Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Gill Go

Generally this caption will be used for people to achieve something extraordinary .Like while in a cricket match, when Dhoni goes for the kill, a caption said " Go Dhoni Go". But this post has nothing to do with that.

When i caught the glimpse of the news when i was refreshing ibnlive.com, i was elated and filled with ebulience. KPS Gill , retired Police Officer from Punjab , The President of Indian Hockey Federation is sacked. The Indian Olympic Association has dissolved the IHF and has appointed a 5 adhoc member committee in its place. Gill known for his bullheaded nature, had never ever thought about resigning from the top post , which has held for the past 15 years.

The Hockey, Indian National Sport was in a poor state of affairs in his tenure, that lead to many failures at the international arena. No proper infrastructure in the country was developed, no school or college level programs were organised. Indian Hockey stagnated, that's when other sports like cricket bossed over hockey. More than 15 coaches were sacked in his term. Many talented players like Gagan Ajt singh, Jugraj Singh, Baljit Singh Dhillon were sidelined from the national squads. Many former players including Dhanraj Pillay, Viren Resquinha raising their voices vehemently against Gill administration. Even Many protests Mr.Gill was unperturbed.India even failed to qualify for olympics this year, which added fuel to this growing anger against Mr.Gill. Mr. Jyothikumaran, Secretary, IHF, right hand of Mr.Gill, was caught on camera for accepting money to select a player into the national squad.

IOA had thought, "Enough is Enough.. Somebody's gonna do something to teach this old jackass".
Lets hope the hockey dismal state improves in this country, what else can we do.. just hope :-)


Antimony said...

agree with u completely dude...hockey is in a very sorry state of affairs at the moment...we haven't qualified for the olympics in a sport where we were 'The Invincibles' from 1928-56...absolutely tragic...wat else to do now but wait and hope?

Vinod said...

@antimony: lets hope something turns out positive :-)