Wednesday, November 7, 2007

be GOD..

A man went to a barber shop to get his hair cut & his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work . they began a good conversation.The conversation touched upon various subjects and finally reached.. "about the existence of god".
The barber didn't believe in the existence of god. "why do u say that" asked the customer. "well..if u step outside the shop..onto the street..there are so many abandoned children.. so many sick people wouldn't die.."the customer taught momentarily , and decided
not to get into an argument.. "let him finish his work.otherwise the barber would try his new skills on my head..alert.. "
after the work was over, the customer paid and left the shop.As he walked down the street,he saw a man with long robes,stringy n dirty hair,his untrimmed beard reached his chest. suddenly a ray of light seemed to have strike the customer. he turned back and went to the barber again..
he said," u know what??barbers don't exist.. ."surprised by this statement,barber replied.."I'm a barber.I just worked on you..""then there should be no man with long hair and untrimmed beard like this one.",exclaimed the customer.
"This happens only if people don't approach me"replied barber. the customer reaffirmed that:" people don't go to him and look to him for help.that's why this pain and suffering on earth."
well ll.. thats the whole point..
anyone who helps the needy is a god to them. A kind hearted,benevolent person who serves the poor is a god. Just in case if the TAJ MAHAL,the symbol of love is no more .. will the people stop loving each other???God is in people who do good to be god...

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