Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timepass Person(TPP). Made in India

Lets see how the society and people around us influence a normal person to become the timepass person(TPP). One small kutti story..

Born to a well settled family, what do u expect the timepass baby does. He feels super lazy to ambulate from one place to another. Finally his parents forcefully give him a cart to walk, and he walks. During the night, he has to go all the way to bathroom to pee, Aaram se he prefers his bed and huggies to bathroom. During school days, while all his friends prefer outdoor games and physical exertion, he prefers POGO TV, Chutti TV, Animax, Pokeman etc. Now a graduation time in his life, he doesn't know which stream he has to follow... 2 Missed calls to his friends and he follows them to college and selects the same bench as them. His creativity and imagination blossoms during those lullaby sessions of his professor. His chalta hai approach has gets him a job through his Training and placement department, while most of his buddies queue before US embassies.

Now to the most important part of choosing his life partner. He doesn't timepass with this part of his life. He know how to take his life forward.

choice 1:
His wife would have been a lawyer or a very social person, who cares for the welfare of the people. In future she could well become the President of the country. TPP gets his chance to accompany in her morning walks at Mughal gardens, go on world tours when she's on offical trips, meet other TPP First gentlemen( similar to First ladies).

Next option,love affair with his college girl who has entrepreneurial ideas and good at management. They could still start a company or get placed together in a company. She could one day become a CEO some company and get awards for powerful businesswoman of the year. He could still be happy to do work from home and be the man behind the great woman( like a Tamil verse.. behind every male's success, there's female).If he had studied English, he could write a book about his life/love story and make it become a best seller. He can give inspirational talks in IIMs and other best colleges like Lovely Professional University.

If his father is either in Cinema, politics, Music , then he's bound to have a future in that field. In cinema, his father should turn producer and launch him as a hero, then start fan clubs and sow the foot steps for politics. Politics leaves him as the legal heir of the party of his father. He becomes a gr8 leader and goes to parliament to either shout n walk out or sleep undisturbed by the proceedings. Music gives him chances to explore the old works of his father, remix them, loot tunes from foreign artists and give a Desi touch to it. If his wife is in his field and has a good market even after doing heroine's sister, heroine, sister, aunt, mother, grandma roles, then he can take up a role as her manager and counter all the gossips that go rounds in media. If a he's a celebrity he can update his status in Facebook and twitter through Aircel pocket internet like Dhoni.

Hence being a TPP is very serious business. Choosing his/her better half comes after a lotta thought. Being a TPP, you are entitled to think freely, liberally and hence mind becomes devils workshop. Often things get tapered at these workshops. Being a TPP has become a Social Status, especially during holidays, a normal person is bantered if people have you are not in timepass tag. The increase in timepassing people with facebook quizzes and gtalk. No wonder if some people from All India Timepass Association go on air in CNN-IBN and ask Finance minister for tax concession for those doing timepass.(As politicians do more timepass than us, they can understand our feelings better.)

PS: Head of Nofeelings Youth Association ( Varuthapadatha Vaaliba Sanga Thalivar) Kaipulla has put forth the claim for induction of "timepass" in english dictionary. This year,It is the most frequently used word, even beating JAI HO!!!


GMa said...

lol max :) oxford sure needs to have "timepass" in its dict..and..its gonna be super interesting to write the meaning for the word "timepass"

timepass : the act of deliberately doing nothing by a person blah blah :P

suren said...

enna koduma saar ithu ?? :P

Antimony said...

dei dei...looks like the idle mind was the devil's workshop for this article...btw, if u r TPP, then which choice for u? choice 2 ah 3 ah? edhavadhu set achuna sollu da...adhukkulla marandhuthadai... :-D

Vinod said...

@Gma: nice definition da.. i'll try to give an even more complex one..

Vinod said...

@suren: just started thinking.... i guess dis article is very simple.. will try to improve my standards in the upcoming posts..

Vinod said...

@venu:50 yrs from now.. i might choose.. but dont think any of these appears will suit me..

2nd part..ob dude..unless i find one..i cant..Comedians dont get a pair easily da..

Anonymous said...

Heh uh.. what a post for timepass person. I feel you have pulled out your thoughts from your mind,which actually you want to do.. ROFL
which choice are you opting for ;)

Btw.. reply to your previous post, come on..even comedians take a hero role in industry. :D kd ppl you know!

Do drop by to mah blog :)you are welcome!

Vinod said...

@ramya: it still prefer to be comedian .. :P

will drop in ur blog soon:)

Anonymous said...

Oh is it! :D Hehe.. so a comedian pair? LOL.. Not bad!