Sunday, December 20, 2009

Instant Fame

5 months into Corporate Life, you feel that u've learnt a lot than your 12+4 years of education. you also get a feeling that you kinda do same monotonous work again and again. There are people who are content with the kinda work they do. Others look into different options to make money. For others who wanna succeed in life,what happens next???

Slowly Disappointment creeps in, develops into frustration,desperation, leads to depression. Whole life looks as if its in a chaos,sometimes u say to yourself,"I am a total failure, i've not done anything in life :( " . It is always in your hands to save your life, or to ruin it.But one does consider himself unlucky only in these testing times of your life ,"Why me GOD". No one realises they are lucky after they are provided wit an opportunity.

Once critical observation, i'd come across in my chitchat wit so many of my friends is that , Everyone has a dream of being successful,want themselves to earn a lotta money. But there is a belief that fame and success to be instant. Everyone reads stories about steve jobs , warren buffet, Narayana murthy and watch movies like Guru,Pursuit of Happiness. Every who writes or blogs cannot be a best seller like Chetan Bhagat. Belief that one single idea or spark in your brain can't make you attain success.

I feel like asking them one question. Having watched The Pursuit of Happiness movie, How Chris Gardner focussed, dedicated, goal oriented, hardworking was. Despite all odds in his failure, his postive attitude and optimistic approach had made him successful. Steve Jobs, the CEO of the century , wit so much fame now, was even thrown outta his own company. He'd almost met death due to his cancer. But still every product from stuns the world. Fellow mates seem to miss the key factor of hard work in achieving fame. When you believe,after giving 100%,u have met failure, then give 200% percent next time. Understanding success is significant. Fame is just a byproduct of success, with hardwork in input.

No more seromonising, Dont think of fame now, put in 200% efforts in achieving ur goal, may be u'll achieve it in 5 months or even 20 years. That doesnt mean u have failed. Failure is just an experience, use in future problems. Till then, believe in ur work, believe in yourself. Stay hungry,stay foolish. Hope :)

Few speeches that inspired me,
Steve Job's Stan speech, Chetan Bhagat's Symbiosis speech

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Review : 2 States by Chetan Bhagat

It’s hard to treat a book like 2states as fiction, given that book is inspired from some of his own experiences. The book is all about an IIMA couple’s love and their struggle to get married, keeping their parents smiling on the wedding. Krish is north Indian Punjabi boy . Krish in love with Tamilian Brahmin girl Ananya. Despite their North/south divide, relatives pressure, cajoling parents, parent’s priorities different from theirs, they still manage to be in love and get married,”they lived happily ever after”.

Its not hard to write like Chetan Bhagat. With young and Modern protagonists, a successful love story (which cud be turned into a film), urban language (with F words) and sex, you are into make a novel. But what connects chetan wit his urban audience is his style of writing. Simple language, wit lotta emotions, inspirational leads. His stories cud happen to ur boy/girl next door, may be even to u. I cud relate his books, to 3 real life stories already. Chetan is able to connect with his audience and pass on his works. A trendsetter in his easy going style of writing, no wonder he’s a best seller.

Personally IIM MBA love story from Chetan Bhagat made me restless and anxious. This shows how the real Indian Middle class reacts to a love affair. How culturally apart they, but still can come to an understanding. How mature the leads handle their parents, not elope and add further trouble to them and their families. Chennai descriptions, local Chennai Tamil F words , carnatic music, Punjabi pop music, Hindu reading, Rajni worship, Dowry acceptance, ECR ride, Banking sector, Relatives interference, egoistic parents, distant love story, just friends tag, frustration, anger, money. These connected wit strings of humour all round his dialogues. Ananya’s nerdy brother Manju, bank employee Father Swaminathan, Carnatic singing mother Radha, Typical Punjabi Soap Mother Kavita, Army officer dad, Boss Bala, Blissful Guruji, Dr.Neha.. All come in their lovable journey to marriage.
After reading this book, People who are single will love to fall in love wit a pretty gal/guy, for people in love,I can’t comment on that(a perfect gift for ur loved ones), Parents, rethink abt the social importance for narrow minded castes as compared global Love.

As global warming increases, Warmth of love shud all increase on this earth. Love and be loved :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

From India to the World Outside

I'd just watched Shashi Tharoor's TED talk abt soft power, clearly a responsible and articulated talk. India as a Pluralistic Nation is wat we are known to the outside world. Contrastingly, minutes ago every news channel discussing Liberhan-Babri never ending debate. Politicians accusing the opposite party for some leaders' role. That too leaders who have died or on the verge of dying. Spokespersons managed to move from channel to another and continue to talk the something, like an old tape recorder. Dont they feel a prick in their heart for continuously lying against their conscience, just because some sotta grandpa wished to construct a Ram temple. 17 years after babri, today's India doesnt give a damn if Temple existed there or not.

News Channels have become news makers rather than news seekers. Parliament is an old age home, where MPs need to be given money to ask questions. Or staging walk out for some reason or the other, as Vadivel says "Room pottu yosikuraanga", (thinking by booking a room). Opposition talks as if they r kins of harichandra, ruling party is just Gandhian in its name. All those 50C and 15% commission(bribe,mamool) for every file that comes to the table, sleeps in cold Swiss banks. The tweeting ,Facebooking indian youth just wants the politicians to spend their money for them. Wake up call is not just Sid, To the politicians too.

Is this wat the outside world see in India?? Corrupt, religious violence, anarchy, devoid of any unity,super poor slum dogs,loot,nepotistic nation. For Outside world, India is a known by its culture , pluralism, tradition, ethics, diversity, films, music, arts, cuisines, tourism, knowledge. we are super poor, we need to improve to become super power.

But after all without these politicians, whom its easy to blame, we can't live.Without them the system isn't complete. Its always fun to let them talk on things irrelevant to today's world and u do all the watching. Its like Mansur Ali Khan challenging Superstar Rajni for a movie release clash.