Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Neethaane En Ponvasantham

This is not a review post from an armchair critic or eulogy post from Younngg Lauvvers. I'd watched this movie with minimal expectations after people showed thumbs down for the move and box office ringing alarm bells.

I'm no one to tell plus and minus of the film or to share my experience in soundcloud like RJ Balaji. The plot set in an urban middle class family, there were lot more things i could relate to.

Strong pragmatic yet egoistic characters. Life's simple, but we complicate it. Understanding women is even more complicated. Having interacted with so many women, each having unique characters that separate stories can be made on their personality.

Working in a NGO sector and interacting with women's arts college students. Oh My Goodness! I think i see so many multilayered Nithyas.

Infact, in real life, i can literally point out so many girls who are like Nithya Vasudevan.

CAT-IIM. MBA plan from an Engineering Student. IIM Kozhikode call.  Family difficulties woven with the dreams and aspirations. Konjam sontha kadhai oda related.

Being a love guru(thanks to Mirchi Shiva's show) myself, this movie depicted the mindset of an average college going boy or girl. The scene where there breakup after Varun's IIM call, Nithya starts quantifying how much she has sacrificed for Varun and lists them out. Most of the breakups that i've consulted had this problem. 'I did so much for him, he/she didn't even realize that' was the common reason.

Innocent > Childish immature > practical decision making. This movie symbolizes that. Life doesn't always give instant gratification. Love is even more like that.

Ravi Ragavender's dialogue 3 hours before marriage seizes it for me. "Be a Man". (For this 3 word dialogue, Rs.120 you want to spend-a. I know your mind voice). At some point in each one's life(around 24 yrs) we'll make decisions and stay firm on them. come what may, you will have the guts to face the consequences because you know that it is your decision and your life.

Last but not Least, Santhanam laugh riot (Best thing GVM has done in the movie). chill dude. Just for fun!

PS: I did challenge Suren and Madhan from LXG that i'll never like this movie. It sucked. But now i stand corrected.

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