Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 0 - to sivakasi

Back after a really fabulous,tiring trip. :) The trip to Veegaland, Valparai were really amazing!!! It was a trip which we planned for a really long time (after our Courtalam,Kodaikanal trip). We finally decided the dates, transportation, routes. It started on 7th afternoon at 1:30pm from NITT. We(21.. a big number) were on our route to sivakasi(hari's home). Caught a 128 vestibule bus to Central Bus Stand, Trichy. From CBS, a bus to madurai, then a connecting bus to Sivakasi. Wow!! wat food we had at his residence. people need to learn hospitality from them. I went with usual parotta and Salna(kurma). The private van from NKP travels( similar to mkp ) was arranged.

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