Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anything for you, ma'am

welll.... so soon..within few days(jus three..lolz.. ) after my kite runner, here comes Anything for you, ma'am by tushar raheja . I,myself could finish this book of in a couple of days.

About the book, Its a nice little romantic entertainer. The story keeps you glued to the book. That's one reason that you finish this book so fast. We can find a tushar raheja in ever single teenage lover on earth.Why it needs to be a IITian's story?may be because tushar is an IITian. Also by the fact that people could buy this book as it is on the lines of 5 point someone.. marketing strategy. The book seems to be an desi version of euro trip. The script has undergone few changes to maintain its originality, but the screenplay is gr8. Tushar's dialogue's fabulous especially his oneliners . This guy can become someone like Prasoon Joshi( of RDB fame) adfilm maker,lyricist.

why should you read this book??
-> The simplicity in the story line. Also a teenage lovestory,every teenager will love this book.
->tushar's narration about her majesty,his senorita.. is amazing. for sure he's enjoyed in narrating these incidents.
-> for those who liked 5 point someone, a similar book on its lines.
->for all those lovers, do care to read the struggles of a fellow lover. comeon man just 100 rupess man.
-> The dialogues were really fabuluous,especially with shreya,about Mr.fate.

why should you not read this book.
-> For all who believe that tushar's trying to ape chetan bhagat,, but noway stands near him.
->Though the screenplay is taut, the flow sucks big time. Tushar has tried time travel in his narration. This makes the simple book a little complicated for the readers. This was unnecessary.
->The cover page sucks big time, something like a cartoon. even if it was plain, it would have been better.
->Too many coincidence may make the reader think that this cannot happen in real life.Its just a story man, accept them as it is.

Rating : 3/5


Harishankaran said...

+1. The cover could've been much much better. Or a simple cover with no images is much better than this stupid cartoon cover :P

Vinod said...

ya.. i will kick the editor's ass..if i find him.. :P