Monday, March 1, 2010

Most Pitiable - MP

It’s tough to be at the top job of this country, Paid on par with an IIM graduate, and even getting more Kimbalam(also called Mamool ..Rhyme with Samblam) .When people come into limelight in politics, they are 55+ and still head the Party’s Youth Wing. By the time they become MPs, they r in 60s and 70s. So at their age, doctors advice them to go for walking to keep themselves fit. As soon as they parliament begins some issue is discussed, they are reminded of what their doctors had advised them, hence walk out.

Like How Ultimate Star Ajithkumar keeps walking in all his movies to reduce his six sagging pack. With BP, sugar, Bypass surgeries already done, you are bound to expect them got for walking. All these Dharna, Hartals and Protests are a mere eyewash, to fool the citizens that they r really concerned about the people. At least these people attend sessions and come out. So of the celebrity actor turned politicians like Govinda needs to be reminded that he’s an MP and needs to attend Parliament. He should stop acting in Navarathna Oil Ads with Rambha and work for people.

Actually we should not blame politicians for all these issues. While the front benchers in parliament squawk and squeal, there are some MPs who prefer back benches. Before they attend 11:00AM session, they have a sumptuous brunch to fill their appetite. Also the mellifluous and soothing voice of the speaker and sometimes the sweet and soothing lullabies of the President Prathiba Paati make them lethargic and hence they sleep in.

I particularly feel for the politicians who make film stars as MPs. They ratify this move, on the pretext that they can have some Ghilphansi, Gilma and do Jalsa at parliament. They expected to see Artificial implants of Sakhi Rawant and Slender legs Peepika Dadukone( like in phir mile sur mera tumhara). But to their disappointment they end up seeing Attu Piece Aaya figures in MemaHalini and Paya Jradha.

They also find it difficult with to cope up with increasing no. of criminals, rowdies in the countries. Every kutti rowdy (they a part of ‘Nannum rowdy... Naanum Rowdy’ Family) just find their way up into Parliament by hitting Jalra(ching Chak) for their Party heads. Even after giving lot of VIP suitcases to become VIPs, their places cannot be taken for granted. Hence it’s highly difficult to be a MP and politician. Hence we, citizens of this country need to question them less. On the contrary, give them more sympathy,empathy,allopathy, homeopathy.

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