Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CSK with chennai tamizh

IPL has married cricket and entertainment . It was an immense success, a good timepass for people especially for children during their summer vacations. Different players play for different teams despite their ethnic differences. This includes the foreign players too. The players were embraced with open hands by the supporters of the teams. I thought to associate players with colloquial names , so that there's a sense of belonging for the players. So here comes the list for my favourite team CSK-Chennai Super Kings

1. Annathe fleming -> Stephen Fleming

2. Paalpaapa parthiv -> parthiv patel
(aka pulla poochi , iskool payyan)
3. Rousu Raina -> Suresh Raina

4. Daaaarr Dhoni -> M.S Dhoni (c& wk)
(aka Thalaa , saraveddi-fire cracker)
5. Blaade Badri -> S.Badrinath

6. Jaaga jogi -> Joginder sharma

7. Nochikuppam Ntini -> Makhaya Ntini

8. Guduvanchery Goni -> Manpreet Goni

9. All-in-all Azhagu raja Albie -> Albie Morkel

10. Machan Murali -> Muttiah Muralidharan

11. Bigile balaji -> Lakshmipathy Balaji

12.Allva Amarnath-> Palani Amarnath

13. Vetti vidyut -> Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan

PS: if u couldn't follow any of these words, check out


Viswanath Ramanan said...

lol.... that was funny! u had been to any of the matches?

Srikanth said...

Hilarious... Top Post!

Vinod Sundaram said...

@viswa : tanQ.. i was there was king's punjab vs chennai superkings match in chennai.. It was really amazing with balaji taking a OC hat trick..

@ srikanth :thanks buddy!!!

Ottayan said...

Cracker of a post.


Vinod said...

tanQ mr.ottayan :)