Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nittfest-08.. infested by ece..

One of the most awaited events of Nit-Trichy, The inter dept cult fest, NITTFEST. This year my bench mate, Arun Balaji, was the event chairman. But still I maintained my stand of not working for Nittfest. I prefer participating in the cult events. Of course, I like dancing n participating in English litz events. I didn’t want my dept to loose bcos of me (even otherwise they’ll lose.). So no other go, Tamil litz is the only hope.

The event Nittfest is turning out more like an ECEfest, so no use in other dept people competing with them. Imagine the plight of metallurgy dept (no offences) with a class strength around 30, competing with the mighty ECEs of 80 in number. There’s a talk that the strength might rise to 120 next academic year. I agree with the director’s point, that there’s no need to have a Nittfest, if this situation continues. There were times in this Nittfest’08, where the audience knew the results before they were announced. “Obviously, ECE first da, whatever they do…”. Almost every other dept students uttered these words. EEE movie spoof was much better than ECE or any other department.

So what plans for next nittfest?? May be we can have ECE vs. all other 10 departments. While the ECE’s can have their Veni...vidi...vici, all the other department can have a t-shirt mocking at the ECEs. The best part was the dedication of the Mech Machos to ECE paddips, “naanda vanathil oru aandi...” song from Oram Po, (if u have not heard, pls do hear dat one!!!!)

This year edition was a bit fruitful as I qualified for most of the prelims, but lost out in the finals. The best part was the movie spoof. My department played “imsai Arasan...Elikaesi...”. with Rivat Haans, ARS playing the lead role, me as his minister with Koundamani character. Another guy, Adarsh as another minister imitating Lollu Sabha Manohar. Wow... adarsh is the exact replacement for ARS when he passes out. The worst thing ever could happen was that we had our first rehearsal on the stage in front of the audience. Fulltime Comedy.

Overall it was a nice time, fun filled, with department senti as always like anyother edition of Nittfest!!!!


-->suren<-- said...

first reharsal at stage ah ! ada paavingala !

Vinod said...

naanga ellam ippadithan gethu kaamippom :P