportunity for us. Thanks to uncle for this trip :)

I will never forget this trip. I slipped and fell down on all three days. First in veegaland, second in reserve forest(twice there :P).We could walk in places where crocodiles rest in night( we saw their sand trails).. saw deers, orangutans, cat(at mudis club)

Thanks to Lakshmi mess( 4times) and Mudis club for the tasty food. We covered Nirar Dam, Reserve forest, solayar dam, balaji temple, Chinnakallar( literally froze to death while taking bath there), Seeeen god view point( A fraud samiyar lives there claiming,"i've seen god". We couldn't find him when we were there.. ) . Chinnakallar is a small falls where elephants come to quench their thirst. We couldn't spot them, but we found their dungs(big..compared to cow's) all throughout the path leading to falls.

The return journey in government bus from valparai to palani( 5 hours), palani to trichy(4hours). Finally reached NITT on Monday morning 3.30 am.

Day 2 - Udumalpet,Thirumurthy falls

for day1, Veegaland.

Day 2 :
Udumalpet, an amazing place to live in. The morning walk around the karthi's house was fabulous. The truckers and Petro Companies played havoc in our trip. No diesel for the van. We'd to settle the van and use govt transport for all places. Day 1 was predominantly Thirumurthy falls and Thirumurthy dam.

Thirumurthy falls has been the favorite spot for Tamil Cinema industry. Remember Mettukudi(where Karthik convinces Gemini Ganesan by singing in a temple), Jeyam ( Ravi in the climax ),etc , all have been shot here. In fact there was a set build for a captain vijayakanth.

After a wonderful time, we returned to karthi's home.. had a sumptuous lunch, a short nap. We began our night journey to Valparai(5 hrs).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 1 - Veegaland

Day1 :
We reached Veegaland around 9pm. After our breakfast and photo sessions we entered the park. Starting with all thrill rides followed by water rides. The first ride itself created nausea , vomiting for many. Slowly after each ride strength decreased for thrill rides, then enter water rides!!!

There were deadly rides like free fall, super jumper, waves, vertical fall,etc. I lost balance during the mystic river(went 3 times) , fell into water,hurt my head and made a big comedy for others to laugh. :)

Not a pose to give from a toilet. A different lighting experience. The punjumittai(a candy) always waters my mouth.

A quick coffee and outta veegaland. We started for Udumalpet(karthi's home). The route was trichur, palakkad, pollachi, udumalpet. Dinner at a sappa place on the outskirts of palakad. No eatable item was left in that hotel . Pengu and Dr.Vinoth(karthi's bro)joined us from college. All 23 slept at their home. we succumbed to our tiredness and had a gr8 sleep.

Day 0 - to sivakasi

Back after a really fabulous,tiring trip. :) The trip to Veegaland, Valparai were really amazing!!! It was a trip which we planned for a really long time (after our Courtalam,Kodaikanal trip). We finally decided the dates, transportation, routes. It started on 7th afternoon at 1:30pm from NITT. We(21.. a big number) were on our route to sivakasi(hari's home). Caught a 128 vestibule bus to Central Bus Stand, Trichy. From CBS, a bus to madurai, then a connecting bus to Sivakasi. Wow!! wat food we had at his residence. people need to learn hospitality from them. I went with usual parotta and Salna(kurma). The private van from NKP travels( similar to mkp ) was arranged.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Satyam Fiasco

"You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.", Warren Buffett.

A simple, but a powerful quote to reveal the situation.
These leaders lose their morality, professional ethics after reaching top post. Money, money,Money !!!
Learn from an innocent 5 year old. They don't run for money.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eulogy of my friend :(

This post is dedicated to a close friend of mine, who had been with me for the past 3 years. Each day, i would talked to him, play with him. He was a part of all the happiness, agony, anger, well trieds. I still remember the first day my dad introduced me to him. He was a tech geek. He was called Nokia 6610i.

The moment Siddharth's phone rings in Rang De basanti, i whistled in theatre. He owns the same model of Nokia as mine. This was my first personal device for me, only myself. It has been a great phone. After all the free falls from the 1st floor of my hostel, From my bed, after my rollover while sleeping, after i played football with it(i played thrice!!!) , it had lasted for 3 long years, before he broke down into pieces(as shown). Thank you for bearing with me.

The cell panel broke, the display had a huge pink speck( like a design..i couldn't even read my sms). Finally i found a replacement in Nokia 5320 Express Music. I initially thought of using Exchange offer, but the mobile shop owner would have chucked me out of the shop for asking for an exchange in this condition.

Thank you, My friend!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank you-2008!! The year it was!!!

2008 was one of the most crucial years of my life. I'm no more a teenager. I'm more a mature man with loads of gyaan that 2008 had thought me.. happiness, anger, vengeance, acceptance, knowledge. As actor sivakumar says, Idhuvum kadanthu pogum. ( whatever happens life has to go on.. )

The CPCs, the terrible confusion over career, projects , higher studies( MS vs MBA), those uncertain days of sitting for companies. Finally things will happen. All those pieces fell in place, to get placed in verizon, on 28th october 2008. The extraordinary Pragyan-08(as Organization Manager), festember with friends, birthday bums, terrible semester as usual( lucky!! zero in one cycle test).

Supported by Madras Mozart AR Rahman's Jodha Akbar, Ada, Sakkarakatti, Yuvaraaj, Ghajni, SlumDog Millionaire, Jiya Se jiya( free Hugs!!!) . Harris, Gautham, suriya was lovely with their Vaaranam Aiyiram. Subramaniyapuram, Saroja, Anjathey that stood out of the lot. Thanks to Kamal sir for Dasavatharam, beyond indian movie standards.Cinema has proved the script is superior to stars with Kuselan, Rab de Bana.., Drona, Kuruvi, Aegan flopping.

Getting a job wasn't easy with Economic recession. The Tall Lehmann brothers, Meriyll lynch needed bail outs. Most of Western Countries under recession, Thanks to Chidambaram and his team, we were bailed out earlier. Bush got what he deserved.. A shoe. Obama made the world believe that "yes..we can".

Whatever M.S Dhoni tried worked in his favour, chennai Super kings, Test, ODI, T-20. Good period in his life, guess that's wat astrology is predicting. A well deserved send off to Dada(Ganguly) and jumbo(kumble). Abhinav Bindra fetching India's first Individual gold, made every Indian proud!!!!

Finally, 26/11 made the country unite against terrorism, showed us the lapses in our national security. Souls that lost their lives in the battle. Karkares, Salaskars, Sandeeps. We salute your bravery, You definitely inspired us!!!

bye bye 2008.. we had it all .. Ups and Downs.
Happy Birthday 2009!!!! God Speed!!!