Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where's the party tonite ???

F (Female) : where's the party??
M (Male): in the middle of the road ( in tamil .. Naddu rottulae !!!)

These were the excerpts from the song where's the party from the super hit movie Silambattam, starring Little Super star(so called) Simbu. The lyrics didn't mean anything until Shri Ram Sena activists got it. How simbu movie with Ram Sena.. puzzled ???

Last week, the physical power used by Sri Ram Sena activists against women and their boy friends in Mangalore pubs relates the activists to the song. Literally these girls were pushed down, harassed, tortured..(if u write gre, find better words to fill in..) . Thanks to cnn-ibn, ndtv, HT, for broadcasting these videos repeatedy, to increase their TRPs. These activists claim to be protecting our culture. Do they?? Even gods like Karthikeya , Krishna, etc.. had 2 wives and played with womenfolk.. All these activists show check up history before preserving our culture :P

All those ppl who don't wanna spend money lavishly for their wedding can approach Shri Ram Sena, for a cheap wedding. check up the cartoon on monday,9th february 2009 (ROTFL!!)

At this moment, wish every one a happy valentine day :) :)
Give free hugs to everyone in the world, with jiya se jiya :)
keep loving!!!
god speed :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The recent death of a person for the sake of innocent killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka. I believe, all those losers who dont have the guts to face the situation, commit suicide. The poor guy would get some 5lakhs from tamilnadu govt and a huge amount from those who provoked him for his death. Obviously Thol. Thirumavalavan, Dr. Ramadoss, Vaiko(vai..go) will capitalize on this issue to boost their image in people's minds. With Stalin and Azhagiri taking the DMK mantle, these people have no future in tamil nadu's politics. They use these suicide gimmicks and politicise the issue... just as Raj thackery and MNS did..

Finally karuna will be discharged from hospital and give a lumpsome to all these ppl and say " I'm back!!!". Obviously there are LTTE supporters in tamilnadu. Watta country India is.. Indian PM's images are burnt.. LTTE Prabhakaran's( accussed in India) bday is celebrated.. Its ironical that the man who masterminded the assaination of Indian PM is hailed...

1.condolences to the family and prabhakaran.. as all these ppl will join together after they get an amount from kalaigner

2. A good way to get holidays for colleges in TN. Just a week before they reopend :P ofcourse, NITT functions as usual..

3. Arasiyalla idhu ellam sadharanam!! (in politics, all these are ordinary.. translation sucks!!!)