Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to crack password in Windows XP

A basic post to crack a Windows XP system. So for people who already know this .. wow.. gr8.. you can try something better than this and tell me.. :P For newbies and non-windows users(if interested) , a small hack in windows( which i knew..)
  • Go to your command prompt in windows.. i.e Start->Run->type 'cmd'

you will have your command prompt.. then . .

  • type net user/users in the command prompt.

This lists all the users in the present system

  • type net user "user name" *

Give the name of the user defined in net users list .. of course, not quotes..lolz..

  • It would move on to next line and ask for a password.

The password typed cannot be seen .

  • It'll ask for password retype .

once typed... you have successfully changed the password of a XP system.. :)

happy cracking.. :)


taggy said...

isnt this a mere passwd change scenario ? yes may be you can see the passwd you are typing but again u cant see the passwd alrady setup .
and can a non-admin do this ? if you have admin account then why wud u want change it anyway ?
and just for the record ,what you probably meant was cracking and not hacking ;)

Vinod said...

ya.. ur rite.. :) its cracking..