Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Next for Sena

Disclaimer:All characters in this story are fictious, no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

Sena had called SRK and Aamir as 2Idiots.But According to their mouth piece, their Next Idiot, the third idiot is Lalit Modi,who else..

The Whole Issue is not Sena Vs SRK, It Should be Sena Vs IPL(which will happen in future). Moreover Sena has an issue with every country who are allowing their players to play. This is wat Sena had replied to different countries.

Aus --> When fellow Indians are racially abused, how can cricketing ties be continued. They Dont Agree to build Ram temples in Australia. Temple is a foremost issue and its an attack on our national pride.

Pak --> Anything and everything can be related to Pakistani Hand. This is were all started

SA --> They had insulted Indians in Pre-independence days, had practiced apartheid.

Eng --> They ruled India for 100 years, plundered Maharashtra of its wealth.

Ban --> Step Brothers of Pak. How come ur cricket board is not in any trouble like Pak, Pls chaos yourself asap.

WI --> Thakrey doesn't support North India/Indies or West Indies, only Maharashtrians allowed

NZ --> U insult Indians for not wearing clean socks and detain them. Cricketing ties should be cut, bcos we cant clean our socks and get insulted everytime.

SL --> ohh.. No LTTE, so no issues. No Wait. Only those players who know marathi will be allowed to play.


All players shud have lived in Maharashtra for 15 years, learnt Marathi, ate Vada Pav and Voted for Shiv Sena.

Actual Reason
1.Balasaheb was not allowed by Modi to Hug Preity Zinta(who incidently broke up with her boyfriend after Modi hugged her) and Shilpa shetty( who had married Tyagi Raj Kundra)
2. Thakrey was not allowed to buy a team named Marathi Manoos , even though he had Ball in his name and hits them hard "Thakrey"

He had even scouted few players and rejected them on some reason.

1.Ajit Agarkar --> old Person, was asked to join mainstream politics wit Siva Sena as KoPaSe ( Kolgai Parapu Seyalalar - Party's Principle Secretary)
2.Romesh Powar --> Accused of eating all the food meant for marathi manoos. He was also accused for not wearing his "3 glasses for Rs.10" coolers which he had brought from some thiruvizha(fair).
3. Abhishek Nayar --> a player in prime form shudn't play in the team. Hence was offered a Vada Pav and Nair Tea shop at Party headquarters instead.

1. while Sena is doin all this, other sena,SriRam Sena is preparing itself for Valentine's day. Every desperate person who wants to get married can go out and talk to his sweetheart and SriRam Sena will help u in getting married.

2.Tamil Kollywood Vice Captain RJ Shiva(Chennai28, TamilPadam fame) has accused Shiv Sena for using his name in the party and it had hurt his fans. He also claims it to be a Vellinaatu Sadhi(international plot) to prevent him from entering politics.


R.B said...

Haha.. Nice one man :),,didnt realise every cricket playin nation has been involved in a major or minor issue with us :)

Antimony said...

LOL!!!ROTFL!!!Brilliant!Bloody hilarious!I love the part where cricketers from all parts should have stayed in MH for 15 years bit. Absolutely awesome!!! :-D

Mahesh said...

tremendous stuff man :) samma :)

Vinod said...

@rb : Summa va.. We keep calling everyone in koundermani style, "Sandaiku Vaa Da"

Vinod said...

@venu & gma : Thank u guys :)