Friday, June 22, 2007


to begin with my fav topic....tae kwon do..
well .. ppl wud have seen the likes of Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan. I got my interest in them after seeing movies. I guess i was in 3rd standard , still in primary level .. their stunts,their ability to protect themselves. This attracted me more than anything else,but at the beginning didn't know dat i wud reach a level as on nov 2001..

for ppl who dunno abt Tae-Kwon-Do
Tae -> means foot or the art of kicking..
Kwon-> means wrist or the art of punching ..
do -> means the art or way..
so here it is..
TaeKwonDo is the art of using ur foot and fist ..

It started of with the white belt,by ex officio the first one . Since started at an early age, it was easy to get on with exercises and the body flexibility was there. One reaps wat he sows. Hard Work my first lesson. Soon my stature as a martial art student began rise.. White ,yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,brown II ,brown I, Black DAN I.. As the level increased the complexity also increased gradually with the introduction of kicks, kattas. Every belt exam was tested on four parts namely:exercises,kattas(poomse),sparring(kyorugi),demonstrations.

Exercises really bring ur heart out.Ur physical fitness is tested.15rounds of jogging(15*400 mts) ,then all exercises forfor almost 100-150 counts!!! My god after my black belt xam, i didn't turn up to school for 2 days due to ligament
Kattas are series of movements performed against imaginary opponents with or without weapons,in perfect textbook style.An air exhalation at a wrong count wud be wrong.
Spaaring,the fun part of taekwondo. U can take all the revenge for all things other opponents have done...fighting with opponent(s)...the best part wud be tournaments .. as u see in movies... amazing..
Demonstrations ..for all the xtras stuffs dat u get recognised for. Hand,chin,elbow,head,kick reaking bricks or tiles, using weapons like Nunchakus,sticks(aka silambu in tamil ) ,swords...U hit against the nonvital points of ur body. Otherwise , it cud prove even to be fatal...(aaall out ..).

well..wats spl on nov 2001...after 6 yrs of dedicated effort, i was elevated to the level of MASTER awarding me a BLACK DAN I Belt....Also to become a qualified national level referee. Wat influence has taekwondo got on me as a person????TAEKWONDO helps me to differentiate between good n evil , and live in harmony with develops phsical n mental strength,flexibility,balance,stamina,lateral thinking,concentration, moulds u to adapt to difficult situations and see things with different perspective(vision)...

proud to be MARTIAL ARTISTE...

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