Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Indian Reliance

The sensex touching 20,000 mark. Only second market after Hong Kong’s in South Asia. The market is booming....the FDIs pouring in... But the brand leading the Indian business contingent Reliance. Be it mukesh or anil... I heard that soon there would be an ad with this concept. “From the time a person gets up from his bed, till he gets back home in the night, all the products which he uses would in daily life is made by reliance…”well.. It symbolizes the reality.

The remarkable growth of reliance empire is triggered the Indian economical development. A man who didn’t even know to speak English, who just had his trading acquaintance in an oil company, started his business. Yes … Late Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder Reliance group. His dream has been fulfilled. Infact more than what he expected.
The bifurcation of his assets had further intensified its growth, with mukesh holding the big powered industries. There on …. The growth has been unprecedented. Mukesh at around $42billion closely catching up the toppers Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Lakshmi Mittal. With his ratings increasing, there is an increase in share value, further increasing his worth. Be it mobiles, reliance product is there. Be it consumer goods, reliance product is topping the list. So when it’s good for the nation, why bother… he’s developing his industries… not only that, he’s taking the country economic growth with him.

Definitely its on a positive note. lets Look at this growth from a different perspective.
You have reliance products in all fields. It makes life difficult for the retail investors. Then for budding entrepreneurs, each move should profitable and innovative to fight the reliance empire. The market is getting dominated by reliance industries. Sooner it could be reliance who would be calling the national budget. The finance minister should chart out ways to allow reliance to grow, as economy is growing with it. If reliance succumbs to pressure, then the markets would tumble.

Whether their business strategy is right or wrong, the development of the country should be main issue. They should allow other entrepreneurs to grow and do not affect the common retail investors. What Indians are expecting is … India shining campaign to become a reality…

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