Monday, November 23, 2015

Hello Singapore

4 months since I landed on this foreign land. There’s this jitteriness. Then there’s this fear that numbs our body. Did I make the right decision? Should I continue working at Verizon, leading a comfortable life at home? SWOT analysis and 2x2 impact assessment on my aspirations and where I can be in my career. Mind and heart take turns in decision making where rationality goes for a toss.

As Dumbledore says, it is the choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. There will be newer people, newer challenges and newer frontiers to capture. I’ve decided to take on all of them with a growth mindset. If my today is not better than yesterday, tomorrow will be just be a dream. Here I’m at Singapore to Live, learn and excel.

It is indeed a first world country, in terms of people’s mindset and the government to serve the people. I’d learnt about a man called Lee Kwan Yew. The more I read about him, more he raises in stature. In a way, Singapore is LKY’s product. Meritocracy, racial and religious harmony, and clean governance.

Some of the positive things I’d observed in my stay so far:

1. Singapore story: The great Singapore story (was new to me) itself is so inspiring and think about. How a nation converted its short comings into its strengths and where it has progressed.

2. Insanely hard working people: People who are self-motivated and driven. I need to set newer levels of productivity and work-impact matrix to match their levels. Everyone works. Young, middle aged, old. Seeing so many aged people who are active is a pleasing sign.

3. Long term vs Short term: Singapore has built solutions that are long term sustainable such as for water supply, desalination, housing development, Public parks etc. Every house has a MRT or Bus stop connectivity, that itself shows their thoughtfulness. Government that focusses on governance with policies that directly impact their life.

4. Mindset of the people to follow the rules and regulations. Whether it is the fear of punishment or by nature, people following all possible rules

5. Being physically fit and agile: With so many parks, running tracks and stadiums, I can’t afford to be indoors. Thanks to the compulsory military training, this place has vibrant sporting culture. 

Positives okay. What about the negatives? Outside off stump, well left. Everyone has negatives, cribbing doesn’t make it better. This place is great. Period. 

I’ve put an L-board before I earn.To Learn. So much to do, so much to learn and so much to enjoy. Singapore I’m here to win my spurs.