Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'd completed My first onscreen film appearance for a Friend's project at Film Institute. 
For long, I've preferred to stay behind camera and contribute in Direction and cinematography. No introduction scenes, no punch dialogues, no female stars :(

Writer had briefed me about the story on some forest expedition and i play the role of a wildlife photographer, who's on a 4th day shoot for a tiger safari. I'd written dialogues for the movie. We used live sound recording and delivering my dialogues took multiple takes. You can be a jabber or an orator, once they say, "action!", Its tough. Your mind searches for dialogues, Expressions, Modulations,tone, Posture, etc etc. Imagine me taking 13 takes for a dialogue which I'd written(I'd counted the no. of takes while I'd failed in delivering my dialogue).

Already earned a nickname of Joey Tribbiani of friends, from my office colleagues. No wonder these actors have buildup names like cab10, PuratchiThalapathi, Ilayathalapathi, Young Superstar. One thing i know, I'm pathetic at acting. Learn where all i need to work on to be an actor. At memory skills,Voice Tone and Modulation, Expression, try Single take of Lengthy dialogues, Body language. I'm Bad at it, Will grow with age and with the character i do.

PS: Not yet seen the final outcome, Will upload if the video comes out well.
Bloopers is even more comical than the actual video.


Bala said...

Ada paavi Neyveli unna hero va pottutaana ... Meratti vaangitiya naaye :P

Vinod said...

@bala: Hero ellam illa machi..lets see hows the video comes out..

Ngarajan I Am Darthvader said...

Dei nee dhan da adutha vijay...punch dialogue ellam ready panni vechuko

Vinod said...

ohh. gawd.. why dis kola veri..