Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing changes for me

I had failed to get any calls from IIMs in the CAT exam. But I was not dejected at all like my previous attempts. Already 3 years into her IT career, my professional life was stagnated. I was looking for a change, may be a MBA admit or a change of job (with a heavy remuneration). On the contrary, personal life was just blissful. Being a girl, parents and old retired uncles, aunties start their work of finding alliance for you. My match had already been finalized and engagement was over just a few weeks back. My Fiancé was a typical Mylapore boy peterring in ManHattan, Working for a MNC. First look at his photo, I knew there was an instant connect. Not sure if Bells rang , bulb glow, wind blew to signify this was the man.

One morning I got a Change. Things happen when you don’t expect them to happen. That morning, I was to attend an important team meeting. Everyone including all the senior heads were called for this town hall meeting. As usual I had got up late, skipped gym, got lengthy advices from mom about how a family girl should be. I thought,”What a bad start to the day!!!”. Rushing through the busy roads of Chennai on my bike (moped), “WTF... Every signal turns red”. Suddenly a small school girl had tried to cross and was stranded in the middle of the road. I tried a Zig zag to adjacent lane in order to avoid her. Unfortunately I’d failed to check the rear-view mirror. A MTC bus was traveling in the adjacent lane. Bus kissed moped’s back, I was thrown out of balance. I was lying on the road with my back resting, and the speeding bus had run over my leg already. Driver had manager to stop the bus. I was now under the bus.

My body felt numb, they pain was excruciating. Slowly everything went blank. I laid there unconscious, not knowing anything that happened for the new few days. Later my parents had explained all the events that had unfolded. My lower limb was totally crushed, blood circulation was hampered. Doctors gave an option of amputating my leg; otherwise it could be a serious risk to my life. Life took a new turn in just a matter of days. He had flown back to Chennai on hearing about the accident. I was discombobulated on how my life’s going to be with a single leg. How will my fiancĂ© react to this? How are my in-laws going to react to this? Can I ask him to marry someone else, rather than marrying a crippled. Distressful questions haunted me; Sedatives gave rest to my body, but mind was definitely in a lot of unrest.

Next Morning he was there to see me. The first few words that he spoke, “Marriage date finalized,honeymoon place on ur call“.

I was flabbergasted.”But I’m like… “, even before I could complete my talk, his hands closed my mouth. “Nothing changes for me... You are the same to me.” As firm as a mountain, I felt like I’d not lost anything in life.

30 years ago, I started loving him. They say u can't measure love. Till date, my love has definitely multiplied manifolds. He had got an artificial leg for me, allowed me to pursue my passion, help me setup my dance school. I’m crippled, we are not… :)

(courtesy: Subroto Bagchi )

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Rivat Hanss said...

didnt read your blog for long! saw that you have already written about leg being amputated. good read and message :) the first few lines are confusing though. with 'me' and 'her' suddenly..