Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st Corporate Bday

Thanks a lot to all the beloved ones who wished me on my bday. This being my first bday after my entry into the corporate world as a professional, executive, officer (Whatever we name the designation, ultimate work is to timepass n get salary :P )

As a part of my team culture to distribute sweets(Mysore Pak) to my entire team. Even before i could reach to them,everyone were waiting.. Thnx to vaidyanath for the best gift on my bday. How better can it be Rahmaniac to a Rahmaniac. Gift was the unofficial biography of A.R.Rahman, A R Rahman - Musical Storm by Kamini Mathai. Followed by Greeting cards with close pals message and wishes :D . I Loved my new nick VISU(VInod SUndaram). I can confuse ppl like tamil Director Visu. Finally the cake cutting. Wow the chocolate flavored one was really yummmy!!! Gud that my shirts n pants weren't affected by the caking of the cakes on me.

It was indeed a very very memorable, cherishing, long lasting Bday of my life

1. I miss my college bday celebrations. Bday bums,egg,shoe polish, shower,cake cutting, birthday bukkar, dhaabha treat. Miss my college friends n lapis :)

2. I'm awaiting the A R Rahman's Jai ho Concert, His first in Chennai after Oscars. Rahmaniacs consider this as the Baap of all concerts.

No Rahman, No Music.. Know Rahman, Know Music :)


Alagappan said...

a significant change from college birthday celebrations... :)

I read a few pages of that ARR biography last week in Landmark.. Waiting to the read the whole book soon enough... :)

Vinod said...

definitely lotta significant changes da.. u will miss the college frens.. peelings machaan :P