Friday, April 10, 2009

New age Aathichudi!!!

The new age Aathichudi is not the one from TN07 L4777 movie. These were the lines written by me(kadha) , manoj (slow motion) , adith ravindran(aditi) for Tamil Mandram's Adrasakka (mokka podura) event in NITTFEST'09. The aathichudi is supposed to be in tamil but its in tanglish on my blog :)

Intha Paattu kaettu Aavaiyar azhuthuvaanga..

Aram seiya Asin
Aarudhallukku Namitha
Inji iduppu azhagi Shriya
Ee ooturathu unga aaya
Yethiudurathu(hype) use pannurom vayya
Yaethi vekkanum nenjilae theeya
Ice cream pola vuthadu(lips) Tamanna
Othukkamun ellarum onna
Overa irrukku intha paatu
Avvaiyarukku vechirukkom aapu
Akku veru aani vera pirichittom paaru !!!

We, ourselves, didnt realise that we'd so much talent of being a lyricist in us. When Perarasu can write those cheap lyrics for film numbers why cant we.

I went on to write two songs and compose music for Tamil Street play event (Koothupattarai). The topic that we chose was Arivuchelvam( Knowledge is wealth)

Arivu endru selvam onnu irrukku
nammai azhivilirundhu kaapadarkku..
(try RAPping them)

We went on to win 3rd prize in that event. We couldnt believe it. (Engallukka intha prize.. comedy pannatheenga judge sir). NITTFEST'09 was special for ICE dept, given that we crossed 30 points for the first time and moved away from bottom 4 postions. ICE securing 60 points overall, with 21 points in tamil litz alone(last year zero). I was vital in scoring 15 points in tamil litz.. Kudos to the team.. Hats off to NITTFEST'09 .. Go Green!!! :)


Alagappan said...

that was a great aathichudi... :-) expecting more lyrics... even my batch ramji had written lyrics for a couple of songs which are now being recorded in a studio in Chennai. :-)

Sharanya said...

That was some fun aathichudi!
I can finally understand it, partially atleast!

Vinod Sundaram said...

@algates : will come up with more lyrics for u:)
ramji range thanie da..

Vinod Sundaram said...

@Sharanya: thanks a lot :) nice to find u here :)

bunty said...

Some level aathichudi !! kalakara po :) keep writing..
AM here..

Vinod Sundaram said...

@ AM : tanQ.. :D