Sunday, June 22, 2008

Appreciate the Hardwork

First, this post is not a review of Dasavatharam, U would have read many blogs posted on that topic. I personally felt, they are certain things more than cliche reviews. I always reiterate my stand of being a lover of good cinema, not inclined towards any stars or have their fan following.

If people cannot appreciate the nuances of dasavatharam, then they are being hypocritical. Stating " after all the hype abt make-up, it turned out to be a buzzavatar" These people need to know we are making Indian films , for Indian people. Please don't compare it with an hollywood movie. As Yuhi Sethu, actor-writer exclaims, " Americans are just 200 years old, but we need to make movies for 2000 years old tamil audience with the tamil traditions and culture in mind. Oscars are awards given to Americans/British for their movies, Our movies need not be recognised by the Oscar Academy". There are other pool of stars and superstar to give a full fledged entertainers. We don't expect that from a kamal movie. Something extraordinary is what kamal gives.

Morethan the entertainment, the audience needs to be prepared for this movie. K.S. RaviKumar in his interview ," even the illiterate can understand the movie". He completely overrules the belief in hypocrites about the complex nature of story.For a layman on the street, " Some virus inside a box , if dispersed can spread exponentially and kill humanity. A scientist who invented it tries to prevent it from happening .A villain tries to get that box because of his inhumane money-minded nature. finally tsunami comes from saves mankind from a catastrophy" as simple as it can get. you don't understand the english part to know this story. All the complexity about the chaos theory, butterfly effect, biowarfare is for the literate to do a wikipedia referral.

Things that amazed me. The very range of the story from 12th century and present age tells u abt the research n background work to write such a script. The perserverance and determination in transforming what he has scripted.The Journey of thousand miles begins in a footstep. Dasavatharam character have a close resemblance to Lord Vishnu's Dasavathar, their character , appearance, body language. No special comedy tracks, no duets with heroines,no intro songs, movies breaks the conventional cinema. Climax states, even the deadly tsunamis happen for the sake of good. Everything happens for a reason, be optimistic and search for the good.

The movie makes audience prepare themselves for the movie rather than other way. This will be a new trend to tamil cinema, Movie takes tamil cinema to a different platform. Hats off to Ashtadhavani Kamal, Master director KSR . Dasa is a feather in ever growing tamil cinema.

PS: all these comments were personal statements and didn't meant to insult other stars or their fans.


Antimony said...

hmmm...interesting way to put it...but then again, it is only a story...reality is always different...dun agree on all ur statements...but very well-written...kudos to u...

Vinod Sundaram said...

i really take on those who blindly follow their demigog stars, rather than the strenuous work done by others

Viswanath Ramanan said...

hey, actually the complex plot is very commendable. kamal is brilliant in every frame. People should read about the chaos thoery and butterfly effect and then they should go and watch the movie da. they can admire it more.