Saturday, May 2, 2009

A R Rahman's Jai Ho concert

I counting my time to reach Kozhikode from NITT. Exactly 24 hrs to go for the Oscar Awardee, Mozart of Madras A.R .Rahman's Jai ho Concert. Its is Rahman sir's first concert after the Oscars and the world expects so much from rahman after the oscars. The Concert is organised by a Kerala based NGO for AIDS awareness programme. A team of 23 Singers with Rahman are participating with Rahman sir.

After long planning and constant updates thru net, we were able to buy the tickets. It took us a lotta time to convince my parents for the tkts(Rs.2000). With my new Rahman t-shirt to be worn on the concert, i'm all excited abt the concert :)

Its also a fitting farewell for all the Rahmaniacs at NITT, to have a concert on the very next day after their final semester exams end :) :D

All set for the concert.. Jai Ho !!!

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muthu said...

AR rocks.... :)