Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A R Rahman-Journey of a lifetime

Wishing A R Rahman, a happy bday and keep mesmerizing us wit his music. Me and My fellow Rahmaniac Vaidyanath have come up wit a poem(in a mix of tamil,english,hindi) on Rahman for his bday. We have used just some movies that rahman sir had composed music .

once Kizhakku Cheemayile, Roja came
and u were a Pudhiya Mugam of music.
Jodi,Iruvar,Duet was a new Sangamam,
Patriotism rose with Vande Mataram,
and left us Between Earth and Heaven.

Bombay Dreams of Dilli and TajMahal,
Rangeela made a soft humble Ratchagan.
Rhythm,Fire,Water Blue
Azhagiya Tamil Magan make audience glue.

While Yuva danced to Taal and Sakkarakati,
your music melted people even in patti thotti.
En Swasakaatre, engalai Kangalal Kaithuseithai.
Sillunu oru Kaadhal in a hot May Maadham,
Kandukondaen Kandukondaen kaettalae paravasam.

When Padayappa was Mr.Romeo,
he was Pavithra's Gentleman,
and became her kaadhalan.
They became Love Birds on Kaadhalar Dhinam,
and said to each other,"Anbe Aaruyire" ,
Dil se story went on to be an Alaipayuthe.

Let Almighty Khawaja mere Khawaja bless,
u'll continue to be The Lord of the Rings.
Ada to Zubeida, Boys to Baba,
say Rahman Tujhe Salaam.
GodFather, we Love you Hamesha.

PS: sentence and writings need not be logically correct.. Excuse me if ur a literary critic. This is chumma for my satisfaction.


srikanth malligeswaran said...

nice one bro... I can see where all the effort of the day went into.. :)

Ngarajan I Am Darthvader said...

Working in an office can sometimes kindle that special bit of imagination...nice work...

Vijay said...

Well done kadha !!! Nice !!

Rivat Hanss said...

whoa!! one of the signs when people write poems abt celebrities is......time to get a girlfriend! ;)

good one though :)

Vinod said...

@jeeks,nags: true :)
@vijay: thnx da :)

Vinod said...

@ARS: Sir semma comedy sir neenga!!! "Poem and girlfriend" enna da relation..

PS: Naan nalla irrukkurathu pidikalaiya??

Alagappan said...


Aravindh K said...

beautiful da. rahmania indeed.

suren said...

saar, semma kaamedy sir neenga !

Vinod said...

@Algates,kai,suren: thnx a lot guys :)