Friday, May 29, 2009

How to make/bake tamil commercial cinema

A conversation between Mamooty(deva) and Rajnikant (surya) from ManiRatnam's Thalapathi(A smart adaptation of Karna)

Deva(D): En surya En.. Tamila en intha madiri mokkai commercial padama eddukuraanga..En da..
Surya(s): A small silence..(actually controlling emotions..fingers folded)
D: Neeeyum intha categoryla iruukuranala..
s: naan nadiganaanu santhegapaduriya deva.. Yedhuthuko.. Intha Uyir irrukura varaikkum naan hero va than da hero na ennanu theriyumma.. Fan support na ennanu theriyumma..

D: stunned by surya's outburst..
s: Evalo vissiyam irruku oru commercial cinema le...

I hereby explain u how to make/take/bake tamil commercial cinema :)
lets take the required ingredients for the movie..

6 songs

a)intro song with message and with youth, old people dancing, flowers flying, everyone liking hero

b)before love acceptance by heroine(in some foreign location, dancing in foreign streets..with foreigners kaevallamma look vutting)

c)after love (again some another foreign location, pink shirts, green pants, yellow shoes, heroine dress..poduraangala)

d)one unnecssary song to inserted somewhere..(1. mostly item number by any actress whose market is almost negligible or (2) a rags to riches songs where hero becomes rich in 1 song)

e)Kuthu climax song (in a suuubber nad colourful sets (yellow,blue, red) paced, danndanakka style)

f)Theme song(background song for hero build up)

At the end of the day, film music proportional to Cigaratte, popcorn, ice cream business in theatre.

Casting and Acting

Mother,sister,father,aunty ,uncle sentiments

Innocent and Sexy Heroine (salary is inversely proportional to their costumes)..

Ordinary heroes with extraordinary powers

Stunts scenes defying gravity( thanks to ropes n graphics)

Punch dialogues(with fire.. " Nee adicha Peesu.. Naan adicha Maasssu " style)

Really ruthless and terrorizing villains (on their eyesight government will change)

Hero is always a kind-hearted, mother fearing, people caring person who does
different innovative, stylish things in different movies( tie handkerchief in left hand in 1 right hand in another)

When hero takes revenge on villain, his eyes shud become red..

Pakistan terrorist and gr8 international smugglers will speak tamil only..

The jurisdiction of the hero is limited to making changes in script, write lyrics, sing song, edit with editor.

Now that we have got all the ingredients for the movie.. Mix everything in such a way to give "comedy->song->action..comedy(iteratively)" sequence to give a commercial panchamirtham.

A perfect commercial movie is ready to be watched..

1. The post comes as a result of me watching Thoranai in theatre, Villu and Silambattam in laptop and Veerasaamy in KTv (Switched off after a while.. cudnt take it)

2. Dare someone watch all add to this sequence u need to watch Daas.. Lovable rascal movie also..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

From lasts to firsts

When everyone expected a Hung parliament, ManMohan & Co stunned everyone with Clean sweep. When Rajasthan Royals were considered favourites for IPL season II, again, you are in for a surprise. Look who has got into the IPL finals, Deccan (gulti) Chargers and Royal Challengers(Kingfisher) Bangalore. The last two teams of season one.

Both teams have almost same set of players who played last year also. Wat had changed things for them??

Captains: With new captains Gilly and Jumbo, the teams have scaled new heights.
Venue: may be south africa is a new place.. everything starts fresh again..

Dhoni supporters shud realize that all that Dhoni touches cannot become gold. His birth stars have changed their positions and things wont be same for Dhoni. Anti Dhoni is always on the rise. Its a custom in India that " if ur liked.. u'll have a temple, get all awards Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna(in future), have maximum ADs" :P. "If ur performance dips.. Stones will be hurled, ur photos will be burnt, slipper garlands, applying tar" wat not..

CSK shud realize that L.Balaji is a lokka bowler( lacks pace). The team owner shud say to M. Gony, " Go neee..". CSK can make hay when the sun(Hayden) shines. CSK can join the elite Vada poche community. Either Raina or Rain cAn save matches for CSK. Only player who plays consistently in the CSK camp is Drums Sivamani

PS: someone pls tell Dr.Mallaya that too much for Partying and too much hugs and kisses from Katrina Kaif to the players(like preity zinta) could have a glaring effect on tomo's match. He could indirectly help Deccan.

PPS: with Karunaaadhi's effort for Cabinet post, i can say onething.. "intha pozhappuku urine kudikallam" :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jai HO A R Rahman Kozhikode concert

There’s nothing more in life than goin for a Rahman concert in life for us(me, ripper bala, Gmah, Vui, mallu, baby).The Rahmaniacs. After a lotta plannin, cajoling my parents, finally we got the 2000 tkts.

Before the concert:
I was feeling really excited and happy that i'd finished by last semester exams before the concert. We reached kozhikode thru a train from Erode. We wore a A R Rahman T-shirt, with Jai HO oscAR Rahman"in the front and "Music is my religion" at the back. For the 7:30 concert, we were there by 11:30 and roamed the streets of kozhikode. We were asked by few locals if we were performing with Rahman (seriously.. :D). We gotta know a lotta other like minded Rahmaniacs. There was a particular group which had spent 5000 bugs for air ticket, to watch the concert from Rs.500 stands.

From L to R: P.Karthikeyan(baby),Arvind(vui vui),Vinod Sundaram(me..kadha),Arunkumar(mallu), G Mahesh( gmah), Balakrishnan(ripper).

