Thursday, April 17, 2008

product (well) designed

Product Design & Development is an offbeat course, undergone by all students in ICE department. My product is AQUAMON , a swimming pool monitoring system. It uses a color sensor . I had to fabricate a pcb with that sensor.

With the available contacts, i had to go to VI microsystems,perungudi to fabricate this IC. Where on earth is Perungudi?? Its a small place in south chennai. For the first time i realised, chennai is bigger than i expected. Its no more chennai, Greater Chennai. I was redirected to some other company by VI. The inner roads were equally bad. Finally i saw a board stating, end of perungudi municipality. I remembered sivajis' dialogue in parashakthi, " odinen.. odinen.. perungudiyin ellaivarai odinen.. angae road illathathal, thirumbi vanthuvittaen.."( i ran until perungudi's municipal limit, but i retreated, as there was n oroad)

I explained everything to that company and got my IC fabricated, immediately started for trichy that night. 1st day in trichy, 2nd at perungudi-chennai, 3rd day in trichy.
All these was done,ultimately to find that my IC was not working :-:::: .
Now i feel normal exams are much better than this course. It deserves more than 4 credits. Atleast we work more than 4 credits ..


yazhini said...

I believe my father invited you to my house. That's where I live, fyi.

Antimony said...

dude...chill was only still have time right???

Vinod said...

@yazhini: no time actually..i stayed in chennai only 4 few hrs .. :)

@antimony: ya some 10 days left..