Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death of criticism

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have opinions and think that they are right. Then there are people who seek other's opinion before to evaluate the right and wrong. Of all junta in the world, our people who always believe that, "The hare that i caught had 3 legs".

Thanks to web 2.0 and news channels, everyone's gotta opinion and they air their opinions on these issues. Even those people who don't even have the slightest knowledge on the subject give their opinion. Its like T.Rajendar or Cab10 Vijaykanth expressing their opinion on six packs and fitness. Every movie that is being watched, and blogs and twitter are filled with each one's ratings on the movie. Even certain reviews are influenced by external factors leading to biased ratings.(Like the Age old Sun TV Top 10 movies.. Which is actually Sun pictures top 10 now).

With High speed internet and broadband, any movie or music can be downloaded free of cost, people are even watching Chinese,french and Italian movies as compared to conventional English movies. Hence even a slightest of plagiarisms are easily noticeable and publicized in blogs and websites. Even JK Rowling was on the similar lines of an inspiration another work. But after its successful stint at the box office, no one talked about it. "Let it be,wats wrong!!" was the attitude of the people.

Being a writer, there are just 8-9 genres where you can base your stories on. So, when you repeat a movie in the same genre, i can be cliched and boring. Just because VTV is a love story similar to a 500 days of summer(with central park bench scene), the plot and characterization have always been different. No writer ever likes to thrive other people's work. There is a lot of difference between a rip-off and an inspiration. Harris Jayaraj, Honey Musical wind Deva or copy cat Pritam have all been people who prefer having a xerox machine and duplicating it exactly. They are Kumbakonam Degree Copy Followers and truly live up to their membership.

Accusing Gautham Menon for ripping off from English movies would be too harsh on GM. Also off beat comments on GM being a Pseudo Mani Rathnam seems to venomous. Mani and Kamal's films are called Inspiration, while GM is being Rip-off. Wat Bullshit. Just because you have seen the original movie via the internet downloaded dvdrip, you can't go on making false comments. You like something new and refreshing, you should also like something on similar lines. Your criticism doesn't seem constructive and leading no where.

PS: Like it or hate it, personal choice. Don't comment(make irrelevant comments) unless you are an expert in that field. Don't try to convince others, that their favorite celebrity is vethu vaettu.


suren said...

Very True. Intolerance has been an issue always ! Now its finding new biasing factors !

Vinod said...

@suren: yes.. reviews are just being re-views and new means of marketing one's film .. Hence leading to biased versions..