Monday, December 17, 2007

we followed them @ midnight

It was almost 12:30 am(past midnight.. for all those who don't know abt time..). we were back from manas'residence around 5:30 pm. we planned to sleep till dinner and have a NiteOut and finish the project work, as we had very little time to complete our work. Suren ,a workaholic(#define suren workaholic.. every one knows dis..)he got up around 8:30 pm and left for the lab.As yazhini didn't turn up for the lab,myself n hari had dinner and left for lab around 10:00pm . As usual i continued my work installation procedure , my home directory in linux got screwed and i had to reinstall. We, people got bored and couldn't proceed in our work. So we thought we could leave to hostel and do something there..

We started our way back...i asked,"wen shall we book the return tkts??". "we'll book it by 2morrow da" , replied suren.Then suren started about the proj,"i'll try to reason out why our sphere didn't fall.. why we had black OGRE screen" We were discussing these as we were walking. We could feel the chilllness even when we were at the stairs.We moved out of our block, we found two girls walking towards the block. As both of us were walking under the shadow of the tree, we couldn't even look at them properly.

"where are they goin at this time of the day",i asked.
"how the hell do i know??? shall i go and ask them",replied suren.
"yes, why not.. lets go....", i said instantly.
Myself n suren walked back to the block and followed the girls, leaving behind hari.
We followed them as we reached the 1st floor and they saw us. We were prepared for all these.
"where u goin at dis point of time??",i asked. Its was really strange to question a girl.
"we are going to satyam lab",said a tall,decent looking girl.
"usually girls don't do niteouts, unlike us",i replied. Both of them gave a nasty look.i readily accepted it and walked back.

They went ahead to their lab and we returned back to find hari. he was there behind a tree under the shadow. we couldn't recognise him under the dark.
Suren and me decided to damage the girls and become porrikki in college. I know its difficult to attain that status, but surely work hard..get some more bulbs and become a porikki( lol.. )


ARS said...

dai do the project well first! and then think about porikki image n all.. and macha intro da? ;)

Vinod Sundaram said...

@ ars : naanga ellam eppavume porikki doesn't matter if i do a proj or not..
if i meet her next time.. i'll ask her to give an intro to u.. :)

Anonymous said... said that one looked okay...okay in general terms or NIT terms...and were they nearly our age or PG akka's

Vinod said...

@ nagu : our age da.. general terms da..