At the Concert:
Corporation football stadium was completely filled. All chairs were occupied. No space even to stand and watch. All set for thalaivar to let loose. The song list:

1. Opening Act (DJ Medley) – Sayonara

2. Mausam and Escape – Asad on Sitar; Sanjeev, Raashid and Keith Peters on Guitars ( Asad was tooo gud )

3. O Saya – A R Rahman ( thalaivar rockkeeddd.. new improvisations )

4. Athiradi – A R Rahman, Sayonara( Superstar song.. ARR sang with a cooling glass.. Stylish)

5. Padagali Chandi – George Peter, Benny Dayal ( Ultimate singing by both..dynamics were really gud)

6. Tu Muskura – Sadhana Sargam (Bit)

7. Roja Janeman – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan( both sang in a single mike.. Hari sir's improvisations were mind blowing)

8. Masakali – Raja Hassan ( was near original ..ulti)

9. Jiya se Jiya – A R Rahman ( with video in the backdrop.. proepr sync with video)

10. Style – Blaaze ( blaaze was super fabulous with new RAP lyrics with kozhikode in it)

11. Liquid Dance – Tracked

12. Guzarish – Javed Ali

13. Netru Illatha – Chitra ( evergreen song and wat a voice )

14. Malargale – Chitra, Hariharan ( hari sir's dynamics took us outta the world, chitra was ever perfect)

15. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Raashid ( for all the aditis)

16. Rehna Tu – ARR, Chorus ( for all the tolerance lovers.. God level continuum humming by Rahman sir)

17. Taal Se Taal ( western ) – Tracked

18. Ringa Ringa – Neeti Mohan, Sayonara( a big time Neeti Mohan fan ever since her Mayya mayya in Delhi concert..she rocked!!!)

19. Kala bandar – Benny, Blaaze (Medley) ( two best HIP-HOP specialists at work)

20. Gangsta Blues – Blaaze, Tanvi (Medley)( Tanvi..wat a voice she has got.. gives all those small effect in a song by herself)

21. New – Blaaze, Benny, Chorus (Medley) ( surprise inclusion for us)

22. Azeem O Shaan – A R Rahman (Medley) ( missed Sivamani's ultiamte beats)

23. Rukumani – Chorus (Medley)

24. Veera Pandi – A R Rahman, Chorus (Medley) ( the deadly Medley like in Delhi concert)

25. Latika’s theme/Dreams on Fire – Suzanne (wonder wat scale she sings.. such a high pitch without cracks )

26. Khwaja mere Khwaja – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan

27. Arziyan – A R Rahman, Javed Ali, Aslam, Raja Hassan ( both these songs were like a sufi concert.. It brought tears to my eyes.. The song touched my soul)

28. Manasu Manasinte – Chitra composed by RK Shekar( very nostalgic song for Rahman sir)

29. Kannalane – Chitra ( evergreen chitra spl..with those high pitches)

30. Jiya Jale – Chitra

31. Aye hairate – Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan ( with Hari sir's prelude asking us to sing the intro bit)

32. Vaaji Vaaji – Hari, Sadhana( hari sir with full enthu)

33. Mustafa – A R Rahman( Surprise element the intro guitarwas amazing.. Rahman's Oh Oh... OOh OOh.. my god.. A fitting farewell for our NITT rahmaniacs)

34. Dhaka laga bukka – A R Rahman (Bit)

35. Pappu Cant Dance – Benny, Chorus ( benny was outstanding in his dance moves)

36. Aye Bachu – Suzanne

37. Urvasi – AR Rahman ( thalaivar rocked again..again a surprise)

38. Taxi Taxi – Benny, Blaaze, Chorus( every one on their feet)

39. Humma – A R Rahman( hari sir said,"we have been singing some energetic songs till now, shall we do a song that makes them sleep? - ARR !"..then Hariharan lets out a swirl of swaras ..and then gives a nice swara cycle...thats just perfect for the beat to pick up..and bang ! pa pa pa pa pa padaparappan !!)

40. Jai Ho – A R Rahman, Tanvi, Chorus

41. Vandemataram – A R Rahman, All artistes

After the concert:
we'd a nice chat with benny dayal and Aslam bhai. Benny was as usual super cool.
We came outta the stadium 30 mins after the concert and we were in for a surprise. The 50k ppl had disappeared. We could find an auto or a spl bus. Karthare(christ). Then we started our return journey to the hotel. We stopped an auto and asked him for a ride at 12:30 in the nite, he said" 5 ppl.. 30 rupees" ( 30 rupees otherwise get lost.. dat was his attitude.. Adapaavi pozhaika theriyathavan pola). Overall a fitting farewell for us. Had real fun :D :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A R Rahman's Jai Ho concert

I counting my time to reach Kozhikode from NITT. Exactly 24 hrs to go for the Oscar Awardee, Mozart of Madras A.R .Rahman's Jai ho Concert. Its is Rahman sir's first concert after the Oscars and the world expects so much from rahman after the oscars. The Concert is organised by a Kerala based NGO for AIDS awareness programme. A team of 23 Singers with Rahman are participating with Rahman sir.

After long planning and constant updates thru net, we were able to buy the tickets. It took us a lotta time to convince my parents for the tkts(Rs.2000). With my new Rahman t-shirt to be worn on the concert, i'm all excited abt the concert :)

Its also a fitting farewell for all the Rahmaniacs at NITT, to have a concert on the very next day after their final semester exams end :) :D

All set for the concert.. Jai Ho !!!