Tuesday, April 1, 2008

be fooled with april1

come April..first thing that gets onto our mind is April 1st.. (fools day).The fun of fooling others n gaining superiority by not becoming a fool. But why April 1st..It seems France had the tradition of dis fool's day,Britain as usual just copied n made it official..soon other countries followed(of course ..some grnd work before dis post :D)
at least after reading this post.. pls try to think independently n fool others.. come up with some new ideas.. never steal friends' ideas :P
if u don't know :::
->The birthdays of Fred and George from the Harry Potter series is April 1st.
->The 1986 horror film April Fool's Day is themed around the holiday.
->April fool is a key code of an American spy who led to the downfall of saddam hossain.

even my friend shares a birthday with april1(not necessarily he's a fool..)

PS: even as i write dis blog.. flashnews on cnn-ibn..
a small tussle between the shivsainiks and the students council of some college in mumbai..
cases of stone pelting were reported.Its reported that Bal thakearey was called fooled by some students, which resulted into this clash.

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