Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Gill Go

Generally this caption will be used for people to achieve something extraordinary .Like while in a cricket match, when Dhoni goes for the kill, a caption said " Go Dhoni Go". But this post has nothing to do with that.

When i caught the glimpse of the news when i was refreshing ibnlive.com, i was elated and filled with ebulience. KPS Gill , retired Police Officer from Punjab , The President of Indian Hockey Federation is sacked. The Indian Olympic Association has dissolved the IHF and has appointed a 5 adhoc member committee in its place. Gill known for his bullheaded nature, had never ever thought about resigning from the top post , which has held for the past 15 years.

The Hockey, Indian National Sport was in a poor state of affairs in his tenure, that lead to many failures at the international arena. No proper infrastructure in the country was developed, no school or college level programs were organised. Indian Hockey stagnated, that's when other sports like cricket bossed over hockey. More than 15 coaches were sacked in his term. Many talented players like Gagan Ajt singh, Jugraj Singh, Baljit Singh Dhillon were sidelined from the national squads. Many former players including Dhanraj Pillay, Viren Resquinha raising their voices vehemently against Gill administration. Even Many protests Mr.Gill was unperturbed.India even failed to qualify for olympics this year, which added fuel to this growing anger against Mr.Gill. Mr. Jyothikumaran, Secretary, IHF, right hand of Mr.Gill, was caught on camera for accepting money to select a player into the national squad.

IOA had thought, "Enough is Enough.. Somebody's gonna do something to teach this old jackass".
Lets hope the hockey dismal state improves in this country, what else can we do.. just hope :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

sems over

yipeee.. exams over today. My examophobia has ended. I never know who founded this way of having exams to grade students.
This doesn't end here for me, the search continues
Moreover my product design needs to be completed by may 7th..
@least hope so.. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

product (well) designed

Product Design & Development is an offbeat course, undergone by all students in ICE department. My product is AQUAMON , a swimming pool monitoring system. It uses a color sensor . I had to fabricate a pcb with that sensor.

With the available contacts, i had to go to VI microsystems,perungudi to fabricate this IC. Where on earth is Perungudi?? Its a small place in south chennai. For the first time i realised, chennai is bigger than i expected. Its no more chennai, Greater Chennai. I was redirected to some other company by VI. The inner roads were equally bad. Finally i saw a board stating, end of perungudi municipality. I remembered sivajis' dialogue in parashakthi, " odinen.. odinen.. perungudiyin ellaivarai odinen.. angae road illathathal, thirumbi vanthuvittaen.."( i ran until perungudi's municipal limit, but i retreated, as there was n oroad)

I explained everything to that company and got my IC fabricated, immediately started for trichy that night. 1st day in trichy, 2nd at perungudi-chennai, 3rd day in trichy.
All these was done,ultimately to find that my IC was not working :-:::: .
Now i feel normal exams are much better than this course. It deserves more than 4 credits. Atleast we work more than 4 credits ..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nittfest-08.. infested by ece..

One of the most awaited events of Nit-Trichy, The inter dept cult fest, NITTFEST. This year my bench mate, Arun Balaji, was the event chairman. But still I maintained my stand of not working for Nittfest. I prefer participating in the cult events. Of course, I like dancing n participating in English litz events. I didn’t want my dept to loose bcos of me (even otherwise they’ll lose.). So no other go, Tamil litz is the only hope.

The event Nittfest is turning out more like an ECEfest, so no use in other dept people competing with them. Imagine the plight of metallurgy dept (no offences) with a class strength around 30, competing with the mighty ECEs of 80 in number. There’s a talk that the strength might rise to 120 next academic year. I agree with the director’s point, that there’s no need to have a Nittfest, if this situation continues. There were times in this Nittfest’08, where the audience knew the results before they were announced. “Obviously, ECE first da, whatever they do…”. Almost every other dept students uttered these words. EEE movie spoof was much better than ECE or any other department.

So what plans for next nittfest?? May be we can have ECE vs. all other 10 departments. While the ECE’s can have their Veni...vidi...vici, all the other department can have a t-shirt mocking at the ECEs. The best part was the dedication of the Mech Machos to ECE paddips, “naanda vanathil oru aandi...” song from Oram Po, (if u have not heard, pls do hear dat one!!!!)

This year edition was a bit fruitful as I qualified for most of the prelims, but lost out in the finals. The best part was the movie spoof. My department played “imsai Arasan...Elikaesi... B.tech”. with Rivat Haans, ARS playing the lead role, me as his minister with Koundamani character. Another guy, Adarsh as another minister imitating Lollu Sabha Manohar. Wow... adarsh is the exact replacement for ARS when he passes out. The worst thing ever could happen was that we had our first rehearsal on the stage in front of the audience. Fulltime Comedy.

Overall it was a nice time, fun filled, with department senti as always like anyother edition of Nittfest!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

be fooled with april1

come April..first thing that gets onto our mind is April 1st.. (fools day).The fun of fooling others n gaining superiority by not becoming a fool. But why April 1st..It seems France had the tradition of dis fool's day,Britain as usual just copied n made it official..soon other countries followed(of course ..some grnd work before dis post :D)
at least after reading this post.. pls try to think independently n fool others.. come up with some new ideas.. never steal friends' ideas :P
if u don't know :::
->The birthdays of Fred and George from the Harry Potter series is April 1st.
->The 1986 horror film April Fool's Day is themed around the holiday.
->April fool is a key code of an American spy who led to the downfall of saddam hossain.

even my friend shares a birthday with april1(not necessarily he's a fool..)

PS: even as i write dis blog.. flashnews on cnn-ibn..
a small tussle between the shivsainiks and the students council of some college in mumbai..
cases of stone pelting were reported.Its reported that Bal thakearey was called fooled by some students, which resulted into this clash.

avec un software enggineer.

One day, a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, a Chemical Engineer
and a Software Engineer were driving down the street in the same car.
The car broke down.
The Mechanical Engineer said, "I think a rod broke. We can check the rods."
The Chemical Engineer said, "The way it sputtered at the end, I don't think it's getting gas. We shall check the gas tank."
The Electrical Engineer said, "I think there was a spark and something is wrong with the electrical system. We shall check the circuitry."
All three turned to the Software engineer and said,
"What do you think?"
The Software Engineer said, "We shall get out of the car and get in Again."

PS: 1.probably he;s using windows system..or no kill command in car process list :P
2.obviously lifted from mail forwards