Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kutti Kavidhai

The start time and end time for coming up with this kavidhai was the time i took to drink a Morning Filter Kaapi.

Pona Vaaram Quarter,intha vaaram varuthu Harry Potter.
Ava la Tshirt la paartha Hotter, Day by day she's becoming cuter.
Both of us had the same Alma Mater,
but still, innum ava kitta sollala en matter.

PS: Ladies/Gentlemen are requested to throw rotten eggs,tomatoes, big peddles in person. No damage to public property or suicide will be encouraged.


jaikishen said...

pinraan yaa pinraan :D

Antimony said...

Dei! Yevo da avo! Sollavae illa! Yethana naala idhu?!!!

Vinod said...

@JK: Thanks jk :) ungaloda support illama ennala varala mudiyathu :P

@venu: Yaarum illa da :( Yet to find one.. un kitta sollama ya..

lavixu said...

Quarter Nee adichha madiri taan!Good start, expecting more:P

Vinod said...

@lavixu: Though i cant reach ur levels of PJing, i'll try my level best !!!