Saturday, July 18, 2009

New chapter begins

After a long hibernation, here comes my first post after my vacation. My life at NITT has come to an end. Now I'm a provisional Engineering graduate. I'm joining Verizon Data services India Pvt Limited at Chennai(The best and only option I'd).Atleast i'm happy to get this job after weeks of frustration and tension, i've get a joining date.

There were so many times where i'd asked this question during all these days of distress, " Why me always..GOD". Now when i'm able to see some light at the end of tunnel and many of friends still in darkness, i think, "GOD has chosen me for some reason".
Like A.R.Rahman sir said," There are two genius( M.S.Viswanathan and Ilayaraaja ) sitting with me on the stage, I think GOD has chosen me to get the award on their behalf." How true it is. We dont ask that question when we are happy and chose to ask it during distress.

@ my juniors
The worst of recession cloud has passed. you can follow the Obama mantra-HOPEYou will pass these testing times where uncertain future beckons your instincts. I'll miss your presence, those nakkals,nayyandi during Pragyans,NITTfest,Sensors. I'll miss ur comments on my facebook quizzes and status updates.

@fellow fresh corporate workers
End of an ordeal at NITT and new corporate world calling us with both hands. We still don't know if we are worth of the Fat compensation packages given to us. Morally we need to some professional ethics and be true to conscience. Like Dr.ManMohan's team, have a 100 day agenda and accountability criteria.

@US/UK/GERMAN/Swiss univ studs
Dont get overboard with your Indian image and get thrashed by natives for racial abuse. Get educated and come back to India and serve these Indian people. I know people who hate(hate max) India and dont wanna return to the so called stupid,unhealthy,unorganised place. You(ppl who hate) are cowards and hypocrites who wanna run away from the problems rather than facing them.

@successful people
Best thing abt successful people is they share their success. Helping a friend in need is the pinnacle of success. After all a friend's friend is our friend too.. (from Nadodigal)

Stay hungry..Stay foolish..god speed!!! :D :D


Anonymous said...

Regarding the light at the end of the tunnel line:
i have undergone worse times of recession. Got laid-off from the first company in 6 months and searched for a month and got another. Few things always move on. :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you that you have been called soon and out of the dark. Good for you. I got to mention this,your words for juniors and other fellow stud in other countries. That's awesome. But we all know the truth,things cant be changed. Hope after reading your words,let ppl realise it :) The last line, it's really inspiring. You really have got a Good heart! God bless you.

Vinod said...

@Mr.anonymous: Tough times make tougher.. we're tougher now.. Things will move on as time flies by :)

Vinod said...

@Ramya: nice words..thanks for dropping by.. :)